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Final presentation - Children's Museum in Easton

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Final Presentation - Philanthropy and Fundraising

Text of Final presentation - Children's Museum in Easton

  • 1. 9 S U L L I V A N A V E N U E P . O . B O X 4 1 7 N O R T H E A S T O N , M A 0 2 3 5 6 ( 5 0 8 ) 2 3 0 - 3 7 8 9 I N F O : C H I L D R E N S M U S E U M I N E A S T O N . O R G A P R E S E N T A T I O N B Y T E R E S A D A B R I L A T D A B R L A @ B U . E D U The Childrens Museum in Easton

2. About the Museum Educational, cultural, and social learning center Founded in 1986 Now over 55,000 visitors annually With 850 member families 3. Mission Create life-long learners by stimulating curiosity and motivating learning Hands on! 3 floors of interactive exhibits and over 100 programs for hands on learning Features this summer: Mini summer camp, Dinosaur Day, Babysitter Training, Family Autism Night 4. Community Outreach and Partnerships 65 Schools, social service agencies, and community organizations North Easton Revitalization Partnerships: Highland Street Foundation Massachusetts Educational Financing Authority (MEFA) 5. Donations and Fundraising Donations: non-profit tax exempt organization under sec. 501(c) 3 of the IRS code. Network For Good Fundraising events: Fathers Day Road Race Play Fore Kids Golf Tournament Night at the Brewseum Sponsorships and In-kind donations Walmart, IKEA, North Easton Savings Bank 6. Board and Staff Staff positions: Executive Director and Co-Founder, Operations Manager, Visitor and Member Services Manager, Director of Corporate Relations and Annual Giving, Manager of Art Design, Floor Manager, Secretary/Memberships Services Volunteering and Internships Board: Executive Director Board of Directors Chair, Vice Chair, Treasurer, Clerk Board of Advisors 7. Marketing Website: Mailing list Social media: Facebook Twitter Pinterest Flickr Blog: 8. Experience My experience Fun and an asset to the community Has remained an asset to the community over time Expanded upon its program My Advice oDonate oVolunteer oEnroll

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