Film and the war

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Film and the war

Film and the warFirst Military Operation by the US Army - World War 1 - Battle of St Mihiel

CArtist: Louis D. Fancher

Camera Technology: Lighter, more portable, more durable negatives can be developed on site, faster shutter speeds

A Bosnian Serb nationalist captured by police immediately after assassination of Franz Ferdinand & his wife

Soldiers of an Australian 4th Division field artillery brigade walk on a duckboard track

The front in France, a scene on a battlefield at midnight.

Roger Fention, The Valley of the Shadow of Death,

Fentons Photographic Van, Crimean War

Belgian soldier smokes a cigarette during a fight between Dendermonde and Oudegem, Belgium, in 1914.Winslow Homer, Sniper, 1863

An Austrian soldier, dead on a battleground, in 1915.

View from an airplane of biplanes flying in formation, ca. 1914-18. Army Signal Corps

British artillery bombards German positions on the Western Front.

John Warwick Brooke, A British officer leads the way "over the top" amid the bursting of German shells. Frank Hurley, the Battle of Zonnebecke, Flanders, 1917

Frank Hurley, Battle of Passchendaele, 9 October 1917

Images of Passchendaele

3rd Battle of Ypres - Passchendaele

Soldiers from the Kings Liverpool Regiment listening to the news being read out as they wait in their trench during World War One. 1918.

Matthew Brady, A rebel sharpshooter at Gettysburg, July 5, 1863

View of Verdun, 1916. Photo by Jules Gervais-Courtellemont via Taschen

Edward Steichen, Battlefield surveillance photo taken from airplane

Photographic Section, U.S. Air Service, American Expeditionary Forces (AEF) and Major Edward J. Steichen, A.S.A.Concrete landing platform for airplanes at Puxieux (each strip about 50 ft. wide by 250 ft long), crescent shape mass was formed by the pile of broken concrete when the platform was removed, altitude 15,000 ft., (detail)August 23, 1918

Photographic Section, U.S. Air Service, American Expeditionary Forces (AEF)and Major Edward J. Steichen, A.S.A. (American, born Luxembourg, 18791973)Untitled, Vaux, June, 1918

Edward Steichen, Vaux #2, After attackRemnants of a communication trench from Verdun, photo taken in 2009

The Lochnagar mine crater, 1916

Aerial view

John Singer Sargeent, Gassed,