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Present Simple & adverbs of frequency

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  • 1. Do you like mornings?File 4A Basic 2

2. Objectives for today talk about daily activities using Present Simple. learn verbs to describe your routine. 3. Lets think! 4. Answer these questions:1. What is the Present Simple used for?a. facts b. actions happening now c. actions happening regularly d. actions happening everyday.2. What is (are) the auxiliary (s) used in Present Simple?a. did b. will c. do d. can e. does3. What happens to verbs with the subjects he-she-it?a. nothing b. add ing c. add s d. add ed4. What happens to the verb watch after he-she-it?a. add s b. add ies c. add ing d. add es 5. Uses: Long term situations:She lives in Brazil. Routine activities:I often make business trips. Feelings & opinions:I like my job. Facts:The earth goes round the sun.Affirmative: I-we-you-they + verb He-she-it + verb + S Irregular verbs: Go goes Do does Have - hasNegative: I-we-you-they + DONT + verb He-she-it + DOESNT + verb After dont/doesnt we use an infinitive (eat NOT eats)Yes/No questions: DO + I-we-you-they + verb? DOES+ he-she-it + verb?WH questions:WH+DO+I-we-you-they+verb?WH+DOES+he-she-it+verb? 6. some questions 7. some questions 8. Read the questionnaireAnswer the questions about you:1.What time do you get up?2.Do you take a shower?3.What do you have for breakfast?4.Do you have breakfast sitting down or standing up?5.What time do you go to work/school?6.Are you in a hurry in the morning?7.Do you like mornings? 9. Lets talkAsk these questions to your partner.Take notes.Be prepared to talk about your partner.Tell the class about him or her. 10. listening 11. VOCABULARYA typical day 12. What do you do ? 13. IMPORTANT!! MAKE dinner/coffee BUT DO housework (cleaning, washing, etc.).housework homeworkGO+TO BUT GO home 14. Work in pairsWrite about your typical day.Include all information and time when possible.Ask your partner about his/her typical day too and compare.Do you have similar activities?