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<ul><li> 1. FAST Search for sharepoint 2010<br />Presented by Jacob Wilson<br />SharePoint Practice Lead/Principal<br />Bross Group<br /><br />1<br /></li></ul> <p> 2. Bross group<br />2<br /> 3. Bross Group Background<br />Founded 2004<br />Based in Lakewood, CO<br />Certified Woman-Owned Business<br />Denver Business Journal Best Places to Work<br />Tier one vendor to over 40 clients in CO<br />3<br /> 4. Consulting<br />Staff Augmentation<br />Project Delivery<br />Application Development<br />Direct Placement<br />Bross Group Services<br /> 5. Banking, Financial, and Mortgage Services<br />Cable / Satellite<br />Construction<br />Manufacturing<br />Education<br />Government<br />Retail<br />Software<br />Telecom<br />Transportation<br />Industries we serve<br /> 6. Retain top talent by offering competitive compensation to our employees.<br />Keeping overhead low to better ensure success and satisfaction for our clients. <br />Provide excellent rates and ultimately a better value to our clients.<br />Delivering Results, Exceeding Expectations<br /> 7. About me<br />MCTS Certified in MOSS 2007 Configuration<br />MCTS Certified in PerformancePoint Server 2007 Application Development<br />SharePoint Practice Lead and Principal Consultant at Bross Group<br />Worked with SharePoint 2003 and 2007 over the past several years<br />Architecture, Installation, Upgrade, Configuration, Custom Development, and Administration<br />Twitter:<br />LinkedIn:<br />Blog:<br />7<br /> 8. Fast search for sharepoint 2010<br />8<br /> 9. Agenda<br />About FAST Search for SharePoint<br />Visual, Conversational Search<br />User Context<br />SharePoint Search Comparisons<br />Extending Search<br />Lesson Learned<br />9<br /> 10. About fast search for sharepoint<br />10<br /> 11. About fast search for sharepoint<br />April 2008<br />Microsoft acquires Norwegian Enterprise Search Solution Fast Search &amp; Transfer<br />Overall Vision<br />To provide a market leading enterprise search platform that integrates with your existing infrastructure<br />SharePoint Vision<br />Best-in-class search, with the simplicity and low TCO of SharePoint<br />Build upon a social computing platform for a more robust search experience<br />11<br /> 12. Server roles<br />Admin Server<br />Administration Services<br />Non-Admin Server<br />Query Matching (Search) Service<br />Indexing Service<br />Document/Item Processing Service<br />12<br /> 13. Single server deployment<br />Admin and Non-Admin Services on single server<br />13<br /> 14. Multi-server deployment<br />Admin Server and 1+ Non-Admin Server(s)<br />14<br /> 15. sharepoint search service applications<br />FAST Search Connector (SSA)<br />Crawls the content and feeds it into the FAST Search Server 2010 for SharePoint back-end<br />FAST Search Query (SSA)<br />The Query SSA provides query results from the content that is crawled by the Content SSA<br />15<br /> 16. Office web apps services<br />PowerPoint Service Application<br />Viewing/Editing PPT documents in the browser<br />Generating PPT thumbnails in FAST Search Results<br />Word Viewing Service<br />Viewing/Editing Word documents in the browser<br />Generating Word thumbnails in FAST Search Results<br />16<br /> 17. Visual, conversation search<br />17<br /> 18. Visual, conversational search<br />Refiners with Detailed Counts<br />Counts are specific to FAST Search<br />Thumbnails and Scrolling PPT Previews<br />Specific to FAST Search<br />Provided by Office Web Apps 2010<br />Similarity Search<br />Specific to FAST Search<br />Sorting on any Property<br />Visual Best Bets<br />Specific to FAST Search<br />18<br /> 19. Visual, conversational search<br />19<br />Sorting on any property<br />Scrolling PowerPoint<br />Previews<br />Visual Best Bets<br />Thumbnails<br />Refinement withcounts<br />on any property<br />Similarity Search<br /> 20. demo<br />20<br /> 21. User context<br />21<br /> 22. Fast search User context<br />Keyword<br />Best Bets<br />Visual Best Bets<br />Document Promotion<br />Document Demotion<br />Site Promotion<br />Site Demotion<br />22<br /> 23. demo<br />23<br /> 24. Sharepoint search comparison<br />24<br /> 25. Sharepoint search comparison<br />End User perspective<br />25<br /> 26. demo<br />26<br /> 27. Extending search<br />27<br /> 28. Extending search<br />Extend OOB Web Parts or Create New Ones<br />Location Awareness<br />Geo-Search using SortFormula()with FQL (Fast Query Language)<br />Query Language Expressiveness<br />Soft boost (relevance control) using Xrank operator in FQL<br />EX: Boost all documents that contain a selected persons name or phrase<br />28<br /> 29. Lessons learned<br />29<br /> 30. Lessons learned<br />FAST Query Service Location Port<br />Use 13287 instead of the suggested 13285 for HTTP communication. Use 13286 for HTTPS.<br />FAST Search User Context Permissions<br />Need to have User Profile Service Application Permissions<br />FAST Search Server Local Admin Group<br />FAST Service Accounts need to be manually added to the FAST Server local group FASTSearchAdministrators<br />Service Account Access to FAST Search SQL DBs<br />Need to manually grant service accounts access to SQL DBs<br />Office Web Applications Install and Post Configuration<br />Install on the SharePoint server before installing SharePoint 2010<br />Run PowerShell scripts for post-configuration<br />Make sure to activate the publishing infrastructure features on the site where the FAST Search Center will live. You wont be able to successfully add a FAST Search Center site to the Site Collection until this is done.<br />30<br /> 31. Questions???<br />31<br /> 32. Useful resources<br />FAST Search Server for SharePoint Deployment &amp; Configuration Guide<br />;displaylang=en<br />FAST Search Server for SharePoint Known Issues<br />;displaylang=en<br />FAST Search Server for SharePoint Cmdlets Overview<br />;displaylang=en<br />Deploy Office Web Apps (SharePoint 2010)<br /><br />32<br /></p>