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These three artists inspired our Narrative Portrait project.

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  • 1. Art 1

2. Bosch produced several triptychs. Among hismost famous is The Garden of EarthlyDelights. He was from the Netherlands and was part ofthe Northern Renaissance. Bosch is also one of the most revolutionarydraftsmen in the history of art, producingsome of the first distinctive sketches inNorthern Europe. 3. The man is aself portraitofHieronymusBosch 4. Did not want to be expected to create Indian Art I did not find an interest in drawing traditionalAmerican Indian cultural icons. If I did, I changed a lotof the images and made them more intricate andinteresting. I wanted to create my own art on a new level andsteer clear of the old traditional Indian style of art.-Star Wallowing Bull 5. Creator & Illustrator of Wheres Waldo books "My earliest influences were cinema epics and playingwith toy soldiers. I attempted to recapture theexcitement in my drawings, which started out ascrowds of crude stick figures."-Martin Handford Martin was asked to create a book showcasing histalent, and the character Waldo was born to provide alink between each scene. "Thats who Waldo is - an afterthought," he says. "As itturns out, the fans were more interested in thecharacter than in the crowd scenes." 6. As an artist Martins Wheres Waldo books havebeen immensely successful 43 million copies worldwide 33 countries 22 languages. "I cant tell you how pleased I am that Waldo hastaken on a life of his own, Id like to inspirechildren--to open their minds to explore subjectsmore--to just be aware of whats going onaround them. Id like them to see wonder inplaces that might not have occurred to them."