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  • 1. [TYPE THE DOCUMENT TITLE] [Type the abstract of the document here. The abstract is typically a short summary of the contents of the document. Type the abstract of the document here. The abstract is typically a short summary of the contents of the document.] [ T Y P E T H E D O C U M E N T S U B T I T L E ] Faces & Stories Written by: Ahmed Hassan (Mental man)
  • 2. 1 Iam aWoman I know I am not young anymore , I face a lot and see a lot . and used to ask my god why . Specially as I know I am the weak creature but with my simple mind and uneducated, however Life educated me more than any school I found the answer for why..Because simple I am not weak at all, I am full of power even if the men did not have it and full of love even if the men can not have it..that is why god choose me to carried my babies for 9 months and be with them and grow them up ...to hold this house on my shoulder without a man next to me. I misused and my feeling rejected a lot and use my power to protect myself and my babies until I forget the female and woman inside me and I was in question to free the woman the true woman inside me..until I know that the power what I have to protect have other side but I need to learn it which is be soft with myself to can show my true woman and be the one....and I learn it and I know how create to be a woman and know when I can be the soft woman and Face 1
  • 3. 2 when I will be the iron woman, I found all this answer by myself by my simple mind, that is why I am proud about what I am and because this questions a lot ask and be worried and did not found answer but for me it was easy because I believe I can do.
  • 4. 3 TheSeeker Once a day a I was in angry and sad mood and think this life is too hard and then I stop in cafe shop to drink cup of coffee and smoke my cigarette ..suddenly I saw an old man walking and he look really tired and the marks of life in his face but he was smiling and what he want to drink a class of water nothing more to can keep going in his way..I was wonder where he came from and where he will go. So I offer him to drink a cup of tea but he said no I just want a water no more and then he look at my face and said My son why you look like that angry and not smiling..I said man you really do not know what I have ..so he smile again and he said to me that the man front of you walk every where and looking for one thing where is the happiness and why the life so hard and I found after 50 years in my life search that the happiness all the time was with me and front of me but because I did not feel it or see it because it was Face 2
  • 5. 4 between my hands so I travel and walk and try everything until I understand and now I am back where I belong because there was the happiness what I had and I kick it because I did not see it...So do not waste your life in seeking and search for something you have but you do not want to see.
  • 6. 5 Theoldman&AbuAli Face 3
  • 7. 6 IamanOldmanandMynameis....itdoesnotmatter andhowoldIam...ReallyIdonotrememberIknowI sawenoughandstillalivemydayanddayafterday nothingmorebutIenjoywhatIhavemylovelyfriend &theoneIhaveinwholethislifemyfriend(AbuAli).I knowhimsincefirstdayhecametothelifeandIknow hismothertoo...Onceadaysomeoneaskedmewhereis yourfamilyandwhoyoulivewith...Ilookedaround andpointformylovelyfriendandsaidheismywhole familyandtheonecarrymeallthetimeforbetterand forworseeverydaywestartandweendtogetherand heliveswithme...andIgethimagoodfoodwhichcosts medailyalmost20poundsandIeatonlywithcoupleof poundsbecauseallwhatIhaveforthedayislessthan 25poundandsometimesnothingsoIsavethe3 poundsforhimincaseIhavenomoneytolethimeat helooklikemysontoo. IforgettotellyouAbuAliismydonkey
  • 8. 7 Theoldman&AbuAli I am a key holder for one of the gate ...most of people will think it is a temple's gate ...however that is not what I meant, I am holding the key for the gate to open a lot of secrets , not the only secrets from the history and that king and this queen but the secret for holy secrets , and meaning for existence, I had it from my father who had it from his father, generation after generation we pass it since the first generation who was a monk and learn a lot inside this temple and they give him and heavy mission to holds the key for the gate and holds inside him the secret of existence and light and keeps it in his heart and never let his lips open to say it....that is why I set as I am not Face 4
  • 9. 8 moving and waiting to pass it to my son to keep it always with us.
  • 10. 9 TaxiDriver Face 5
  • 11. 10 IamherewhereIam,yearsandyearsstayinthattaxi.From thispointandafter3oyearsIfoundthetruthwhichisIamthe onlyonepeopleallowmetogoinsidetheirlivesevenifthey donotknowmeanditisstartwithjustonewordtheyare sayingittomewhichis(Taxi)thenIstopandthestorystarts ..foryearsitakensomepeopleupanddownandseethe happinessminutesandsadminutesandworriestime,I heardandtalkedabouteverythingandallthingwiththisguy aboutreligionandwiththatguyaboutpoliticsandwiththis girlaboutlifeandwiththosepeopleaboutdeathbutIfound somethingelsemytruefriendismytaxi,meandhimcarries awavesoffeelingsandstorieswhichlooklikeawholelibrary forthebigtheaterdayandnight..andwhenIambackhomeI foundmyselfoneofthosepeopleandhavethesamethatis whywhenIreallyfeelthatIallowanothertaxitoentermylife forshorttimeinhiswaywhenhedriveme.
  • 12. 11 Betweenhermind&herheart Betweenhermindandherheartsheisthere sticktoknowwhatisforher shelovehimandwanttobefair herheartsayschoosehimandneverbescare themindanswerednonomydear thereisnofutureandnoneedforshare youareindependentandyouknownofair keeponyouwayandforgetthistear betweenhermindandherheart Theheartansweredtomind areyousurethatyourreallymind tocanletherwithhimsidebyside toshareandloveandyouknowhealwaysherguide whyyouwanthertobeslide indeepwholeofmotionsandfight betweenherheartandhermind Themindlooksatheartandsays Ilethertochooseherownways Face 6
  • 13. 12 toknowsheissafeandevenifwithoutguys shecankeepgoingandbemorewise strongandtoughandnonecanmakealies onmeorherandalwaysshewillneverbedies betweenhermindandhermind Theheartlistentomindclearly andstarttofeelhowmuchwordsmakehimfeelscarcely forthehardlookformindandmainly aboutherandtheonewholoveshertruly anddecidestoshareherandbesidebysidetotally sotheheartstartstobestrongly totalkwithherandtellheraboutthemindnearly butbeforehestartsshelookstohimveryseriously andsaidtohimnomymindistotally rightaboutitandIamstayinmywaystrongly maybehewillunderstandmeemotionally hecanunderstandmeifhelovemetotally betweenhermindandherheart finallytakecarefromthistrapandtrustyourselfandbefore yourgodandlight
  • 14. 13 Crazy They said I am a Crazy man ,walks without his shoes , he left it behind him and keep walking , he is just a crazy man ..he does not know his way , he is just holding his walking stick and walk without talk ..he is really a crazy man...I heart it and I feel it and I saw it but I keep in my way and without saying a word and I let them wonder why..and answer he is just a crazy man...you know why I did not talk and keep walk because I know my direction and where I will go where I believe I will reach and I left my sheo because it is tide me control it like the most of the things we create in our life to control us and if we left it behind we will be like me a crazy man walk in his own way. Be free Face 7