Expressing "Ability"

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Text of Expressing "Ability"

  • 1. To express Ability.For Senior Students.Nageswar Rao. A

2. Do you know, what I didNageswar Rao. Ayesterday? 3. What did you do?Nageswar Rao. A 4. I wrote 20 pages. Couldyou write at a stretch?Nageswar Rao. A 5. Right now, I could not. I can spelltwenty words in a minute, can you?Nageswar Rao. A 6. My dad says, after two years I willbe able to play chess well.Nageswar Rao. A 7. Dont be too smart! Now I am ableto play chess well.Nageswar Rao. A 8. I cant tolerate this. You couldvebehaved decently.Nageswar Rao. A 9. See, how Bobby turns the pages asif he was able to read.Nageswar Rao. A 10. When I am a little bit grownup, I willbe able to express better.Nageswar Rao. A 11. If I had read well, I could haveNageswar Rao. Apassed. 12. We use past form of the verb whenwe have a past timer in thesentence. Like yesterday, ago, lastweek etc.Nageswar Rao. A 13. Can or be able express present ability.Could or was/were able to expresspast ability, and will/shall be able toexpress future ability.Nageswar Rao. A 14. Could can also be used for the presenttense but an element of doubt isthere.Hence Could you write at a stretch?leaves a doubt.Nageswar Rao. A 15. Could with the perfect infinitiveindicate unfulfilled action. Hence Icould have passed means I did notpass.Nageswar Rao. A 16. Thank you for watching this video.Visit us at ayalasomayajula nageswar raoForMore videos on Functional & Usage Grammar.Subscribe to our channel on You Tube