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  • 1. How did I USE, DEVELOP or CHALLENGE codes and conventions of real media products? USE: How I followed codes conventions DEVELOP: How we developed on codes and conventionsCHALLENGE: How we went against codes and conventions
  • 2. Soap Opera A television show, often on more than once a week, between 23-27 minutes long. They often follow characters lives and deal with problems to help the audience to escape from there own. They often have a recognisable theme tune usually reflecting the region in which the soap is set E.g Coronation Street has a brass band at the start of every episode, this is an example of Regional identity shown in soaps
  • 3. Soap StorylinesThere are different types of storylines in soaps.Realism soaps tend to include realistic storylines,that deal with the same problems as theaudience such as love affairs, finance problems.E.g In Hollyoaks the University Students alwayshave money problems, as students are the targetaudience to this soap they can often relate tostory lines like this.
  • 4. Soap StorylinesIn contrast Catharsis Storylines are moredramatic, and exaggerated, which areproblems the average person would nothave. These types of storylines are oftenfound in Spanish Telenovelas, or Americanfantasy . For example in the American FantasySunset Beach Virginina drugs Vanessa so shecan impregnate her with Turkey Baster. Theproblems in which these characters aredealing with help the audience to escape andoften make them feel better as they arewatching characters go through worse thanthey are.
  • 5. SCRIPTED REALITYScripted reality is a new hybrid genre of Soap. It includes real people andfollows real lives, but they are often put into situations. This genre camefrom The Osbournes, a show that followed the Osbourne family, howeverthis show was not scripted and now most Scripted Reality is scripted. EXAMPLES ARE: The Only Way is Essex (which we focused on) Made In Chelsea Geordie Shore
  • 6. Most characters in scripted reality are rich and follow their wealthy lifestyle, however they can be portrayed in different ways In contrast this picture shows the characters to look messy, hungover from the nightThis picture connotes wealth and before with theprestige, with the chandelier, expensive broken leg suggesting he broke it fromoutfits, expensive furniture. the crown being drunk and fighting The posture and pose making them lookon the logo shows the people are like tired by leaningroyalty. This makes the audience aspire The heel in the hand and the messy dressesto have this lifestyle. as though they have stayed out all night This makes them look like party animals and depicts a very different lifestyle to Made in Chelsea.
  • 7. Character StereotypesMy group chose to create a parody of The Only Way is Essex,as we thought it was full of codes and conventions that wecould use for our characters.The characters from The Only Way is Essex follow the conventions of:Over the top posesOrange skin from too much fake tanLots of make-upDressy clothingCome across as having Dumb personalities
  • 8. I used these codes and conventions in my product: Harley wore a suit to match the smart and rich life styleOrange faces The girls wore lots of make-up to make us look fake The girls wore dresses or dressy clothing
  • 9. CostumeThe Only Way is Essex Well Jel Goggles and Bandana Leopard Print Dress
  • 10. However as we are doing a parody this gives us theopportunity to develop these conventions, as we took theseconventions and exaggerated them.We used bronzer to make everyones face look extremelytanned.Ollie wore swimming goggles instead of the Joey Essex Skigoggles to reflect Joey Essexs distinctive fashion styleOn the trailer we all walked up a cobbled street slowlywhilst over the top posing
  • 11. Location We chose to record this scene in a posh location, in Manchester near the wealthy and designer shops, as we thought this would reflect the money that the people have in Essex.The Only Way is Essex also useslocations similar to this to show thecharacters lifestyle, so we used thisconvention
  • 12. Shot Types This is a freeze frame from The Only Way is Essexs trailer. Here they seem to have high key lighting which highlights the characters faces. Also the pink of the background reflects the fakeness of the characters, like Barbie. I also used a pink background. High key lighting and used a two shot of the characters to match with TOWIEs conventions.