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1. Evaluation - 6What have you learnt about technologies from the process ofconstructing this product? 2. Photoshop I used Photoshop to edit my images, to position them and create the layout of my music magazine and I feel that this was the best way this as its easier to manipulate images compared to any other programme. I also changed the brightness/contrast of my images and experimented with the levels to make my images a better quality.BlogSpotBlogSpot has been used throughout mycoursework and is the main way for meto display the work I have done. Myskills and knowledge have improvedwith regards to the layout and designof my blog.Overall my skills and techniques of different programmes has increased and this is through thedevelopment of my coursework. Previously, I hadnt used BlogSpot that much and I now understand the recently changed layout of it and know how to blog.


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