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  • 1. Equipment in Different Photography Amy, Richard & Taynie

2. Photographing a model in the studio (high end shoot) for Jasmine Richard Burn 3. Equipment DSLR lots of megapixels (100mm lens, long lens less distortion on face Nikon 1 NIKKOR VR 10-100mm f/4-5.6 Lens 381). D800 Nikon 1,999, 36.3 megapixels as work may need to be blown up to large sizes. A flash isnt recommended to be used on the camera as this may change what the photographs look like altogether as you have no control over the flash light. Tri-pod for camera to stand on. Reduces shake. 20. Studio (if you do not own one). Studios can vary in price depending on how long you want to use it for. A studio is ideal for a model shoot as the factors that could go wrong from shooting outdoors are taken away. It is also easier to get the shot you need, as you have more control over the situation. Lights (if theyre not provided by the studio). Two lighting kits. If the lighting is better the photographs will look more professional. Interfit EXD200 Home Studio Kit 259 X 2. Tungsten lights are recommended as the colour difference is easier to correct by changing the white balance, compared to florescent lights. I would recommend Impact 12" Reflector Floodlight Kit (120VAC), three of these to light the model up well (195 for all). These lights should also work well with the lighting equipment recommended. To check the lighting, you will need a light meter. Recommended is the Sekonic L-758D Digitalmaster at 400. White backdrop 2.0m x 5.0m White Vinyl High Key Photography Backdrop 50. This gives you lots of options in post-production & what you can put in front of it in the studio itself. Memory card for the camera SanDisk SDSDX-032G-X46 32 GB Extreme 45 MB/s Class 10 SDHC Memory Card 28. Allows you to store a lot of photographs & have a high quality. You will not have to keep on switching to another SD card. All of these things will allow you to have a very successful model shoot in a studio setting. A studio shoot is a very expensive type of photography, but the equipment can be used many times, so they can pay for themselves. You will usually get paid for doing shoots like this one. 4. Photographing a live music venue Taynie-Leanne Gage 5. EQUIPMENT The camera I thought would be best for photographing a live music event would be the Canon Mark III DLSR. The Mark III can be set to have a high ISO which would be perfect to capture clear, light images in a dark setting. The price of this camera is around 200. The Canon EF 50 mm f/1.8 II Lens would be perfect for this topic as the aperture feature can be set very low and therefore allows more light in. The lowest price I found for this lens was 80. A flash gun may be necessary to add extra light to an image, the Canon OC-E3 Flash Off-Camera Shoe Cord flash gun seemed ideal for events such as gigs. The price of this is around 50. The SanDisk 64GB memory card would be the choice I would make to insure as many images as possible can be taken as many images would probably need to be discarded due to the hectic nature of a gig and therefore, unclear images. 6. Holiday & Night snaps Amy Addison 7. Holiday snaps - The camera & lens Nikon D5200 24.1 MP Digital SLR Camera - Black - AF-S VR DX 18-55mm lens.. 293 The high pixel count of 24.1 effective megapixels delivers high-definition images with fine details of the subject enabling expression with sharpness and depth. The image maintains high resolution even if it is trimmed and printed in large size after shooting. The sensor supports wide ISO sensitivity range, high-speed readout during live view and Full HD movie recording. Nikon Nikkor Wide-angle lens - 35 mm - F/2.0 - Nikon F.. 275 Using a lens depends on what destination youre going but In my opinion this is a good lens to use. This lens captures more of the location or subject you are taking, it creates photos and videos that mimic what you see with your eyes - both in perspective and brightness. From casual snapshots to creative close-ups, every image will be true to your memory of the moment. 8. Holiday snaps extra equipment Nissin Di600 Digital TTL Flash - Nikon Fit NFG012N.. 105 Easy to carry and attach, no messing about it needed fast. Great for both night photography and daylight. Many photographers think of using a flash only at night or in poor lighting. However, a flash can be very useful in daylight too. Eliminate the shade under trees. Use fill-in lighting to sharpen the subject. Address catch light in the eyes, and stop motion. Emphasize the lighting contrast. 9. Night snaps - The camera Polaroid 127 Cm Inch Camera Tripod W Deluxe Carrying Case.. 9.99 Aside from your camera, a tripod is the single most essential item in night time photography, when low shutter speeds are in use as hand-held photography is virtually impossible. It's a good idea to find a model that's lightweight and compact enough to carry around with ease Nissin Di600 Digital TTL Flash - Nikon Fit NFG012N.. 105 Easy to carry and attach, no messing about it needed fast. Great for both night photography and daylight. An additional flash is a useful tool when working outdoors at night 10. Night snaps - filters Filters, Lens Hoods And Rain Sleeves A filter is not essential, however a UV filter can be used to protect your lens from the elements. In harsh weather conditions a lens hood can protect the front of your lens from rain while a rain sleeve will protect your camera body. 28pcs Filter Kit 52mm for DSLR Camera Nikon D5100 D5000 D3200 D90 D80 LF131.. 239 Nikon HB-45 Lens hood.. 14 Use of specifically engineered Nikon lens hoods is highly recommended. By reducing the amount of non-essential light falling onto the front lens element, lenses can better achieve their optimum optical performance, producing more saturated images. In less-than-ideal lighting