Enhance Your Writing Career with Improved Speaking Skills

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Barrie Byron


  • 1. Enhance your writing careerwith improved speaking skillsSTC Philadelphia MetroChapter Annual ConferenceMarch 27, 2010Willow Grove, PA
  • 2. Barrie Byron: writer, speaker, listenerProfessionalOver 25 yearsNewspaper publishingsoftwareSoftware trainerTechnical writerPublishing managerConsultantInformation developerAlways: learning, earning,yearningLeadership and speaking15 yearsSTC memberSTC volunteerSTC leaderSTC mentor10 yearsToastmasters memberToastmasters leaderToastmasters mentor
  • 3. Fear of public speaking might behurting your careerSurveys and research resultsshow that most of us wouldrather die than talk in front ofa live audience
  • 4. Technologies changeTools changeTeams changeJobs changeEffective verbal communication is a timeless andfundamental business skill that can be learnedLearn to give quick and accurate responsesFundamental business skill
  • 5. Content plan for enhancing your verbal skills
  • 6. Effective verbal communication startswith being presentTechnical writers are producing the best content that ismatched to particular user needs.Be sure that you are invited to the strategy and planningmeetings by offering good content to help reach thecommon goalsBuild community by listening, responding thoughtfully, andearning trustRespect relationships above publishing mechanismsWhen you are present, be fully present and listen hard.Listening is an activity.
  • 7. Framework technique to organize yourthoughts and reduce thinkingOrganize your thoughts into frameworks.Frameworks include:past, present, futurewhy, what, howaccomplishments, obstacles, next actionssituation, action, resultI believed this before, but I dont think that way anymorebecause...dreamer, realist, critic
  • 8. Techniques to capture your audiencePause. Silence is golden.Apply the frameworks to any topicYou can quickly communicate for 1 to 3 minutes about thattopic without having to give much thought.
  • 9. Activity: personal demonstrationRandom questions fromaudienceFramework of response.Several responses in 1-2minutes.
  • 10. Interactive activitiesPractice using the framework technique to answer questionsthat occur frequently in our writing jobs.Can you document these changes and still make thedeadline?Can you meet an earlier deadline?Can you extend the review period?Can you publish without my technical approval?Can we add new content?Can you hire my sister-in-law?
  • 11. Exploring verbal communication furtherToastmasters International is a non-profit educationalorganization that teaches public speaking and leadership skillsToastmasters International is the leading movement devoted tomaking effective oral communication a worldwide realityFind a clubShop around: try different clubs, size and culture variesAttend a meeting, any meetingwww.toastmasters.org
  • 12. Questions, reviewRisks? Are you ready to stand out and practice your verbalskills.Questions on using the framework technique?Organize your thoughts. Frame what you want to say.
  • 13. Barrie ByronDigitally distinct, just googlebarriebyron.wordpress.comcompetitions@stcpmc.orgbarriebyron@gmail.comwww.linkedin.com/in/barriebyronFollow me on twitter @barriebyronwww.toastmasters.org


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