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Text of ENGLISH TASK Grade12

  • 1. LOGO Group 10 name group : enisukesi maoelia maulana m.j

2. Unit : 1 At work A. Activity 18 B. Evaluation C. Glossary 3. ACTIVITY 18 WRITE A DESCRIPTION FOR THE FOLLOWING JOBS IN THE PICTURE. USE THE INFORMATION GIVEN IN ACTIVITY 17 AS YOUR GUIDE. 4. EVALUATION Choose the correct answer (A),(b),(c),or (D) for each number 1. Lala : dian ,you are a chef in an italian restaurant ,arent you ? What are your duties exactly ? dian : I supervise the preperation and the service of the food from the kitchen to the dining room,arrange the menu, and .. a) Carrying away the dirty dishes to the pantry. b) Takes care of the cleanliness of the kitchen . c) Served drinks to the table in the bar. d) Taste the food for correct seasoning . 5. 2.Mendya : chandra , what does your mother do ? chandra : she is a nurse . She .. a) helps doctor tace care of patients . b) Perfroms surgical operations . c) Examines patients. d) Makes medicine for patients. 6. 3. marsya : have you thougth about what to do after you finish your study ? keisha : yes ,I have .i think Id like to be a journalist because a) Im good at persuading people . b) I really like working with people . c) I love writing articles for megazines . d) I like composing music. 4. Vera : the air conditioning in my room is broken .what should I do ? danny : you should call to fix it . A. a doctor b. a mechanic c. An electrician d. a programer 5. assistant : heres the report you asked for . accountant : yes could you please help me put this file back before leaving ? a. is there anything else I can do ? b.Can you help me ? c,. Can I leave now ? d. What can I do for you ? 7. Questions 6of 15 are error rencongition .choose the underline word or phrase that is incorrect. 6. The plumber told me how to fix the leak in the sink. A B C D 7. My sister is a receptionist whose job is A B responsible for dealing with guests and C meaking and receive call. D 8.Anna used to work there as a A B shopkeeping it was along time ago . C D 9.My father is a painter whose job is A B C paint buildings and walls. D 8. 10. Mr.Liem asks his secretary to copy him A B some fils and bringing them to his office . C D 11. My sister is a nurse. Who take care of A B C patients D 12. as aprofessional photograph , my A uncle always gets a lot of money from his B C job . D 13. Dony is a mechanic .he work in one of A B C the most famous workshops in D jakarta 9. 14. My perents work abroad . My father is A a sail and my mother is a journalist. B C D 15.Jhon lives in a village . He work as a A B C garden . D 10. Question 16 to 20 are based on the following text. 16. The main idea of the text above is . a.a good chef. b. The work of chef . c. The art of culinary . d. It is not easy to be a chef. 17. The culinary artists have mastered the medium of food. The synonym of the underlined word is a. skilled b. Taught c. Learned d. Tried CHEFF A chefs job is much more than a job .food is much more than a biological necessity. In the hands,its art from mean to be savored. You cant taste a photograph or smella symphony ,but good food is meant to be consumend and appreciated with all your senses. the culinary artist ,or as we call them chefs,have mastered the medium of food , producing dishes that can comfrort us and inspire us .a good chef can nourish the body and please the palate leaving us satisfied and wanting more at the same time .of course ,it is not easy to be a good chef.ed trainig and dedication are key ingredients in the recipe for success. The time you speng in a culinary school will help you devolop your natural talents and prepare for a successful culinary career. 11. 18. The time will help you develop your natural talents the antonym of the underlined word is .. A. Supernatural b. Unnatural c. Made d.Artificaial 19. Based on the text , what is the key to being a successful chef? a. developing natural talents . b,.ed training and dedication c.Preparing food well. d. Spending time ain a culinary school. 20.What does the second paragraph talk about ? a. the culinary artist is called a chef. b. Chefs can inspire us throgh their food. c,. a chef can remind us about our moms. d. a chef must have mastered the medium of food . 12. Questions number 21 to 25 are based on the text below. PHOTOGRAPHER A photographer is a person who takes photographer using a camera .based on the ability ,there are two kinds of photographers,professional and amateur .a professional photographer uses photography to earn money ,while the amateur ones take photograhs for pleasure such as to record an event ,emotion, place,or person. some photograhers are employees of a company, for example of a newspaper,but some of them may have a contract to cover a particular event such as a wedding or graduation ,or to illustrate an adevertisement. Others,including the paparazzi and fine art photographers , Are freelancers. They make a picture first,then offer it for sale or display.some workers ,such as policemen,real estate agents,journalists,and scentiste,make photographs who produce moving picture are often called cinemaPHOtographers,videographer,or camera operators,depending on the commercial context. photograhers are also categed based on the subjects of their photographs some photographers explore subject unique to photography,including street photography,documentary photography,fashion photography,wedding photography,war photography,photojournalism,and commercial photogrAphy. 13. 21. what does the text talk about? A.the work of photographers. b. How to be a good photographer. c.Photographer cateories. d. The subject of photography. 22.a photographer who uses photography to earn money is called. A. An amateur photographer. b.a professional photographer. c. A paparazzi d,. A fine art photographer. 23.Photographers who produce moving picture are called . A. Cinematographers b.Paparazzi c.Fine art photographers d. Fashion photographers 14. 24. They make a picture first ,then offer it for sale or display . the undelined word refers to . b.Photographer c.Picture d. Paparazzi 25.Below are photographer categories based on the subject of the photograph , except a.street photographers b.war photographers c.commercial photographers. D. fine art photographers. 15. Glossary Application : a formal ,usually written ,request for something such as a job , pleace at univrsity ,or permisssion to do something. Company :a bation that makes or sells good or services . Equipment : the tools ,mechines ,clothes,etc that you need to do a particular job or activity. Examine : to look at something carefully and thoroghly because you want to find out more about it. Job: the regular paid work that you do for an amployer. Job description : an official list of the work and reponsbilities that you have in your job . Manufacturing : the process or business of producing goods in factoriesion . Occupation : a job or profession . Profession : a job that needs a high level of education and training . Workpleace : the room ,building ,ect,where you work . 16. LOGO

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