Emperor of all maladies

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Nothing fits more then to educate ourselves & understand the Endemic problem of Corruption in India Today!!!

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  • 1.Emperorof all Maladies in IndiaCorruption

2. The Cat Closes its eyes& drinks the milkit thinks no one is watching 3. Whats the current trend ?GivingFavors for benefitshas become our culture. 4. The Psychology behindCorruptionEveryone aspiresfor ahigh classliving. 5. Falls Justificationeveryone does itso do I 6. You yourself are taintedso dont point at me 7. The Robin hoodexcuse 8. The Revenge excuse 9. It will take agesfor them to discover &whos been punishedfor doing it anyway till date? 10. Why waste time& energy &be a Sourin their eyes 11. I know it but dont have the gutsto expose them causeI want to have a safe job 12. Some Statsa. (2005) more than 62% of Indians had first-hand experience of paying bribes or influence peddling to get jobs done in public offices successfullyb. (2008) about 40% of Indians had first-hand experience of paying bribes or using a contact to get a job done in public officec. After 2008 the % of Indians having paid bribes reduced but the government achieved a magnanimous & dubious distinction as Emperor of taking bribes. ( Media Says) 13. Transparency International defines Corruption asCorruptionis the abuse of entrustedpower for private gain. It hurtseveryone who depends on theintegrity of people in aposition of authority 14. Causes1. High taxes and excessive regulation, authorization requirements by bureaucracy 15. CausesLack of transparency 16. CausesToo Complicated taxes & licensing systems 17. CausesMandatedspending programs 18. CausesLack of competitive free markets 19. CausesMonopoly of certaingoods & Serviceprovided byGovernment Institutions 20. CausesLack of stern penaltiesfor corrupt behavior byPublic officials &Politicians 21. CausesLow pay / No Pay 22. CausesCulture of impunity(exemption from punishment or loss or escape fromfines) 23. CausesTheignorant, preoccupied, un educated, overburdened citizen 24. As a resultEach individual or business decides if the effort requiredin due process and the cost of delay is worth paying the bribe demanded 25. As a result 2 The desire to pay lowertaxes than those demanded by the stateexplains the demand sideof corruption 26. As a Result 3The net result is that thecorrupt officials & politicians collect bribes, state fails tocollect taxes for its own budget, and corruptiongrows. 27. Effects Corruption leads to thedepletion of national wealth. 28. EffectsCorruption impedesdemocracy & the rule of law 29. EffectsDelay and inefficiency dueto introduction of red tapeto extract morebribes, proving publicinstitutions and officesillegitimate 30. EffectsIncreased costsof goods and services 31. EffectsInflation 32. Effects Imbalancedeconomicdevelopment 33. EffectsWeakling work ethics& professionalism 34. EffectsUnhealthy competition 35. EffectsLowering the private marginal productivity ofcapital (MPC i.e the additional outputresulting from the use of an additional unit ofcapital)&hence lowering the investment rate also asthey are directly proportional 36. EffectsLower Growth Rate 37. Effects Corruption discourages peopleto work together for the common good. 38. EffectsIncreased poverty & lack of basic needs like food,water and drugs, depletion of natural resources, Pollution, jealousy, hatred& insecurity. 39. What to do?1. Albert Einstein - "If I had an hour to solve aproblem Id spend 55 minutes thinking about the problem and 5 minutes thinking aboutsolutions.2. Correct Diagnosis is very important before finding a remedy for the diseases 40. Solution?Corruption can berooted out when people join together to change the system thatfacilitates it 41. Fight forTransparency 42. ImbibeAccountability 43. Imbibe 44. Show 45. ShowCourage 46. PracticeJustice 47. BeDemocratic 48. Thank you!!! Rtn. Amit Gopal ChauhanRotary Club of Kalyan, Rotary District: 3140 +91 9769442462 amit2462@hotmail.com