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Emerging Trends in Educational TechnologyLindsay AntwiCUR 545Thomas Patrick KellyOctober 10, 2016

What is Online Learning?Method of delivery of information that is through the internet rather than in a physical classroom

Online learning in general is a method of delivery of information that is through the internet rather than in a physical classroom. Through online learning, students are given opportunities to learn through methods other than by the traditional learning method of lecture and notes (What is Online Learning?, 2016).2

Benefits of Online LearningAbundance of information on any topicVariety of formatsOnline textbooksVideosPresentationsWebsites to practiceAccess to resources anytime and anywhereIn SchoolAt home

There are many benefits of online learning. First of all, students and teachers both are provided with an abundance of information on any topic they could imagine. There are many formats that they can view the information they are looking for. Some examples of different formats are online textbooks, videos, presentations, or websites to practice through either games of worksheets. Also, students and teachers have access to these resources anytime and anywhere on multiple devices. They can view information in school on computers or outside of school on a mobile phone (Potter, Whitener, & Sikorsky, 2015). 3

Benefits of Online LearningEngaged and motivated studentsPertains to the interests of studentsDifferentiation of instructionDifferent formats to meet needs of studentsDistant LearningFlexible scheduleAll learning is onlineBlended LearningPart in classroom, part online learning

When technology is included in the learning process, students are more engaged and more motivated to learn. This is partially because students are used to using devices such as phone or computers on a regular basis. We live in a digital world. Also the teacher can center learning more around the interests of students. The teacher also can provide differentiation of instruction with some websites and software that she will have the students use. Students that are stronger in areas can be challenged, and struggling students can get the help they need to understand the material along with more practice (Administration, 2015). Online learning also can come in different formats to meet the needs of students. There is distant learning available for students that needs a flexible schedule. In this case, all of the learning is done online. There is also blended learning which is a mix of in classroom learning and online learning (What is Online Learning?, 2016). 4

Challenges of Online LearningNot everyone has access to internet.Limited social interactionTechnology cost Scheduling

Along with the many benefits of online learning, there are also challenges. These challenges can be worked through though. First of all, outside of school, not everyone has access to internet at home to be able to access the resources. To fix this, schools can offer times for students to come into the school either before or after school to work on assignments in which they need internet for. Another challenge is that there is limited social interaction when using online learning. Teachers can use technology in the classrooms, but they also need to be providing opportunity for students to socially interact with each other as well. There are many opportunities to collaborate online with other classmates though through means such as online discussion boards or e-mails. Another challenge is that technology costs a good amount of money. Therefore, schools should fundraise in order to provide the technology for students and teachers to use in the classroom. Also, if students are working online and have a question that they ask at night, they might not get a response to the question until sometime the next day since not everyone is online at the same time due to scheduling, so it is important for teachers to be checking responses throughout the night to answer questions. They could also have a set time of office hours at night that students can come at those times to ask questions (Administration, 2015). 5

Challenges of Online LearningCheating in class and on assignmentsPlagiarismSorting through the information for reliable sourcesMore time spent creating lessons with technology

When using technology for online learning, students have more of an opportunity to more easily cheat on assignments which is plagiarism. Students need to know what plagiarism is and how to avoid it. Teachers not only need to share with students how to avoid plagiarism, but they also need to share with students how to sort through all of information that is provided to them online. They need to be able to search and use only the reliable, credible sources (Maloy, Verock, Edwards, & Woolf, 2017). Lastly, another challenge associated with online learning is that teachers spend more time creating lessons that use technology. This can be partially because they do not know the technology themselves, but also because students learn the technology faster than the teacher since the students have grown up around technology. It might take some time for the teaches to learn the technology, but it will be well worth it in the classroom. One way to help teachers learn how to use different technology in the classroom is for schools to provide them with opportunities to go to professional development sessions on the technology (Administration, 2015). 6

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