Emerging Tools for Teaching & Learning

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FREE or emerging tools for higher education. Engagement that changes the game.


<ul><li> 1. + More Diplomas: Emerging Tools for Teaching and Learning Colleen Carmean Assistant Chancellor for Instructional Technologies University of Washington Tacoma </li> <li> 2. University of Washington Tacoma: + Public, Urban-Serving, Diverse Population, First Generation, CC Transfer -the New Traditional Student </li> <li> 3. Faculty: + Transforming Culture PEDAGOGY of Emerging Tools Explored in the UWT iTechnology Fellows </li> <li> 4. + Google Apps </li> <li> 5. + Google Hangouts </li> <li> 6. + </li> <li> 7. + Twitter Img of Twitter #tag </li> <li> 8. + Poll Everywhere Img of Poll Everywhere </li> <li> 9. + Many Eyes (IBM Research Group) Img of Many Eyes </li> <li> 10. + DropBox </li> <li> 11. + Concept Mapping </li> <li> 12. + Dont Forget QR Code Generators </li> <li> 13. + Open Crowd Content: YouTube &amp; TED; Khan Academy &amp; Wikipedia &amp; </li> <li> 14. + Insert favorite APP here Google Earth, Corkulous, Attendance, Remind101, Evernote, Word Press, Brushes, Doceri, Keynote Remote, iNotebook, 30/30, GoodReader University-proprietary support services -------some cost a bit, but theyre worth it. </li> <li> 15. + The Smarter Learning Environment Analytics under the hood Prerequisite conditions for the learner on new materials Learning outcomes based labeling Smart warnings, reminders, notices Condition-aware emails Summative assessment Integrated rubrics in grading and submission view Learner- customization (notices, view, RSS, reminders) </li> <li> 16. + WHOLE Learner Support Persistence: tinyurl.com/uwtppnudge </li> <li> 17. Student grades 90% 86% Students Earning As, Bs, or Cs (%) 86% 80% 73% 70% 60% Caveat: Sample too small for statistical significance 55.6% 50% 40% 30% 20% 10% 0% Online P+ Online No P+ F2F P+ F2F Control </li> <li> 18. Survey results 71% said that they would recommend the mobile student support program to a friend or fellow student A majority (57%) reported that the nudges helped them feel more motivated, enthusiastic, supported, optimistic, committed, and driven A majority (53%) talked about the program with other students outside of pre-calculus The program works. When I felt troubled about math, I would get a persistence text. That helped. They {the nudges} were helpful and motivating. They gave me great advice on improving my studying methods. They were great they were well timed and good messages. </li> <li> 19. + Independent Learning in the Cloud/Crowd Self-study for competency credit in language requirement </li> <li> 20. + And thats my 20. Colleen Carmean, PhD University of Washington Tacoma carmean@uw.edu </li> </ul>


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