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Deep Vein Thrombosis Jonathan Fleurat Boston Medical Center Hue, April 2012

Emergency lectures - Dvt ultrasound

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Text of Emergency lectures - Dvt ultrasound

  • 1. D e e p Ve inTh ro m b o sis Jo nath an Fle u rat Bo sto n M e d ical C e nte r H u e , Ap ril 2 01 2
  • 2. Facts ab o u t D VTs Lower-extremity DVT is the most common site a prevalence of 1:1000 population Source of 90% of acute PEs cause 25,000 deaths per year in the US
  • 3. Ve no u s Anato m yS yste m o f p u m p s andvalve s
  • 4. StrokeAcute myocardial infarction RisksCongestive heart failureSepsisIntravenous (IV) drug abuseOral contraceptivesEstrogensLESS COMMONNephrotic syndrome Ulcerative colitis Multiple traumaCNS/spinal cord injuryBurnsLower extremity fracturesSystemic lupus erythematosus (SLE) and the lupus anticoagulantBehet syndrome
  • 5. Pre se ntatio n Le g Pain in 5 0% as ch ie f co m p laint (H o m ans sig n) Te nd e rne ss in 75 % Ed e m a o nly if co m p le te o b stru ctio n U nilate ral o r b ilate ral (h ig h e r o b structio n- iliacs) O nly 1 0% o n p u lm o nary e m b o lism s p re se nt classically
  • 6. U ltro uso u ndTe ch niq ue
  • 7. Po p lite alC o m p re ssio n
  • 8. Th ro m b o sis o f C o m m o nFe m o ral Ve in
  • 9. H and s o n Tim e Q u e stio ns???