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a ppt i had to prepare for elements of design

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  • 1. Monisha Bandhu

2. DEFINITION O The elements and principles of design are the O O O O O O Obuilding blocks used to create a work of art. The elements are: Dots Lines Shape and form Texture Colour and value Space 3. DOTS O Point of focused attention, providereference point relative to the other forms and space around it. 4. LINES O Mode of expansion. O The direction of a line can convey mood. O Horizontal lines are calm and quiet O Vertical lines suggest more of a potentialfor movement O Diagonal lines strongly suggest movement and give more of a feeling of vitality to a picture. 5. SPIRAL LINES 6. SHAPES O An area that is contained within impliedline, or is seen and identified because of colour or value changes. O Shapes have two dimensions, length and width, and can be geometric or free-form. 7. FORM O Form describes volume and mass, or thethree dimensional aspects of objects that take up space. O Forms can and should be viewed from any angles. 8. TEXTURES 9. COLOURS Color has three properties. O The first is hue, which is the name of thecolors. The primary hues are yellow, red, and blue. Secondary colors are made by mixing two primaries. Intermediate colors are mixtures of a primary and adjacent secondary color. O The second property of color is value, which refers to the lightness or darkness of hue. O The third property of color is intensity, which refers to the purity of the hue (also called "chroma"). 10. VALUE O Richness of the colours.