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"Consumerization of IT Services: Lessons Learned Building a Private Social Network" presentation for EDUCAUSE 2012, November 8, 2012

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  • 1. Consumerization of IT ServicesLessons learned from building a private social networkRyan FisherGeorge LeventisSoren KingFred Miller

2. About Furman University Private liberal arts university 750 acres campus in Greenville, South Carolina 2700 undergraduates 96% live on-campus Division 1 athletics 3. About you... Which social networks do you use? Institution strategy? Use a mobile device? Institution mobile strategy? BYOD? App development? 4. What is it? 5. Consumers driving more innovation IndustryGovt. / LegalConsumers Higher Ed Institution Consortia Foundations 6. Affecting Institutions StrategyStrategicInnovationCollaboration CommunicationOperational ServiceDigitizationConsumerization(Information Architecture) 7. The Furman Engage Social Network Rationale Milestones Screenshots Agile without the mumbo jumbo Results Lessons Learned Next Steps 8. Custom Social Network, The RationaleGoal 1: to help recruit new students; increase applicationsGoal 2: Create an online community of Furman constituentsBenefits: More applicants with better fit Current student job placement More donations from an engaged alumni base Informed parents 9. Why not just use Facebook? 2009 Facebook is a "walled garden" Facebook app not sufficient No support to brands on Facebook Student focus groups still saw Facebookas a place only for socializing 10. Tour 11. Milestones 3rd party development started in 2009 Fall 2010 Go-Live March 2011: Development shifted to IT August 2011: Furman Alumni Network (FAN) Two Recruiting Seasons 2012: Applications increase 25% 12. Challenges 2009 Economic downturn 2010 - 2011 Leadership changes Rising expectations in social media July 2012 SEO spammers kill blogs 13. Course Correction - March 2011 New Management Costs rising Improvements slowing... 14. What is Agile Software Development?Agile software development is a group of software developmentmethods based on iterative and incremental development,where requirements and solutions evolve through collaborationbetween self-organizing, cross-functional teams.Source: Wikipedia - Hunh?!? 15. Agile without the mumbo jumbo Small team of two IT developers, aMarketing person, and an Admissionsperson Used Google Docs as a task list Met weekly to review what was completedand what was next Reordered the list as priorities changed 16. Lessons Learned 1 Modular approach Consider Information Architecture Collaboration is key Agile techniques can work 17. More Lessons Learned Need a dedicated auditor/content seeder Consider available resources Consider time constraints Prepare for change and buy-in Vendor choice is critical 18. Innovation within the IT Portfolio Strategic Innovations Infrastructure Increasing Risk Information Management Transaction ProcessingAdapted from Ross and Weil, IT Savvy: What Top Executives Must Know to Go from Pain to Gain, Harvard Business Press, 2009, fig. 3-2. 19. Custom Social Network, The Results 1Goal 1: to help recruit new students; increase applications 20. Custom Social Network, The Results 2Goal 2: Create an online community ofFurman constituents- Prospective students use- FAN engages alumni to help recruiting- Most current students, faculty, and staffdo not use 21. So, to answer the question... Should a university build its own private socialnetwork, or use a consumer service like Facebook? 22. Next Steps Facebook, Twitter, etc. News & web innovations Cloud Admissions: SAAS Cloud Mobile: IAAS Office 365 Box 23. Consumerization: final thoughtsWhat if... buying department orenterprise software wasas easy as buying anapp from an app store? 24. Thanks!