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Editing our ‘Another Day’ Magazine Cover By Jessie Connell

Editing our ‘Another Day’ magazine cover

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Text of Editing our ‘Another Day’ magazine cover

  1. 1. Editing our Another DayMagazine CoverBy Jessie Connell
  2. 2. Planning After deciding on which magazine format touse, deciding on our ethos and coming upwith a name, we were able to start planningour magazine. We drew a diagram of thegeneral layout that we wanted, and wrotedown ideas for prospective sell lines andother conventional elements that shouldfeature on the front cover.
  3. 3. Features As well as sell lines going down the sides ofthe front cover, we also decided that wewanted to give our readers/audiencesomething to take away with them. Afterbrainstorming ideas about possible free pensor free mini diaries, we eventually decidedon a pull out poster instead. This meant thatwe needed to use a Puff on our front coverto advertise that this was included in theissue.
  4. 4. Main Image After deciding on how our magazine would look interms of conventions, we were ready to choose themain image for the cover. We had taken a numberof stills for both our poster and magazine on ourfilming day, so we had lots to choose from. Conventionally, the feature of the main image givesdirect address to the audience by looking straightat them, so we were able to narrow down ourchoices for the main image to just photos whereEve is looking directly at the camera. It took us awhile to decide but we finally agreed on one.
  5. 5. Original Still
  6. 6. Photoshop and Layering As I had used Photoshop before whencreating our film poster, I took predominantcontrol over this task. I firstly imported the still into Photoshop, andimmediately began creating new layers inthe order that they would appear, as oftenthe Mast head is layered over the top of theimage as well as the puff and sell lines.
  7. 7. Layers createdin the orderthat I wantedthem to appear.
  8. 8. Erasing the background I then had the task of using the eraser to erase theback ground of the still so that it was transparent.This took a very long time as it was such a delicateprocedure; In addition to this, when we had takenthe picture the wind was blowing, making smallindividual pieces of Eves hair blow to one side. After continuously attempting to draw around thesepieces of hair, I did take some short cuts and dragthe polygon tool over particularly problematicareas of fly away hair, although the rest waspainstakingly drawn around. After erasing the background from the image, Iplaced the image onto a white background, as isconventional with health magazines.
  9. 9. Adding conventional features After the background was finally erased, Iwas then able to start adding in the differentmagazine features to their designatedlayers. I firstly added the Mast head and Skyline, asaside from the main image, these are themost important features of a magazinecover.
  10. 10. Adding the Mast head andSkyline The lesson prior, we as a group had browsedDaFont.com in search of an appropriatefont to use on our health magazine. We hadchosen one called Dolce Vita, andimported it into our fonts list. With this font downloaded onto our fonts list,I was then able to use the template that wehad drawn out to start creating the MastHead and skyline for our magazine.
  11. 11. Mast head and SkylineThis is the Mast head and Skyline that I added onto ourmagazine cover. The large, bold Mast head INSPIRE iswritten in our downloaded font Dolce Vita, and iswritten in black to follow the conventions of our teasertrailer, where our titles and the title of our film is written inblack. The word health is written in blue as this colour isa key part of our branding, due to Eves diary being blueand featuring on the front cover.
  12. 12. BarcodeI was then able to add abarcode to our magazinecover. I followed the example ofreal media text WomensHealth by placing the barcodein the bottom left of themagazine cover. Not allmagazines have a price on thefront, so I did not feel the needto add this to the cover.The barcode was placed on aseparate layer, in order for it tosit over the top of the image ofEve.
  13. 13. Changing the colour of theSkyline However, when showing the rest of mygroup the Skyline, they did not like the factthat health was written in blue, andthought that it should instead be green tonot only show connotations of health, but toalso convey nature which is another keypart of our branding. However, I think thatour magazine might have looked moreeffective if our highlight colour hadremained blue.
  14. 14. Changing the colour of theSkylineThis is how the Skyline looked afterchanging the word health from beingwritten in blue to being written in green.
  15. 15. Adding sell lines andanchorage text From what I had created, our group then began to add theAnchorage text to the front of the magazine. We wrote the titleof our film Another Day on its designated layer, and in thesame font and colour as it appeared in our film in order to keepour branding constant. We then used our template to add textaround it in highlight colours of black and green to tell theaudience about an interview with the star of the film, Eve. After completing this, we then added sell lines around the sidesof our magazine cover, with conventional sell lines from healthmagazines such as ways to keep healthy, as well as an issuerelated to our film which was a celebrity talking about her ownstruggles with anxiety, all of which was written in ourdownloaded font, Dolce Vita. After doing this, we then added a web address and socialmedia links for the magazine just under the mast head.
  16. 16. Anchoragetext and selllinesHere is our groupsmagazine cover afteradding sell lines andanchorage text. We alsodecided to featurestories from real lifebloggers, as we hadused quotes from reallife anxiety bloggers toinspire the voiceover forour teaser trailer.
  17. 17. Puff andchanging textcoloursI then used the circle tool inPhotoshop to draw our Puff,before advertising the free pullout poster featured inside ofthe magazine. In addition tothis, I also changed the fontadvertising stories from real lifebloggers from white into black,as it fit with both the colourscheme of our magazine andthe conventions of ourmarketing campaign as awhole, a lot better.
  18. 18. Finishedmagazinecover