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Front Cover Design - Draft

Editing my Front Cover Draft

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  • 1. Front Cover Design - Draft

2. I firstly increased the image size so it would fit on an A4 page, leaving room for a strapline. 3. I coloured the strapline using the Rectangle Tool to change it to black. 4. The same step was repeated for the top of the image. 5. Then I went on to the Horizontal Type Tool and chose the font Postinkantaja Job to be placed on the top left hand corner of the image. 6. I used Horizontal Type Tool again for the cover stories. For the main story, I chose the font Franchise, and for the quotes above them, I chose Humanist 521. 7. By clicking on to the Foreground/Background colour, I changed the colour from the Foreground to be White instead of black. 8. Here is the final font size of the main Cover Story. 9. Here is how to get Drop Shadow on a text. 10. I used the Drop Shadow to make sure that the text could be visibly seen and so it was bold and eye catching. 11. For graphics, I went on the Ellipse Tool and selected a circle and painted it black. 12. I added two circles, using the Ellipse Tool where the smaller one will overlap and be a white colour. 13. Here is what colour, what font type and size I used for the Exclusive Interview. 14. To make changes to the Font of my magazine logo, I right clicked the layer it was in and selected Rasterize Type. 15. Then I clicked on to the Eraser Tool and removed the black marks produced by the font. 16. This is an example of a Pull Out Quote I inserted, showing the fonts and the font size I used. 17. Here is just showing how I positioned the text. 18. Using the Nicotine font, I then placed the topics that would be on the Strapline of the magazine. 19. Using the text box I created a line to separate the cover stories. 20. How I positioned the text on to the circle. 21. Again, using the Ellipse Tool I made a black dot and placed it on the edge of the circle. 22. To make sure all the black circles were the same size I right clicked on the layer where one of the circles was created in, and selected Duplicate Layer. 23. For & I used the Colors of Autumn font. 24. I added Drop Shadow to the article about Leah because it was difficult to see the text before. 25. I clicked on the rectangle tool to create a bold white line, so visually it looks like the different stories are separated and not confusing for the reader of the magazine.