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Editing – Day 2 – THE FINAL PIECE!

Editing day 2

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Editing Day 2 THE FINAL PIECE!

Editing Day 2 THE FINAL PIECE!

Improvements?Initially, the music video I created had some use of effects but lacked a wide range in order to really show the emotion of the artists and the actors. In order to allow the video to appear more attractive I used the Posterize effect which allowed the mise-en-scene of the band scenes to look more Indie Rock as the colour was very orangey-red which symbolises the frustration behind the songs in the genre.

Anything New?In contrast to the original clip (rough cut), I had purposely missed out a few clips in order to save time for the rest of the video. However, I noticed that I had done this to much and as a result I had good footage unused with the constant worry of not having space for it. Nonetheless, I made sure that I included the good missing footage this time to increase the quality of the video. This can be noticed as a scene in which the boy and the girl are filmed at a different angle hugging each other, with the London eye in the background.

Here are some images of the what my screen looked like during the production process.

Here you can see how I have used the layering editing technique, in which I placed all the clips on top of one another, and cut out the footage I didnt want to use.

This is the effect I used during Jess scenes to help the audience understand that she was drunk.

This is the effect that created the black and white look right at the beginning of the video as well as throughout.