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Class assignment to understand how Telenor, EasyPaisa is using Transaction Processing Systems.


  • 1.TELENOR EASY PAISA 2014 IOBM 2014 TELENOR EASY PAISA Case Study; Utility payments By [ T Y P E T H E C O M P A N Y A D D R E S S ] Ahmed Saeed Khan 9403 Marium Zehra 9802 Mohammad Shoaib Patel 9813

2. TELENOR EASY PAISA 2014 2 INTRODUCTION Telenor Pakistan is fully owned by the Telenor group; no merger is there, It provides a high quality voice, data and communication services.Telenor is one of the largest mobile operators in the world employing approximately 32000 of labor force.Telenor also has a big contribution in Pakistans economy, it has invested over $2.3 billion in the local economy, It has created many jobs for unemployed people, around 27800 jobs are created by telenor in Pakistan and has a network of more than 200000 retailers, sales and service center and franchises. Telenors headquarter is in Islamabad with regional offices inLahore,Karachi,Hyderabad, Multan,Peshawar and Faisalabad. Some of the Unique and Innovative Easypaisa Services are:- Salary Disbursement Donations Easy Pay Free Life Insurance Savings Loans USAGE OF TPS AT TELENOR EASY PAISA Easy Paisa has launched mobile account and ATM cards using TPS IRISEnterprise Payment Switch, supporting online and mobile banking, fundtransfer and utility payments. This provides an additional medium tothe firm's customers who enjoy banking on the go, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, on any ATM anywhere in Pakistan. TPS provides payment and card solutions worldwide and enjoys 80%Pakistani Market Share. Approximately Easy Paisa entertains 250,000 daily transactions, andhas promoted the branchless banking culture and gained high ranking bycustomers in convenience and security. It is widely used by individuals with limited or no access to banking facilities or hashectic business routines to spare time for conventional bankingprocesses. The record of transactions done by TPS of easy pasia is as follows: 3. TELENOR EASY PAISA 2014 3 The creative model of TPS resulted in 5million transactions within initial 11 months. This was due to the convenience easy paisa is providing even to non-Telenor sim users. This initiative led to the development of mobile money in Pakistani market and its adoption by lower and middle class of pakistans society was impressive. IRIS gives comprehensive card solutions via multi-channel switchacquiring and connecting with 1 link ATM network. TPS is the market leader of IRIS system which supports the services provided by EasyPaisa. TPS has 80% market share of Pakistani Market. THE services provided ByEasy Paisa via IRIS are: Khushali Bema, Khushali Munafa, Bill Payment, Money Transfer, Ticketing, Donations, Mobile Accounts, ATM, Easy Load, 4. TELENOR EASY PAISA 2014 4 EasyPay, International Home Transfer Easy Paisa facilitates UtilityPayment (Electricity, Gas and Ptcl) and enables payment through mobileaccounts and branchless banking. Benefits of TPS to Telenor Easy Paisa The use of transaction processing system at TPS enabled them to get a competitive advantage over their rivals. The benefits they are enjoying by using TPS are as follows: They have started branchless banking, as there are 100% to 300% more mobile owners than bank account owners i.e. 5% of total Pakistans population. Therefore, the use of branchless banking for utility bills payment becomes easy for a common man without opening any account. They have minimized their cost by TPS because it is branchless banking, so they do not have to make branches infrastructure throughout Pakistan. The daily procedures of bills payment and money transfer is fed into their IRIS system (EASY PAISA) , so anyone can make their respective payments, with the only need of Telenor sim. They have increased their reach, mainly at rural customers, by offering the enormous services of easy paisa via IRIS. The IRIS software, which provides TPS services to easy paisa, has a huge contribution in increasing telenor customers which is 30 million in june 2012 and telenor has become the second largest mobile network provider in Pakistan. The user friendly IRIS system, makes it possible for the uneducated class to transfer their funds easily. It has created mobile money. Recommendations Telenor has got an edge as compared to its rivals with the introduction of comfortable payments and transfers system. In Pakistan, 60% population is rural and they have the 5. TELENOR EASY PAISA 2014 5 main potential. Telenor caters their small needs of money transfer in form of remittances and payments and enjoying huge customer base. Therefore, other mobile companies like Ufone, Mobilink, Warid, Jazz and Zong should also start utility payment services, because there is an enormous untapped market of Pakistan rural areas, which are using easy paisa services promptly. If competitors would come in this market than there would be a great chain of branchless banking among lower income group people EasyPaisa has direct competition with Timepay, a service initiated by Zong, Omni by UBL, MobiCash by Mobilink. However these services have not yet generated the impact similar to that of EasyPaisa. TPS is the market leader of IRIS system which supports the services provided by EasyPaisa. TPS has 80% market share of Pakistani Market. The competitors should consider TPS to get IRIS for their networks as well so that they become technologically as sound as EasyPaisa, secondly they should try to compete with strong product line against EasyPaisas services (mentioned above) here is a list of services other firms offer. Services offered in Market S.N MobiCash Omni Timepay 1 Money Transfer Deposit or Withdraw Cash Money Transfer 2 Bill Payment Bill Payment Bill Payment 3 Money Transfer Easy Load 4 Easy Load Salary Distribution Plan 5 Zakat and Donation Business to Customer Payment Solution 6 7 By introducing utility payment services they can also increase their customer base and it will result in an increase in total revenue of the company and also popularity will be gained. Other companies can come up with some innovative services via EasyPaisa for example, payment of school fees, tuition fees, paying for fuel at petrol pumps et-cetera, which will differentiate their company. 6. TELENOR EASY PAISA 2014 6 Customer service both before and after sale should be enhanced, so that they retain their loyal customers and attract new ones. Timepay and Omni should adopt aggressive advertising strategy to spread the word across the masses. EasyPaisa has an advantage of strategic alliance, an alliance between Telenor and Tameer Bank. Similarly the competitors should go into joint ventures and adopt somewhat similar business model as followed by EasyPaisa, Zong and Askari bank are already in partnership, but they are not having an effective marketing campaign. Similarly MobiCash is in partnership with Waseela Micro Finance bank, but they have a very poor product line, which again results in poor response from customers and you are not in a favorable position to cover losses if one product fails, secondly it becomes hard to spread into the market as effectively, as you are not able to cater the diverse need of the customers which EasyPaisa is already targeting.