E-marketing and Social Media Course - Solvay CEPAC / EMM - March 2011 - Olivier Beaujean

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Presentation given by Olivier Beaujean (Cleverwood) on March 17th to the Solvay EMM / CEPAC students in the context of the Marketing courses.


<ul><li> 1. E-Marketing &amp; Social MediaOlivier Beaujean - Cleverwood</li></ul> <p> 2. Playtime isOVER 3. Facebook isthe new Google 4. BELGIAN SOCIAL MEDIA LANDSCAPEFacebook:4 millionNetlog:3 millionLinkedin:over 700.000Seniorennet: over 200.000Twitter: at least 71.500Blogs: 1,5 mio blogs (decending)Flickr: 4.000 membersYoutube :over 700 000 videos 5. Resistance isfutile 6. The WHOLEcompany 7. Corporate communication,reputation management. 8. Contact Centre, ConsumerServices 9. 3: MARKETING Build loyalty, inform, engage 10. TEAM &amp; HRCollaboration,employer branding 11. BASICSworks 12. Listen &amp;MonitorAssess &amp; Define &amp; AdaptLaunchMeasure &amp; Develop &amp;Follow-upCommunicate 13. Listen &amp; Monitor Assess &amp;Define &amp;Adapt Launch Measure &amp; Develop &amp; Follow-upCommunicateStart listening 14. Listen &amp;MonitorAssess &amp;Define &amp; Adapt LaunchMeasure &amp; Develop &amp;Follow-upCommunicateSet your targets 15. Listen &amp; Monitor Assess &amp;Define &amp;Adapt Launch Measure &amp; Develop &amp; Follow-upCommunicateGo where youraudience is! 16. Listen &amp;MonitorAssess &amp;Define &amp; Adapt LaunchMeasure &amp; Develop &amp;Follow-upCommunicateDevelop guidelines 17. Listen &amp; Monitor Assess &amp;Define &amp;Adapt Launch Measure &amp; Develop &amp; Follow-upCommunicateEngageconversation 18. Listen &amp;MonitorAssess &amp;Define &amp; Adapt LaunchMeasure &amp; Develop &amp;Follow-upCommunicateDont forget :State of mind ! 19. Listen &amp;MonitorAssess &amp;Define &amp; Adapt LaunchMeasure &amp; Develop &amp;Follow-upCommunicateMeasure andfollow-up 20. Listen &amp; Monitor Assess &amp;Define &amp;Adapt Launch Measure &amp; Develop &amp; Follow-upCommunicateAre you ontarget? 21. Start SomethingNOW ! 22. Thank You !Olivier BeaujeanManaging PartnerDirect: +32 2 888 79 34Mobile: +32 475 75 85 90Twitter : @olbowEmail: olivier.beaujean@cleverwood.beCleverwood Due des Pres Blancs, 4 1200 Brussels Belgiumwww.cleverwood.be </p>


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