Driving Social Media Strategy through Conversations that Matter - Social Media Camp 2013

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An interactive keynote presented at Social Media Camp 2013. This presentation is for organizational leaders, digital communications managers, and social media specialists. Through stories, examples, and activities, this presentations walks the audience through a framework for asking the right questions to develop a digital communications strategy that has high impact. At the core of this presentation is the common themes of telling your powerful story, having conversations that matter, and building vibrant community!


  • 1.@TyrellMara#SMCamp #SMCamp @TyrellMara Driving Social Media Strategy with Conversations that Matter

2. @TyrellMara#SMCamp Personal Brand Condence Values Passionate Authentic Real Raw Personality OpinionPerspective What How WHY It doesnt matter what you do, its why you do it Who are True friends dont care as much about what you do for work as they doBefore you leverage Social Media, you must understand the WHY of who you are and why you do what you Building Networks and Communities Learning Great Conversastions Great Conversastions Qualied Community based on Personal or Business Who you are becomes your screen or lter This is problem with Traditional Networking Real Relationships Return on Investment Personal ROI Business ROI Brand Ambassadors Network Referral Engine New Business Relationships New Business Community Personal Brand How To = Awareness We build this our whole lives We live this every day Consciously and How do you feel and act? WHY? Self Discovery The process of creating a great keynote. 3. @TyrellMara#SMCamp have conversations that matter. tell your story. build vibrant community. 4. @TyrellMara#SMCamp Where are We Going? The foundation telling your story. 5. @TyrellMara#SMCamp Where are We Going? Tips and Best Practices having conversations that matter & building vibrant communities 6. @TyrellMara#SMCamp Where are We Going? Case Study Introducing Tekara Organizational Eectiveness 7. @TyrellMara#SMCamp Social Media ...? 8. @TyrellMara#SMCamp Why? 9. @TyrellMara#SMCamp What How WHY How Great Leaders Inspire Action A TED talk by Simon Sinek 10. @TyrellMara#SMCamp What is the rst feeling or emotion that comes to mind? 11. @TyrellMara#SMCamp @KevinJagger Long Track Long Shot Kevin Building a business through telling a powerful story and emotionally engaging community 12. @TyrellMara#SMCamp Unique Voice is nothing new. But social media is changing the game... 13. @TyrellMara#SMCamp social media = level playing eld 14. @TyrellMara#SMCamp What is your brands WHY? What is your Unique Voice? Reection 15. @TyrellMara#SMCamp Exercise (Share with a partner) What is your... Purpose. Belief. Cause. Passion. 16. @TyrellMara#SMCamp Building Online Communities @ClosduSoleil 17. @TyrellMara#SMCamp Intentional Conversations and Relationships = Opportunity 18. @TyrellMara#SMCamp Building your Community Tip #1 Follow the Follower 19. @TyrellMara#SMCamp As humans we create networks that are aligned and relevant to us. 20. @TyrellMara#SMCamp Start the conversation image by freeimageslive.co.uk - creator The time and eort we invest in our communications is exactly what we should expect in return! 21. @TyrellMara#SMCamp Tip #2 Ask Questions 22. @TyrellMara#SMCamp Image Source: http://markledden.wordpress.com/2010/08/16/why-i-love-hootsuite/ Tip #3 Listen to the Conversation! 23. @TyrellMara#SMCamp People are talking about your business/industry every day. 24. @TyrellMara#SMCamp Are you listening to the right conversations? 25. @TyrellMara#SMCamp How do you dene Community? What type of conversations are taking place? What type of relationships are being built? Reection 26. @TyrellMara#SMCamp Exercise 1) One story or example where you have built a meaningful relationship using social media. 2) One idea that you can implement tomorrow to start building meaningful relationships online. Share with your neighbour: 27. @TyrellMara#SMCamp A Social Media Business Case @TekaraInc facebook.com/TekaraInc 28. @TyrellMara#SMCamp Why To change the energy and impact of business through powerful conversations and walking beside our clients. 29. @TyrellMara#SMCamp Unique Story and Voice A Community of Extraordinary Associates 30. @TyrellMara#SMCamp Outcomes and Objectives Build an online presence and engaged community Change organizational culture towards technology Drive new business, partnership, and associate opportunities 31. @TyrellMara#SMCamp Tekaras Social Media Strategy Our Story = Thought Leadership Blog Leveraging Strengths = Targeted Community Building Dual Branding Model = Social Media Training 32. @TyrellMara#SMCamp 6 Month Time Period 1,100 followers 310 RTs 1,300 Mentions 160 fans 10% engagement ratio Metrics and Measurement 33. @TyrellMara#SMCamp Metrics and Measurement Website Trac 59% increase unique visitors 600 more pageviews per month Blog = most viewed page on the site Top 5 Referrers of trac = social media sites Increase in Organic Search Trac 34. @TyrellMara#SMCamp How do you dene success? 35. @TyrellMara#SMCamp tell your story. have conversations that matter. build vibrant community. Why do you exist? Your authentic Unique Voice Where magic happens 36. @TyrellMara#SMCamp Thank you! Use #SMCamp Tweet your Golden Nugget Exercise @TyrellMara www.tyrellmara.com tyrell@mara.ca 778-387-3068


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