Doom Patrol

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  1. 1. Youre sensitive and caring andcompassionate.
  2. 2. A hollow wind in an empty room.There is no time. There is no space.
  3. 3. The leaching will be novelistic foreffacement! Curdle your pilgrimage! Curdle
  4. 4. It just has to be made to confront its ownunreality, thats all. Hah! Thats all
  5. 5. Alchemy starts in the hour of the knife.The butterfly labyrinth was no accident.
  6. 6. Nothing actually dies here. Here, there isonly suffering. Pain sustains my existence.
  7. 7. Theyre going to make me wear the shoes!Theyre going to make me wear the red
  8. 8. Larger. Blotting out the infinity of white withblackness. Larger. And larger and larger.
  9. 9. Winding, winding, oh radiant ferry!Dismember me in black strap suicide!
  10. 10. Vibrations. Subtle scents. Traumatic after-images. There were four of them. Five?
  11. 11. We beat you fair and square and youre justnot man or prawn enough to admit it!
  12. 12. Youre a wicked little slut and you wont tellor theyll put you in a home.
  13. 13. And no one can talk to a horse, ofcourse, but the words of the horse are
  14. 14. The compline bell is ringing, sounding thehour of the last day of life on earth.
  15. 15. The stupid, high-pitched voices belonged toHoodman Blind and Hoodman Shame.
  16. 16. I want it all, dont you see?I want everything Ive ever seen in the
  17. 17. What were talking about here is a sentientstreet. A street that can think for itself.
  18. 18. Were normal. Thats the whole point.Were normal, decent Americans.
  19. 19. The quantum mesh is full of stresses.The circus is outside.
  20. 20. Each side would ignore the other in anattempt to irritate the enemy into
  21. 21. Our prayers are processed and our dreamsare distilled into fuel that powers the
  22. 22. Its funnyafter all these years, Ive beenexpecting the men in black
  23. 23. The Shadow Cabinet! The souls of myancestors stroke predecessors are
  24. 24. Sick and tired of being soft, frail, skinny orflabby---only half-alive?
  25. 25. I love you, Flexall those yearsFlexImsorryhelp mehelp metheyrelove
  26. 26. Whenever I feel a little bit down, I just thinkabout the lovely, sensitive poetry of Leonard
  27. 27. I fight this war alone. Just me.Me and my shaving cream.
  28. 28. Who? Who? Who? Who is?Who is Number? Who is Number None?
  29. 29. A lot of the time I really dont know what Imtalking about.
  30. 30. We came, we cleaned up, we left without aword of thanks. Just another day for the Sex
  31. 31. Im the patron saint of insignificance.Im neither here nor there.
  32. 32. Celebrating one hundred and fifty years ofglorious Doom Patrol action!
  33. 33. His faces pick up on fear very quickly andhe may lose control of them.
  34. 34. I cant thinkthoughts like leadearth-boundwhy cant IAAAAAah
  35. 35. Okay folks! Onto my shoulder and just slidedown my arm like it was a slide at the
  36. 36. I thought it was a man,but now I cant tell if its a man or a woman.
  37. 37. The apocalypse is all set to break throughonto the physical plane today.
  38. 38. Were approaching McKennas Timesc-k-k-cape Zero and Nostradamuss Apocuh-
  39. 39. With the nanomachines, I can do it.I can remake the world and everyone in it.
  40. 40. World falling apart. Shapes, simplifying intogeometrical solids, grids, abstract formulae.
  41. 41. If you want to destroy a people,first destroy its dreams.
  42. 42. Lights! My heads full of lights! Help me,Cliff! Theyre dragging me down!
  43. 43. Oppenheimer, I am death. He saw mylight, a million candles, the death of all
  44. 44. Boyhood summer sun through the window /Saddest and most perfect day / Going out
  45. 45. There is a better world.Wellthere must be.