Dont be important injunction

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People carrying this message may become panicky when they are asked to take on any kind of leadership role. They may Dry up when called upon to speak in public.


<ul><li> 1. Dont Be Important Injunction</li></ul> <p> 2. Prepared ByManu Melwin JoyResearch ScholarSchool of Management StudiesCUSAT, Kerala, India.Phone 9744551114Mail manu_melwinjoy@yahoo.comKindly restrict the use of slides for personal purpose.Please seek permission to reproduce the same in publicforms and presentations. 3. Dont Be ImportantPeople carrying thismessage may becomepanicky when they areasked to take on any kindof leadership role. Theymay Dry up whencalled upon to speak inpublic. 4. Dont Be ImportantIn her career, the personcomplying with Dont BeImportant may workexcellently in asubordinate post, buteither not seekpromotion or sabotageherself when there is achance of getting it. Avariant of this injunctionis Dont ask for whatyou want. 5. Dont Be ImportantThis is another scriptmessage arising fromparent impulse ofrejection towards theirchild. Non verbally, theparent coveys from hisChild ego state: I willput up with having youaround, kid, just as longas you realize that youand your wants are notimportant around here. 6. Thank You 7. Other TA topics available on slideshare1. Strokes - Games People Play - Structural Analysis - What is TA? - Cycles of Development - Stages of Cure - Transactions - Time Structuring - Life Position - Autonomy - Structural Pathology - Game Analysis - Integrated Adult - Stroke Economy - </p>