Doctor's Orders - Burn Your PowerPoints

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Dr. John Medina is an evolutionary biologist. He knows how the brain works. This is what led him to encourage others to destroy their current PowerPoint presentations and start over. Inspired by his recent book, Brain Rules, helps people design effective slide presentations or redesign their existing ones. Created especially for teachers and students, BrainSlides encourage research-based teaching and design practices to improve classroom experiences. Free information is available on the blog. You can inquire about design or consulting services via the contact form. Visit for more info. Feel free to download the PDF version of this presentation and share it, but please give credit where credit is due.

Text of Doctor's Orders - Burn Your PowerPoints

  • Hi!
  • This is John Medina.
  • This is John Medina. Hes a doctor.
  • He likes to study these
  • So h e wro te this
  • He wants to tell you something about your...
  • presentations.
  • Toss your PowerPoint presentations. Dr. John Medina
  • Why??
  • Its text based, with six hierarchical levels of chapters and subheads
  • all words.
  • Which me ans...
  • it takes a long time for your brain...
  • to process all of those slides!
  • Aaaagghhhhh!!!
  • You know,
  • on second You know, thought...
  • dont toss your presentations...
  • Burn them!!
  • You heard him.
  • BURN your current PowerPoint presentations.
  • Then make new ones.
  • Better ones.
  • Visual ones.
  • Ones like these.
  • :-) Ones like these.
  • :-) It will make him happy.
  • See??
  • More importantly...
  • it makes your Its not hard to do. brain happy!
  • Its not hard to do.
  • Just start with these 2 tips.
  • 1
  • use less text
  • 2
  • use more images
  • Wait...
  • Is that all?
  • YES!
  • It really is that simple.
  • You can make slides like these...
  • You can make slides like these...
  • Look like these...
  • Look like these...
  • You can turn DULL slides
  • into Slides for your Brain
  • BrainSlides