Disruptive Innovations in Learning Technologies

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A variety of technology-enabled learning modes are changing the landscape of higher education. How might these changes impact the training and development profession? Rebecca Frost Davis, Director of Instructional and Emerging Technology at St. Edward’s University will review developments in technology-enabled learning that are disrupting the traditional model of higher education, including the massive open online course or MOOC, blended learning, big data, and open educational resources. Participants will then explore how these disruptions might affect their approach to workforce training and development.

Text of Disruptive Innovations in Learning Technologies

  • 1. Disruptive Innovations in Learning Technologies! Rebecca Frost Davis ! Director of Instructional and Emerging Technology!
  • 2. Liberal Education in a Networked World! http://rebeccafrostdavis.wordpress.com ! Slides! More examples!
  • 3. Disruptive Innovations: MOOC! Massive: MOOCs ! Open: Open Educational Resources ! Online: Delivery or Learning Network?!! Course: Alternative Credentials!
  • 4. Disruptive Innovation! A process by which a product or service takes root initially in simple applications at the bottom of a market and then relentlessly moves up market, eventually displacing established competitors ! http://www.claytonchristensen.com/ key-concepts/ !
  • 6. Massive Open Online Course! Image courtesy of Phil Hill
  • 7. Two Visions for MOOCs! Industrial (xMOOC)! Faculty expert! Homogeneous Network! One perfect lecture(r)! Knowledge transfer! Networked (cMOOC)! Peer learning! Heterogeneous Network! Knowledge is situated! Knowledge production!
  • 8. Role of Instructor?! Content Expert? Performer?! Unbundling roles! Producer! Subject area expert! Instructional designer! AV! Mentorship?! Coaching?!
  • 9. MOOC! OPEN!
  • 10. (Open) Educational Resources! Kahn Academy: www.khanacademy.org/! Codeacademy.com!
  • 11. Scarcity! Abundance!
  • 12. New Roles: Curator! Finding educational materials! Evaluating educational materials! Curating collections of educational materials! Connecting materials and learners!
  • 13. Big (Learning) Data! Improve learning resources based on usage data! How do you achieve scale?! How do you adapt resources to your context?!
  • 14. Open Learning Initiative (OLI)! Carnegie Mellon! Computer-based, interactive tutorials and quizzes! Customized learning! Instant feedback! !
  • 15. MOOC! ONLINE!
  • 16. Online Learning as Delivery Method! 100% MOOC Massive Open Online Course Going the Distance: Online Educa
  • 17. Blended/Hybrid Learning! Combining face-to-face class with online learning! Department of Education, Evaluation of Evidence-Based Practices in Online Learning : A Meta-Analysis and Review of Online Learning Studies! Computer-based, interactive tutorials and quizzes that provide customized learning and instant feedback, e.g., Open Learning Initiative modules! Flipping the Classroom!
  • 18. Blended Learning in a Liberal Arts Setting! Bryn Mawr College, NGLC grant-funded program! Using Blended Learning in a Liberal Arts Environment to Improve Developmental and Gatekeeper STEM Course Completion, Persistence, and College Completion ! Open Learning Initiative modules! http://nextgenlearning.blogs.brynmawr.edu/!
  • 19. New Roles for Delivery Modes?! What is the role of the classroom?! How best to use face-to-face time?! Is online a delivery mode or something more?!
  • 20. The World is Flat! Tom Friedman! Global access to information & people! Creating citizens & workers for this context! Challenges! Developing skills in this context! Communicating across domains!
  • 21. Networked Courses! Local classes in a Larger Network! Sunoikisis intercampus courses (ICCs) in advanced Greek & Latin! FemTechNet: Distributed Online Collaborative Course (DOCC)! History Harvest! Aggregate Expertise! Share local resources! Share local perspective! Sunoikisis Network, Fall 2006
  • 22. MOOC! COURSE!
  • 23. MOOCs for Professional Development! Coursera MOOCs: Over 80% have a BA or higher! Business Models! Credentialing: Optional certicate for a price! MOOCs to discover talent!
  • 24. Alternative Credentials! Badges! E-portfolios! Prior Learning Assessment! Competency-based learning!
  • 25. Discussion! Which of these are most disruptive, how, and why?! MOOC! Open Educational Resources! Online delivery / Networked Learning! Alternative Credentials!
  • 26. Thank you! you.! St. Edwards University!