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Our director's pitch presentation

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  • 1. Ollie Caswell, Alastair Snook and Reece Hoggard

2. Fire by 3. Two smartly dressed men, wearing pig masks, approaching a building and searching for an item of value. Im on fire relating to the excitement and thrill of burglary. An upbeat tempo, quick editing and a gripping narrative for the chorus help to illustrate the lyrics. Longer shots for the verses. The narrative will be entwined with a performance, with instruments being played and the pair coming across the band playing. The men being armed with a hammer and a sickle provide Soviet connotations, and this, coupled with the masks provide references to themes expressed in Orwells Animal Farm. 4. Indie/rock - Indie rock allows us to incorporate and experiment with narrative ideas whilst using performance elements - Quick tempo results in an exciting story and thriller effect eg. Chasing and voyeurism -Obscure camera angles -During our research, we found that these factors will allow us to conform to genre conventions, while retaining originality. 5. Robbers pig masks. Formal attire (shirts, trousers, ties & overcoat/jacket). Smart black shoes. Band similar clothing, but less smart. (e.g. Undone buttons, baggy trousers) 6. - Hammer - Matches - Pig masks - Camera, tripod & steadycam - Binoculars (voyeurism) - Sickle - Instruments- Drums, bass guitar and lead guitar - Safe - Alis car 7. - Barn (near Alis house) - Drama studio - Road, going out of Crick - Cubicle opposite barn for spying 8. Alastair Snook Hammer Pig/Guitar Ollie Caswell Sickle Pig/Drums Reece Hoggard- Camera man Jono Dance Camera Man/band member 9. Any Questions?