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  • 2. A BOOMING BACKGROUND Born into the world on July 22nd, 1971 in sunny Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Studied at Temple Universitys School of Television, Radio & Film. Became the protg of legendary directors Hype Williams and Director X. He mainly focuses on modern hip-hop when it comes to directing, having directed videos for many acclaimed rappers such as Meek Mill, 50 Cent, Nas & P.Diddy.
  • 3. SOME PROMINENT VIDEOS tch?v=EmZvOhHF85I atch?v=bKDdT_nyP54 Beez In The Trap Nicki Minaj Akon Smack That watch?v=V1cxP2nCBdU Meek Mill Ima Boss tch?v=P5bW6ywULJM Nas Made You Look
  • 4. HIS SIGNATURE STYLE Benny Booms videos are all hip-hop, so therefore mainly contain the stereotypical aspects of a hip-hop music video, such as half naked women dancing, large crowds and a ghetto-esque setting. Almost all of his videos are performance based also, harbouring no narrative whatsoever. This relates to the fact that most of his videos are hip-hop and rap, which also feature mostly performance style music videos. The exception to this is Akon Smack That, which forms has a small narrative but nothing major. Some of Booms later work also has his own name at the start of the video, symbolising his fame and the privilege of having him direct the video. Boom on set.
  • 5. EXAMPLES OF HIS STYLE An example of his name at the start of the video Nicki Minaj Beez In The Trap. Beautiful women in Akon Smack That, a feature present in all of Booms work, infact almost all rap videos.
  • 6. BENNYS OTHER PROJECTS As well as directing music videos, he also directed many political advertisements against George W. Bush and is even quoted as saying: "We've got to get George W. Bush out of office, and it's very important that kids understand what a serious condition the world is in with this madman." Most of the ads end with the phrase "George Bush, he's not on our side. He also has directed some mainstream feature films, such as Next Day Air (2009) and SWAT: Firefight (2011).