Digital storytelling in the classroom

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<ol><li> 1. DigitalStorytelling inthe ClassroomThoughts of a First GradeTeacherSandra Kroitor </li><li> 2. Benefits Allows children with limited reading skills tohear a story before they start working withthe text. Opens up children to the idea thatreading can be fun. Gives teachers the ability to offer anadditional method to storytelling. Can be used with multiple types of text. </li><li> 3. Tales of a 1st Grade Teacher As a first grade teacher I have many different types of learners. A few of my students have learning issues which have hindered them from reading. By showing them a digital story, rather then me reading to them, they are able to experience the book in the same way their classmates are with out feeling different. </li><li> 4. Kids Creations Kids can sometimes be better story tellers than their teachers or parents. Having students create their own storytellings allows them to take an ownership in their own learning process.</li></ol>


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