Digital Literacy and the Education System

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<ul><li> 1. Digital Literacyand theEducation SystemBy Laura RamsdenImage via AJ Kimmel | Google Advanced Image Search </li></ul> <p> 2. Digital literacy is in themidst of becoming acritical component totodays education systemImage via Edudemic | Google Advanced Image Search 3. Children are entering a world of adulthoodwhere important life skills include Google footprintsand fluency in the use of social networksImage via Creatas Images | Flickr 4. DIGITAL LITERACY IS ONLY ONE COMPONENT OF BEING ADIGITAL CITIZENImage via Greenwich Public Schools | Google Advanced Image Search 5. Someone who isresponsiblefor how theyutilize technologyTo interact with the world around themImage via wax115 | Morguele 6. Many students are not aware of the fact that they are often subject toinvisible audiencesImage via persinsala | Google Advanced Image Search 7. As well as thepermanence andpersistence of thingsthat they share onlineImage via Sophie Kleeman | Google Advanced Image Search 8. Rather than throwing students out into the wild,would it not be better to prepare them in thesafety of their own classroom?Image via hotblack | Morguele 9. We want them to understand that data isconstantly being collected about them- Karen Blumberg, Technology InnovatorImage via Picture Youth | Morguele 10. Once you give a social networkinformation, it holds value fromthat moment onImage via Natalie Smith | Flickr 11. We want to give them aprotective bubble, so theycan practice andexperimentWithout leaving a permanent trace on the web- Karen Blumberg, Technology InnovatorImage via carunan | Morguele 12. Wecan striveto eliminatethe digital divideBy improving the digital literacy of todays youthImage via Jason Eppink | Flickr 13. Can you believe that 1 in 5 Americans do not use the Internet?Image via dhester | Morguele 14. Why is this important?Over 50% of todays jobs require technology skills, and nearly 80% of jobs in the next decade are projected to require digital skills Image via andyk | Morguele 15. One can only imagine what will happen if todays youth are thrown into a worldwhere digital literacy and internet fluency are almost crucial for successImage via carunan | Morguele 16. If they are released without anyknowledge or prior exposureImage via carunan | Morguele 17. It is our responsibility to prepare the next generationImage via Penywise | Morguele 18. As the Internet conPnues to evolve, we must ensure that it preserves our rela%onships, our informa%on, our secrets Image via Graphic Design Blender |Google Advanced Image Search 19. We have not created a privacy cultureon the Internet that is ideal to live withImage via jwiQman | Morguele 20. The next generation needsto be able to fight fortheir privacy rightsImage via Kiana Kianpour | Google Advanced Image Search 21. But in order to fight for theirprivacy rights, youth need tobe given the key to thisknowledgeImage via tat | Morguele 22. We can improve their digital skills while theyare still in the playgroundImage via Tulane PublicaPons | Flickr 23. So that they are ready for a world where permanent evidenceon the Web could haunt them for the rest of their livesImage via Andrew Stawarz | Morguele 24. CreditsAll images have been retrieved fromMorguefile, Google Advanced Image Search, orlicensed under the Creative Commons Non-Commercial Share-Alike 3.0 agreement andsourced from Flickr. 25. Sources hQp:// hQp://;_r=1&amp; hQp:// hQp:// hQp:// </p>


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