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  • 2. ABOUT THE AUTHORDon Montague is a Chartered Engineer (MICE, MIMechE) with experience in many fields of engineering,building and construction. He read Engineering Science at Oxford (MA) and then did pioneering work onmachine design using the early DEUCE digital computer in the 1960s. Subsequently he worked in the publicservice in timber research (AJWSc), became deeply involved in environmental conservation and began a loveaffair with the practice of building. In 1971 he joined Ove Arup & Partners and spent his first five years with them co-ordinating multi-disciplinary building design teams. After a period running his own structural component firm he rejoinedArups and became responsible for their engineering specifications, design guides and feedback notes. He haspublished articles on a wide range of topics, from environmental conservation to structural components, andintegrated design to maintenance of building services. He retired as Technical Director of Arups in 1991. A life-long interest in the French language and life led him and his wife to move to France, where he isnow as busy as ever working for himself with local French building professionals. LAUTEURDon Montague est un ingnieur (MICE, MIMechE) dont lexprience couvre de nombreux domaines dugnie, du btiment et de la construction. Aprs avoir fait ses tudes dingnieur Oxford (MA), il entreprit destravaux innovateurs sur la conception des machines en faisant appel lordinateur numrique DEUCE dansles annes 1960. Par la suite, il travailla dans le secteur public dans la recherche sur le bois (AJWSc). Il devintalors un fervent dfenseur de la protection de lenvironnement et se passionna pour le btiment. En 1971, il entra chez Ove Arup & Partners o il fut pendant cinq ans responsable de la coordination desquipes multidisciplinaires de conception du btiment. Ayant quitt Arup pour diriger sa propre socit depices de gnie civil, il entra nouveau dans cette socit en tant que responsable des cahiers des charges,des guides de conception et de linformation en retour. Il publia des articles sur de trs nombreux sujetsallant de la protection de lenvironnement aux pices de gnie civil en passant par la conception intgreet les services de maintenance des btiments. Lorsquil prit sa retraite en 1991, il tait Directeur techniquedArup. Stant toujours intress la langue et au mode de vie franais, il vit dsormais en France avec son pouse.Il est plus occup que jamais et travaille en indpendant avec des professionnels franais du btiment.
  • 3. DICTIONARY OFBUILDING ANDCIVIL ENGINEERINGDICTIONNAIRE DUBTIMENT ET DUGNIE CIVIL Don Montague E & FN SPON An Imprint of Chapman & Hall London Glasgow Weinheim New York Tokyo Melbourne Madras
  • 4. Published by E & FN Spon, an imprint of Chapman & Hall, 26 Boundary Row,London SE1 8HN, UKChapman & Hall, 26 Boundary Row, London SE1 8HN, UKBlackie Academic & Professional, Wester Cleddons Road, Bishopbriggs, GlasgowG64 2NZ, UKChapman & Hall GmbH, Pappelallee 3, 69469 Weinheim, GermanyChapman & Hall USA, 115 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY 10003, USAChapman & Hall Japan, ITP-Japan, Kyowa Building, 3F, 221 Hirakawacho,Chiyoda-Ku, Tokyo 102, JapanChapman & Hall Australia, 102 Dodds Street, South Melbourne, Victoria 3205,AustraliaChapman & Hall India, R.Seshadri, 32 Second Main Road, CIT East, Madras 600 035,IndiaFirst edition 1996This edition published in the Taylor & Francis e-Library, 2008.To purchase your own copy of this or any of Taylor & Francis or Routledgescollection of thousands of eBooks please go to www.eBookstore.tandf.co.uk. 1996 Don MontagueISBN 0-203-47543-7 Master e-book ISBNISBN 0-203-78367-0 (Adobe eReader Format)ISBN 0 419 19910 1 (Print Edition)Apart from any fair dealing for the purposes of research or private study, or criticism orreview, as permitted under the UK Copyright Designs and Patents Act, 1988, thispublication may not be reproduced, stored, or transmitted, in any form or by any means,without the prior permission in writing of the publishers, or in the case of reprographicreproduction only in accordance with the terms of the licences issued by the CopyrightLicensing Agency in the UK, or in accordance with the terms of licences issued by theappropriate Reproduction Rights Organization outside the UK. Enquiries concerningreproduction outside the terms stated here should be sent to the publishers at the Londonaddress printed on this page.The publisher makes no representation, express or implied, with regard to the accuracyof the information contained in this book and cannot accept any legal responsibility orliability for any errors or omissions that may be made.A catalogue record for this book is available from the British LibraryLibrary of Congress Catalog Card Number: 9571096
  • 5. CONTENTSAcknowledgements viRemerciements viiIntroduction ixIntroduction xiUsing this dictionary xiiiUtilisation du dictionnaire xviEnglish/French 1Anglais/Franais 1French/English 237Franais/Anglais 237Appendix A: False friends 428Appendice A: Faux amis 429Appendix B: References 449
  • 6. ACKNOWLEDGEMENTSNo dictionary of this kind is the work of one person, and I am delighted to acknowledge the help andencouragement I have had, particularly from former colleagues at Ove Arup & Partners, Consulting Engineers.Chris Barber, Mike Bussell, Paul Craddock, Steve Dyson, Steven Grok, Martyn Harrold, Mike Holmes,David Lush, Alain Marcetteau, Gordon Puzey, Brian Simpson, Bob Venning and others have all contributed,provided lists of words or translations from their work in the UK and France, or offered good advice or furthercontacts. In France I have had the pleasure of working with Christian Barreau, Yves de Bazin, Matre Gilles Cathus,Albert Cologni, Jacques Deltreil, Laurent Dupuy, Francis Framarin, Guy Lung, Matre Jacques Marie, RogerMirabel, Laurence and Ren Orazzio, Roger Roccon, Maurice Teulet and Andr Vincent, their colleagues andstaff, who have taught me a great deal of French architectural, building, legal and property terminology, in theoffice and on site. The Translation ServiceTerminologyof the European Commission has been very helpful, allowingme to collate terms from its multilingual glossaries Roads (1978) and Construction (in draft 1995), the latterbeing particularly helpful in the field of health and safety at work. Cooperation with Madame Fiamozzi ofthis Service has been enjoyable and fruitful. I am grateful to REHVA (the Federation of European Heating and Airconditioning Associations) for allowingme to make use of technical terms from its International Dictionary of Heating, Ventilating and AirConditioning (see Appendix B). Manufacturers catalogues have provided examples in their own languages, in particular Legrand SA,whose information on electrical equipment has been invaluable. Single language dictionaries andencyclopaedias have also proved very useful in the difficult task of defining meanings and selecting anddiscarding terms in each language. The more important works that I have referred to are listed in Appendix B. Finally, without the encouragement and support of my editors, Caroline Mallinder and Fiona Weston, andmy wife Maureen, I would not have retained my sanity or ever have completed this dictionary. I offer mygrateful thanks to them and everyone else who has helped, in particular at Chapman & Hall, and absolve themall for any mistranslationsthese are all my own work! If you, kind readers, spot any of these errors, or can think of words that should have been included but werenot, please write to me and let me know, c/o Caroline Mallinder at E & FN Spon. Don Montague Aquitaine, 1996
  • 7. REMERCIEMENTSAucun dictionnaire de ce type nest le travail dune seule personne et je tiens exprimer ma gratitude pourlaide et les encouragements que jai reus, en particulier de la part danciens collgues Ove Arup & Partners,Consulting Engineers. Chris Barber, Mike Bussell, Paul Craddock, Steve Dyson, Steven Grok, MartynHarrold, Mike Holmes, David Lush, Alain Marcetteau, Gordon Puzey, Brian Simpson, Bob Venning, et dautresencoretous ont contribu et fourni des listes de mots ou de traductions tires de leurs travaux au Royaume-Uni et en France, ou mont donn de bons conseils et des contacts supplmentaires. En France javais le plaisir de travailler avec Christian Barreau, Yves de Bazin, Matre Gilles Cathus,Albert Cologni, Jacques Deltreil, Laurent Dupuy, Francis Framarin, Guy Lung, Matre Jacques Marie, RogerMirabel, Laurence et Ren Orazzio, Roger Roccon, Maurice Teulet et Andr Vincent, aussi bien quavec leurscollgues et leur personnel. Ils mont tous enseign de nombreux termes franais dans les domaines delarchitecture, de la construction, du droit et de limmoblier, autant au bureau que sur le terrain. Le Service de TraductionTerminologiede la Commission Europenne a t trs obligeant, mepermettant de collationner des termes dans ses glossaires multilingues Roads (1978) et Construction ( ltatdbauche, 1995), ce dernier ouvrage tant en particulier trs utile dans le domaine de la sant et scurit autravail. Ma coopration avec Madame Fiamozzi (de ce service) a t agrable et fructueuse. Je suis reconnaissant REHVA (the Federation of European Heating and Airconditioning Associations)qui ma autoris utiliser des termes techniques tirs de son International Dictionary of Heating, Ventilatingand Air Conditioning (voir lAppendice B). Les catalogues de fabricants ont fourni beaucoup dexemples dans leur propre langue, en particulierLegrand SA, dont les renseignements sur lquipement lectrique ont t inestimables. Dictionnaires unilingueset encyclopdies ont aussi t trs utiles dans la tche difficile de dfinir les sens des mots, slectionner etcarter certains termes dans chaque langue. Les ouvrages les plus importants auxquels je me suis rfr sontlists dans lAppendice B. Enfin, sans les encouragements de mes ditrices, Caroline Mallinder et Fiona Weston, et de ma femmeMaureen, je naurais jamis conserv ma srnit et je naurais jamais fini ce dictionnaire. Je les remerciesincrement ainsi que tous ceux qui mont aid, en particulier chez Chapman & Hall et je les dcharge detoute responsabilit pour les fautes de traduction; si vous en trouvez, ce sont les miennes! Si vous, chers lecteurs, remarquez des erreurs ou pensez des mots qui auraient d tre inclus, veuillezmcrire me le faire savoir, aux bons soins de Caroline Mallinder chez E & FN Spon. Don Montague Aquitaine, 1996
  • 8. INTRODUCTIONThis bilingual dictionary is aimed at both professionals and private individuals, English and French speaking,who are involved in property, building and civil engineering construction in each others countries. Deciding what to include and what to leave out has often been difficult. My first rule has been to try to putmyself in the place of someone involved in a practical way with property dealing, development, architecturaldesign, building, civil engineering and construction generally, and to ask myself what words I would meet incommunicating with professionals and tradespeople in the office and on site, what questions I need to ask,and what I would want to be able to express. Having worked in these fields in the UK and France for manyyears, I have come to realize that simple lists of nouns in the two languages are of limited use, and that manytechnical terms are simply not given in standard bilingual dictionaries. My aim in this book is to fill some ofthese gaps. To start with, the built environment exists within the natural environment, and so I have includedsome basic words for geographical and topological features. Such terms may be used in describing landand property for sale, and also in the investigations needed before buying land for building ordevelopment. Before one can start to build, surveys, planning and official approvals, architectural and engineeringdesign, budgeting, raising finance and drawing up of specifications and contract documents may all benecessary, so I have included some of the more commonly used technical terms in these fields. Any construction must be based on foundations, so I have started in the ground with geological and soilmechanics terms, and worked upwards through drainage, structures, mains supplies, services installations andcladding, to roofing and finishes terminology, covering the materials, tools and techniques involved, plusterms for parts of different kinds of buildings and civil engineering structures. Modern buildings may be engineered to a high degree by consultants or other specialists. I have includedsome vocabulary from the fields of acoustics, air-conditioning, communications, computers, controls, electricaland fire engineering, geotechnics, public health engineering, timber structures, welding and so on. Repairand restoration are increasingly important, so I have included many terms for existing features of buildingsand their rehabilitation. During the construction process weather may affect progress in different ways, so I have included somemeteorological terms. Quality control and testing are parts of the modern construction process, and I haveincluded some relevant vocabulary. Similarly, purchasing, transport, approvals of work, contract administrationand payments, and health and safety at work are parts of the process of building, and have their specialistterminology. In building, things may go wrong, delivery and progress problems may occur, differences in interpretationof specifications may lead to discord, and ultimately the parties involved may reach for their lawyers and evenarrive in court. I have included some terms which could come in handy if things do turn out badly. To round off, I have tried to cover some of the things you may want to say to architects, builders andothers in the office and on site, in terms of how things should be done and questions you may need toask: make this higher, move that light switch, this colour is too dark, do you have this in stock, if I paycash will you give me a discount, when will the tiles arrive on site? and so on. The words you need arenot always found in conventional technical dictionaries, and I hope that including some of them willmake life easier. Technical vocabulary develops all the time. Not only are new terms created, but new variations on oldterms arise when people with different educational or technical backgrounds try to describe the same thing.Which is the definitive translation? In many cases it is simply not possible to decide, and I have given severaldifferent versions that readers may meet in practice.
  • 9. Introduction To cover all these fields is clearly a tall order, and different specialists will always be able to addparticular, perhaps less used terms from their own fields. There is the problem of where to stop: whichapparently everyday words to include with the particular meanings given to them by building professionalsand which to leave out. I hope you will find the balance and coverage of this dictionary both useful andrefreshing.Please read the short section that follows on how to use the dictionary; it will help you to get the best out ofthis book. Two appendices are also provided: Appendix A covers False Friends, words whose translation isnot always what one might think, and Appendix B contains useful general references. x
  • 10. INTRODUCTIONCe dictionnaire bilingue est destin aux professionnels et aux particuliers anglais et franais qui travaillentdans limmobilier, la construction et les travaux publics dans leurs pays rciproques. Il ma souvent t difficile de dcider quelle information inclure et laquelle omettre. Ma premire rgle at de me mettre la place de quelquun travaillant dune manire pratique dans les transactions et lapromotion immobilire, les plans architecturaux, le btiment, les travaux publics et la construction en gnral,et de me demander quels mots je serais mme de rencontrer dans mes rapports avec les professionnels et lesgens du mtier dans les bureaux ou sur les chantiers, quelles questions jaurais poser et ce que je voudraistre en mesure dexprimer. Travaillant dans ces domaines depuis plusieurs annes, au Royaume-Uni et enFrance, je me suis rendu compte que de simples listes de mots sont de peu dutilit et que de nombreux termestechniques ne sont pas donns dans les dictionnaires bilingues de base. Le but de ce livre est de comblercertaines de ces lacunes. Tout dabord, le milieu bti existe au sein du milieu naturel; jai donc inclus quelques termes gographiqueset topologiques de base. De tels termes peuvent tre utiliss pour dcrire un terrain ou une proprit vendreet aussi au cours des recherches ncessaires avant lachat dun terrain btir ou dvelopper. Avant de commencer la construction, expertises, planification, approbations, plans architecturaux ettechniques, budgtisation, obtention de financement, tablissement de spcifications et contrats peuventtre ncessaires; jai donc inclus quelques-uns des termes techniques les plus usits dans ces domaines. Tout btiment est construit sur des fondations; jai donc commenc au niveau du sol avec des termes degologi et de la mcanique des sols, et continu avec le drainage, les charpentes, les rsaux de distributionet leur raccordement, et les revtements, en terminant avec les toitures et la terminologie de finition. Jai aussimentionn les matriaux, les outils et les techniques utiliss ainsi que les termes pour diffrents types deconstruction douvrages dart. Les btiments modernes sont conus un trs haut niveau de technicit par les consultants ou autresspcialistes. Jai inclus du vocabulaire des domaines de lacoustique, de la climatisation, des communications,de linformatique, des contrles, de llectrotechnique, de lingnierie du feu, de la gotechnique, delhydraulique urbaine, des charpentes, du soudage, et ainsi de suite. La rparation et la restauration tant de plus en plus importantes, jai inclus de nombreux termes se rfrantaux caractristiques subsistantes des btiments et leur rhabilitation. Pendant la construction, le temps peut affecter la progression des travaux de diffrentes manires. Jai doncinclus quelques termes mtorologiques. Le contrle de qualit et les essais font partie du processus deconstruction moderne, et jai inclus du vocabulaire appropri. De mme, achat, transport, rceptions,administration des contrats et paiements, et sant et securit au travail font partie du processus de constructionet ont leur terminologie spcialise. Dans la construction, les choses peuvent mal se passer, des problmes de livraison et de progressionpeuvent survenir, des diffrences dinterprtation de spcifications peuvent amener des dsaccords, et lesparties intresses peuvent en arriver recourir leurs avocats et mme aux tribunaux. Jai inclus quelquestermes qui pourraient tre utiles si les choses tournaient mal. Pour conclure, jai essay de mentionner certaines choses que vous voudriez peut-tre dire aux architectes,entrepreneurs et autres au bureau dtudes ou sur le chantier en ce qui concerne la manire dont les chosesdevraient tre faites et des questions qui pourraient tre utiles. Faites a plus haut, dplacez cet interrupteur,cette couleur est trop fonce, avez-vous a en stock, si je vous paie en liquide me ferez-vous une remise,quand vont les tuiles arriver? et ainsi de suite. Les mots dont vous aurez besoin ne se trouvent pas toujours
  • 11. Introductiondans les dictionnaires techniques conventionnels, et jespre que les inclure dans cet ouvrage vous rendra lavie plus facile. Le vocabulaire technique volue constamment. Non seulement de nouveaux termes voient le jour, mais denouvelles variations danciens termes rsultent quand des personnes de diffrentes formations essaient dedcrire la mme chose. Quelle est la traduction qui fait autorit? Dans beaucoup de cas, il est impossible dedcider, et jai donn plusieurs versions que le lecteur peut rencontrer. Cest beaucoup demander que de embrasser tous ces domaines, et diffrents spcialistes pourront toujoursajouter dautres termes spcifiques et moins usits puiss dans leur domaine dexpertise. O sarrter? Quelsmots dusage apparemment courant inclure avec leurs sens spcifiques attribus par les professionnels dubtiment, et lesquels omettre, pose un problme. Jespre que le lecteur trouvera lquilibre et lampleur de cedictionnaire la fois utile et stimulant.Afin de profiter au mieux de cet ouvrage, veuillez lire la courte section sur lutilisation de ce dictionnaire, quisuit. Vous trouverez aussi deux appendices, un sur les faux amis, mots dont la traduction nest pas toujours ceque lon pourrait croire (Appendice A) et lautre (Appendice B) contenant dutiles rfrences gnrales. xii
  • 12. USING THIS DICTIONARYKey wordsKey words are given in bold type and translations appear in normal type. Where the same key word may beused as an adjective, noun or verb, the translations are given in that order. For compound expressions suchas clean air and air blower, the noun air is the key word, and they appear in the following order: air, clean air blowerwith the comma in the key compound indicating that the word(s) after the comma modify the first word.Similarly, in French, with arrt m as the key word we have: arrt m, zone f d arrt m dautobusEnglish does not have hard-and-fast rules about whether two-part compound terms are separated by spaces orby hyphens or run together, and there are sometimes similar problems in French. If you cannot find such acompound with a space, try further on where it may be given as one word or hyphenated. For simplicity wehave treated hyphenated words as single words when deciding where they should appear alphabetically. Forexample: fireproof contre-limon m fire-stop contrematre m firework contre-mur mMore complicated compound phrases such as direct expansion refrigeration may sometimes be found undermore than one key noun, to save time, but will generally not be found under a key adjective. In Englishcompressed air and reinforced concrete are among the exceptions.Alternatives and additional meaningsAlternative translations are separated by a slash (solidus) or a comma: abutment appui m, bute f air brick brique f alvole/ alvoles/perfore/ airThere are two French words for abutment, and air brick can be brique alvole, brique alveoles, etc. Where words are included in brackets in both English and French, these correspond to additionalmeanings: water tank, (hot) ballon m deau (chaude)Water tank is ballon deau and hot water tank is ballon deau chaude, vibrator, (external/internal) vibrateur m (externe/interne)
  • 13. Using this dictionaryWe can have a vibrator, an external vibrator or an internal vibrator in either language. If there is only a bracketed word in one language, this generally means that the bracketed word can be oris sometimes omitted: water supply adduction f (deau)In French adduction deau is sometimes abbreviated to adduction.Masculine and FeminineA word does not, of course, have a biological gender, but nouns in French do have gender, describedconventionally as masculine and feminine, and any adjectives that qualify them generally havecorrespondingly different endings. In some cases, a French noun may have entirely different meaningsdepending only on its gender. For example, the feminine noun grave means aggregate for road construction,while the masculine noun grave means an accent on a letter or a low register in music. Unfortunately it is impossible to give absolute rules for determining whether a noun is masculine orfeminine. For example, a tractor is un tracteur, while a drill is une perceuse, a trench-digging machine is unetrancheuse, while a labourer who digs trenches is un trancheur. Thus the gender of each French noun has tobe given throughout this dictionary. Where professions are concerned the masculine or common forms aregiven; the feminine versions are formed in accordance with the rules given in standard French dictionariesand grammars. Similarly, for space reasons, only the masculine singular forms of adjectives are given, asstandard works give the rules for forming the feminine and plural versions.Grammatical informationThere are many comprehensive grammatical guides to French and English, and this dictionary does not try todo their job. Thus irregular, reflexive, transitive and intransitive verbs, adverbial and adjectival phrases arenot identified as such. For advice on these topics the standard works listed in Appendix B are invaluable. The basic, necessary grammatical information in this dictionary is given in abbreviated form, in italics,after the word it refers to: adj = adjective adv = adverb f = feminine noun in French f,pl = feminine plural noun in French m = masculine noun in French m/f = noun which is the same in the masculine and feminine in French m,pl = masculine plural noun in French vb = verbExplanations and context notesThese are given in square brackets. For example: spread [sewage, fertilizer] pandre vb spread out [e.g. gravel, objects] taler vb spread to [e.g. of fire] atteindre vbWhere everyday words are used with a particular technical sense in a limited area of building or civilengineering, the area or discipline may also be given in square brackets. For example: strike [geological] direction f xiv
  • 14. Using this dictionarySome commonly used initials are given in round brackets after the phrase they abbreviate.WarningA symbol is used, after the word it refers to, as additional guidance: = an abbreviation or an informal or slang expression xv
  • 15. UTILISATION DU DICTIONNAIREMots-clefsLes mots-clefs sont crits en caractres gras et leur traduction en caractres normaux. Quand le mme mot-clefpeut tre utilis comme adjectif, nom ou verbe, les traductions sont donnes dans cet ordre. Pour les expressionscomposes telles que clean air (air pur) et air blower (compresseur), le nom air est le mot-clef, et lesexpressions sont donnes dans lordre suivant: air, clean air blowerLa virgule au milieu du mot compos indique que le/les mot(s) aprs le virgule modifie(nt) le premier mot.Pareillement, en franais, avec un mot-clef comme arrt, les composes sont donnes dans lordre: arrt m, zone f d arrt m dautobusLanglais na pas de rgles absolues qui dictent que les mots composs doivent tre spars par un espac ouun trait dunion ou crits en un seul mot, et il y a parfois des problmes semblables en franais. Si vous netrouvez pas un mot compos avec un espace, cherchez plus loin dans la liste o il pourra tre crit en un seulmot ou avec un trait dunion. Pour raison de simplicit, nous avons trait les mots trait dunion comme un seul mot en ce qui concernelendroit o ils apparaissent en ordre alphabtique. Par exemple: fireproof contre-limon m fire-stop contrematre m firework contre-mur mDes expressions composes plus compliques, telles que direct expansion refrigeration (systme derfrigration dtente directe) se trouveront parfois sous plus dun mot-clef, pour gagner du temps, mais neseront pas gnralement listes sous un adjectif-clef. En anglais, compressed air (air comprim) et reinforcedconcrete (bton arm) sont parmi les exceptions.Choix et sens supplmentairesDes traductions diffrentes sont spares par un trait oblique ou une virgule, par exemple: abutment appui m, bute f air brick brique f alvole/ alvoles/perfore/ airIl y a deux mots en franais pour abutment, et air brick peut tre traduit par brique alvole, brique alveoles, etc.
  • 16. Utilisation du dictionnaire Quand des mots sont entre parenthses en anglais et en franais, ceci correspond des senssupplmentaires: water tank, (hot) ballon m deau (chaude)Water tank signifie ballon deau et hot water tank signifie ballon deau chaude. vibrator, (external/internal) vibrateur m (externe/interne)On peut avoir un vibrateur, un vibrateur externe ou un vibrateur interne dans les deux langues. Si un seul mot est entre parenthses dans une langue, cela signifie gnralement que le mot entre parenthsespeut tre omis: water supply adduction f (deau)En franais, le terme adduction deau est souvent abrg en adduction.Renseignements grammaticauxIl existe de nombreux guides complets de grammaire franaise et anglaise, et ce dictionnaire ne prtend pasfaire leur travail. Par consquent, les verbes irrguliers, rflchis, transitifs et intransitifs, et les locutionsadverbiales et adjectivales ne sont pas identifis en tant que tels. Pour plus de renseignements leur sujet, lesouvrages de base lists dans lAppendice B sont inestimables. Le renseignement grammatical de base dans ce dictionnaire est donn en abrg et en italique aprs le motauquel il correspond: adj = adjectif adv = adverbe f = nom fminin en franais f,pl = nom fminin pluriel en franais m = nom masculin en franais m/f = nom qui est le mme au masculin et au fminin en franais m,pl = nom masculin pluriel en franais vb = verbeExplications et notes de contexteCelles-ci sont donnes entre crochets. Par exemple: spread [sewage, fertilizer] pandre vb spread out [e.g. gravel, objects] taler vb spread to [e.g. of fire] atteindre vbQuand des mots dusage courant sont utiliss avec un sens technique prcis dans un domaine particulier dela construction ou des travaux publics, ce domaine ou cette discipline sont donns entre crochets. Parexemple: strike [geological] direction fCertaines initiales dusage courant sont crites entre parenthses apres le syntagme quelles abrgent.
  • 17. Utilisation du dictionnaireAvisUn symbole est utilis aprs le mot auquel il se rfre, comme information supplmentaire. = ne expression abrge ou une expression familire ou argotique xviii
  • 18. PART ONEEnglish/FrenchAnglais/Franais
  • 19. Aabacus [slab on top of a column] abaque m, tailloir m access control/management gestion f daccsabandoned [e.g. redundant building] abandonn adj, access control system (ACS) systme m de contrle dlaiss adj daccs (SCA)abattoir abattoir m access cover/hatch trappe f de visiteability pouvoir m access cover or eye [plumbing] bouchon m deablation ablation f dgorgement, tampon m hermtiqueabnormal anormal adj access gallery or tunnel galerie f daccsabode domicile m access/hatch trappe f daccsabove dessus adv access panel panneau m daccsabove ground non enterr adj access platform, aerial lvateur m nacelleabove sea level au-dessus du niveau de la mer access platform, lorry mounted lvateur m (mont) surabrade roder vb camionabrasion abrasion f, attrition f, usure f par frottement access platform, telescopic lvateur m tlescopiqueabrasive adj abrasif adj access point [for motorway entry or exit] zone f daccsabrasive abrasif m access (point), limited accs m spcial dentreabscissa abscisse f access scaffolding with angled support ventail mabsolute zero zro m absolu access/service road voie f de desserteabsorb absorber vb access/service road, minor voie f secondaire de desserteabsorbent adj absorbant adj, hydrophile adj access walkway chemin m de serviceabsorbent absorbant m access/work platform, articulated aerial nacelle fabsorption absorption f lvatrice articuleabsorption bed [for purifying septic tank effluent] access/work platform, telescopic boom nacelle f bras/ plateau m absorbant/tellurien flche tlescopiqueabsorptivity, acoustic absorptivit f acoustique access to, provide [e.g. one room to another] commanderabstract [summary] relev m vbabutment appui m, bute f accessibility accessibilit fabutment [of a dam] cule f poids accessible accessible adjabutment [of bridge] cule f accessible [easily] abordable adjabutment hinge articulation f aux naissances/de cule accessible, easily daccs facileabutment piece [of wood, under a prop, etc] semelle f accession [to ownership] accession fabutment pier arc m boutant accessory adj accessoire adjacanthus [plant or architectural decoration] acanthe m accessory accessoire maccelerating acclrateur adj accessory, fixing accessoire m de poseacceleration acclration f accessories appareillage maccelerator [for concrete] acclrateur m de prise f accessories, range of gamme f daccessoiresaccelerator [in a heating or ventilation system] accident [mishap] accident m acclrateur m accident [loss under insurance policy] sinistre maccept agrer vb accident prevention prvention f des accidentsacceptance acceptation f, agrment m, rception f accommodation logement macceptance certificate certificat m de rception accordance with, in conformment , suivantacceptance of works (and final account) rception f des according to suivant adj travaux (RDT) according to (the) regulations conformment auxacceptance of works, final rception f dfinitive rglementsacceptance of works, provisional rception f provisoire according to contract suivant contratacceptance test essai m de recette according to stock-list suivant inventaireacceptance tests on samples recette f account [at a bank] compte maccess [general] accs m account [invoice] facture f, note faccess [to land] abord m account [of facts, etc] expos maccess, cleaning accs m de nettoyage account [report on something] notice faccess, limited accs m rglement accounts payable dette faccess, sloping accs m en pente account, establishment of the amount of finalaccess balcony coursive f rglement maccess control contrle m daccs 3
  • 20. account, fee adjustment, roughaccount, fee note f dhonoraires adapted (for) adapt adj ()account, final dcompte m final adapter [person] adaptateur maccount, pro rata compte m de prorata adaptor [connecting piece] raccord maccountancy comptabilit f adaptor [plumbing] adapteur maccountant comptable m adaptor plug [electrical] prise f multipleaccountant, chartered [near French equivalent] expert m adaptor plug [plumbing] bouchon m de raccord comptable add ajouter vbaccounting comptabilit f add a filler fillriser vbaccounting, cost comptabilit f analytique add water to [e.g. mixing concrete, plaster, etc] dlayeraccounting principles principes m,pl comptables vb, gcher vbaccretion accroissement m add water [to stiffened mortar] rafrachir vbaccumulation [of electrical energy] emmagasinement m adding (up) addition faccumulator [electrical] accumulateur m adding to addition f accumulator, heat accumulateur m de chaleur addition [of sth] adjonction faccuracy exactitude f, justesse f, prcision f additional additionnel adjaccuracy, setting prcision f daffichage additional [reserve] tank rservoir m supplmentaireacetylene actylne m additive additif m, adjuvant macetylene, dissolved actylne m dissous additive, air-entraining adjuvant m entraneur dairacetylene generator gnrateur m dactylne additive for producing foamed or aerated concreteacetylene welding soudage m autogne/oxyactylnique moussant machievement ralisation f adhere adhrer vbacid adj acide adj adherent adhrent adjacid acide m adhesion adhrence f, adhsion f, collage macid resistant rsistant aux acides adhesion [of layers, e.g. paint, rendering, road metal]acknowledgement of receipt [of letter, parcel] accus m accrochage m de rception adhesive adj adhrent adj, adhsif adjacoustic acoustique adj adhesive adhsif m, colle facoustic baffle baffle m acoustique adhesive (material) matire f/substance f adhesiveacoustic bridge pont m phonique adhesiveness adhsivit facoustic coupler [computer] coupleur m acoustique adiabatic adiabatiqueacoustic performance effet m acoustique adiabatic change of state changement m adiabatiqueacoustic power intensit f acoustique dtatacoustician acousticien m adiabatic compression compression f adiabatiqueacoustics acoustique f adiabatic lapse rate chute f de temprature adiabatiqueacquire acqurir vb adit [dam] galerie f daccsacquisition acquisition f adit [geology] galerie f dexplorationacquisition [of land for public purposes] emprise f adjacent (to) adjacent/contigu adj ()acre [approx] arpent m adjoin jouxter vbacross en travers adjoining attenant adj, contigu adjAcrow type prop chandelle f crmaillre, trsillon m adjournment ajournement m vrin adjudication adjudication facrylic acrylique adj adjust ajuster vbact (ion) action f adjust [a material, e.g. a piece of stone or wood] dresseraction [legal] procs m vbaction, biochemical effet m biochimique adjust [a machine, a valve, etc] rgler vbaction, oxidation action f oxydante adjust [a machine] agencer vbactivate [release, set in motion] dclencher vb adjust [an instrument] rectifier vbactivated carbon charbon m actif adjust [reduce size to make sth fit] dlarder vbactivated charcoal filter filtre m en charbon actif adjustable rglable adjactivated sludge boues f,pl actives adjustable [in direction, angle] orientable adjactivated sludge process procd m des boues f,pl adjuster rgleur m actives adjustment adaptation f, rglage m, rgulation factive earth pressure pousse f des terres adjustment [of an instrument] rectification factivities of the matre duvre matrise f duvre adjustment [of size, position, shape] dressage mactivity activit f adjustment [reduction of size to make sth fit]actual rel adj dlardement mactuator actionneur m adjustment [running in] mise f au pointadapt adapter vb, ajuster vb adjustment, manual rglage m manueladaptation adaptation f, amnagement m adjustment, rough rglage m approximatif 4
  • 21. adjustment range agreement, sellingadjustment range plage f de rglage after-treatment traitement m ultrieuradminister grer vb age vieillir vbadministration gestion f ageing vieillissement madministrative court tribunal m administratif ageing [to make sth look old] vieillissage madministrative department service m agency agence fadministrative director directeur m administratif agency commission commission f dagenceadministrative head of a dpartement in France prfet m agency fees frais m,pl dagenceadministrative steps dmarches f,pl administratives agenda ordre m du jouradministrative system rgime m agent agent madmission admission f agent, air-entraining adjuvant m entraneur dairadmixture produit m daddition agent, anti-corrosion moyen m de protection contre laadmixture (concrete) adjuvant m (du bton) rouille, inhibiteur m de corrosionadornment ornement m agent, anti-foaming agent m antimousseadsorb adsorber vb agent, cleaning dtergent madsorbate substance f adsorbe agent, curing [e.g. for concrete] produit m de cureadsorption adsorption f agent, drying [siccative] siccatif madvance [loan] avance f agent, estate agent m immobilieradvance notice pravis m agent, fixing agent m de fixationadvance payment paiement m davance agent, foaming produit m moussantadvertisement annonce f agent, real estate agent m immobilieradvertisement hoarding panneau m daffichage, agent, retarding [for concrete] retardateur m de prise panneau m publicitaire agent, rust protective moyen m de protection contre laadvertising campaign promotion f rouilleadvice conseil m agglomerate agglomr madvice of delivery [of a letter, parcel] avis m de rception aggregate granulats m,pl (AR) aggregate [for concrete] agrgat madvise (someone to do sth) conseiller vb ( qn de faire aggregate [for macadam or tar macadam] macadam m qch) aggregate [for road construction] grave fadviser, legal [similar to solicitor] conseiller m juridique aggregate, angular particles of granulats m,pl anguleuxadviser, technical conseiller m technique aggregate, broken grave f concasse, granulats m,pladviser, tax conseil m fiscal concasssadvocate [lawyer] avocat m aggregate, coarse gros agrgats m,pl, gros granulats m,pladvocate prconiser vb aggregate, crushed grave f concasse, agrgats m,pladze doloire f, herminette f concasssadzed timber bois m refait aggregate, cubic particles of granulats m,pl cubiquesaeolian olien adj aggregate, extremely fine grain [flour-like] farine faerate arer vb aggregate, fine granulats m,pl finsaerated ar adj aggregate, lightweight agrgats m,pl lgersaerial [overhead] arien adj aggregate, mineral granulats m,pl minrauxaerial antenne f aggregate, pre-mixed agrgats m,pl enrobsaerobic arobie adj aggregate, river agrgats m,pl roulsaerobic filter [in septic tank or sewage system] filtre m aggregate, well-graded granulats m,pl bien gradus, purateur grave f bien gradueaerodynamic arodynamique adj aggregate feed unit, cold prdoseur m des enrobsaerogenerator arognrateur m, olienne f aggressive agressif adjaerosol arosol m aggressive environment milieu m agressifaerosol particles particules f,pl darosols aggressiveness or aggressivity agressivit faesthetic harmonization [in architecture, furniture, etc] agitation agitation f design m agitator agitateur m, mlangeur maesthetically, treated ouvrag adj agree [to do sth] sengager vbaffix light wooden mouldings to decorate or cover agreement [about sth] accord m joints habiller vb agreement [to do sth] engagement maffix metal grill/mesh to a surface to reinforce its agreement [generally written] contrat m, convention f rendering habiller vb agreement, architect-client contrat m darchitecteaffluent adj [stream, etc] affluent adj agreement, preliminary sale [to sell] promesse f de venteafter-cooler refroidisseur m aval agreement, preliminary sale [to buy and sell]after-cooling refroidissement m aval compromis m de venteafter-heat chaleur f rsiduelle agreement, selling [between owner and agent] mandat mafter-heater rchauffeur m aval de vente 5
  • 22. agricultural air motion, movement or patternagricultural agricole adj air cooler refroidisseur m air/dairagriculturalist agronome m air cooling installation or system installation f deagriculture agronomie f refroidissement airaim [e.g. of lamp] but m air current or flow courant m/coulement m dairair air m air curtain (warm) rideau m dair (chaud)air, ambient air m ambiant air cushion or mattress couche f/coussin m/matelas mair, aspirated air m daspiration dairair, clean air m pur air density densit f de F airair, clean [filtered] air m filtr air distribution distribution f dair/de lairair, combustion air m comburant, air m de combustion air distribution box botier m de diffusion dairair, compressed, see compressed air air distribution envelope profil m des vitesses dairair, cooling air m rafrachissant/de refroidissement air distribution system systme m de diffusion dairair, discharge or exhaust air m expuls/de refoulement air dried sch adj lairair, dust-laden air m charg de poussire air drying apparatus appareil m de schage de lairair, entrained air m entran air drying equipment, installation or plant installation fair, entrapped air m inclus de schage de lairair, excess air m en excs air entraining agent [for concrete] entraneur m dair,air, exhaled air m exhal (adjuvant m)air, exhaust air m expuls/rejet air entrainment entranement m dairair, extract air m vacu/extrait air exfiltration or leakage fuite f dairair, forced air m puls air extract system systme m dextraction dairair, fresh air m frais/extrieur air extraction extraction f dairair, impermeable to impermable lair air filter, oil bath filtre m air bain dhuileair, indoor air m intrieur air filter cell filtre m multicellulaire aspirateurair, infiltrated air m parasite air filter unit/section [in an air handling unit] caisson mair, make up air m additionnel/dappoint/de de filtre lair compensation/supplmentaire air flow [quantity/rate] dbit m dair/dcoulement dairair, outdoor/outside air m extrieur air flow, direction of sens m de lcoulement de lairair, outlet air m de soufflage air flow, recirculated [quantity/rate] dbit m dair deair, primary air m neuf/primaire repriseair, recirculated air m de circulation/de reprise/recircul/ air flow, stratified coulement m dair stratifi recycl air flow, supply [quantity/rate] dbit m dair soufflair, return air m repris/de reprise air flow path voie f dcoulement dairair, secondary air m secondaire air flow pattern schma m dcoulement dairair, standard air m normal air flow resistance rsistance f araulique/au passage deair, vitiated air m vici lairair blower compresseur m, ventilateur m air gap or space espace m dairair brick brique f alvole/ alvoles/perfore/ air air gap [in a cavity wall] couche f dairair brick [foundation ventilator] bouche f daration air guide guide m dairair bubble bulle f dair air handling traitement m dairair bubble in glass bouillon m air handling plant [air-conditioning] centrale f deair chamber [container] rservoir m dair climatisationair change coefficient coefficient m brassage air handling unit (AHU) unit f de traitement dairair change rate taux m de renouvellement dair/de lair air heater, gas-fired rchauffeur m dair gazair change rate [scavenging] balayage m air heating, gas-fired chauffage m dair gazair changes per hour renouvellements m,pl dair air hole, valve or vent ventouse f lheure air hole [in casting] bulle fair circulation circulation f dair air humidifier humidificateur mair circulation, natural circulation f naturelle air humidifying installation or plant installation fair cleaner filtre m air, purateur m dair dhumidificationair cleaning/purification puration f de lair air inlet entre f d airair cock or valve [vent] purgeur m/robinet m dair, air inlet slot fente f de prise dair robinet m purgeur air inlet to a flue to reduce excessive draughtair compressor compresseur m dair coupetirage mair compressor set groupe m lectro-compresseur air intake prise f dairair condition tat m dair/de lair air intake, fresh prise f dair neufair conditioner, see air-conditioner air link [transport] liaison f arienneair conditioning, see air-conditioning air lock cluse f dairair container rservoir m dair air motion, movement or pattern mouvement m dair 6
  • 23. air noise alarm mechanismair noise bruit m dair air-conditioning climatisation f, conditionnement m dairair nozzle bouche f dair air-conditioning, room conditionnement m dair de piceair operated pneumatique adj air-conditioning engineering gnie f climatiqueair outlet chappement m/sortie f dair air-conditioning equipment, installation or plantair passage voie f dair centrale f de climatisation, installation f de climatisationair pocket poche f dair (dair)/de conditionnement dairair pollution pollution f dair/de lair air-conditioning plant, modular centrale f modulaire deair pollution concentration, level or rate taux m de climatisation pollution de lair air-conditioning plant, single-duct installation f deair preheating prchauffage m dair climatisation un conduitair pressostat pressostat m de manque dair air-conditioning process procd m de conditionnementair purging or vent(ing) purge f dair dairair purifier purateur m dair air-conditioning system systme m de climatisationair quality qualit f de lair (dair)/de conditionnement dairair quality, indoor qualit f dair intrieur air-conditioning system, all-air systme m deair quantity measurement mesure f de la quantit dair conditionnement dair tout airair quantity or volume quantit f dair air-conditioning system, dual duct systme m deair rate, outside taux m dair frais climatisation double conduitair receiver rservoir m air air-conditioning system, packaged terminalair recirculating plant or system systme m de conditionneur m dair autonome circulation dair air-conditioning system, self-contained systme mair relief cock robinet m dcompresseur monobloc de conditionnement dairair rsistance rsistance f de lair air-conditioning system, variable air volume (VAV)air scrubber purateur m dair systme m de climatisation dbit dair variableair seal barrire f lair air-conditioning unit appareil m de conditionnementair separator sparateur m dair dairair separator, centrifugal sparateur m dair centrifuge air-conditioning unit, room arateur-climatiseur mair shut-off valve vanne f darrt dair Air-conditioning and Refrigeration Institute (ARI)air stratification stratification f de Institut m International du Froidair stream courant m dair, veine f dair air-cooled refroidi par airair supply apport m dair, soufflage m air-cooled water chiller groupe m deau glace refroidiair supply fixtures quipement m de diffusion dair par lairair temperature temprature f ambiante aircraft hangar hangar m davionsair throw porte f dair aircraft parking area aire f de stationnementair tool outil m pneumatique air-dried dessch lairair treatment traitement m de lair airfield, see also airport terrain m daviationair vent bouche f de ventilation, orifice m daration air-gap [between metal surfaces, e.g. rotor and stator]air vent [tap or cock] event m entrefer mair vessel rservoir m dair air-gap [between two sensibly parallel faces] lame f dairair washer laveur m dair air-lagged chemise dairair well courette f airless (paint) spraying peinture f au pistolet sans airairborne arien adj airlock [e.g. of pressurized caisson, lobby, etc] sas m airair-bubble in glass crachat m airlock [in a pipe] bouchon m dairair-condition climatiser vb air-passage conduite f airair-conditioned climatis adj airport aroport mair-conditioned chamber chambre f climatise airport freight terminal arogare f (de) fretair-conditioner climatiseur m, conditionneur m dair, airport passenger terminal arogare f (de) passagers installation f de conditionnement dair airport runway piste fair-conditioner, packaged climatiseur m autonome, airtight tanche adj/impermable adj lair, hermtique conditionneur m dair autonome/monobloc adjair-conditioner, roof-mounted/top conditionneur m airtightness tanchit f ( lair) dair en toiture airway voie f dairair-conditioner, room arateur-climatiseur m, climatiseur alarm alarme f, avertisseur m m individuel alarm, break-glass fire botier m brise-vitreair-conditioner, through-the-wall conditionneur m dair alarm, false alarme f intempestive de paroi alarm, fire, see fire alarmair-conditioner, unitary conditionneur m dair alarm bell sonnerie f dalarme, sonnette f dalarme indpendant alarm device dispositif m dalarmeair-conditioner, window conditionneur m dair de fentre alarm mechanism mcanisme m dalarme 7
  • 24. alarm panel analysis, fuel gasalarm panel tableau m des alarmes altimeter altimtre malarm relay relai(s) m de contrle altitude altitude falarm system systme m dalarme altitude above a reference height cote f de niveaualcohol alcool m altitude recorder altitraceur malcove alcve f alumina alumine falder au(l)ne m aluminate aluminate malgae algues f,pl aluminium aluminium m, alu malgicide algicide m aluminium faced insulating paper papier malgorithm, control algorithme m de contrle daluminiumalidade [surveying] alidade f aluminium foil feuille f daluminiumalight allum adj ambient ambiant adjalight, be brler vb amend modifier vbalight, catch sallumer vb amend [an account] rectifier vbalign aligner vb amended modifi adjalign [a machine] dresser vb amended area [for rent calculation] surf ace f corrigealignment [the line] alignement m amendment modification falignment [i.e. lining up] mise f en ligne amendment [to a contract] avenant malignment [of a road, etc] trac m amenities amnagements m,plalignment [the action of, of a machine, etc] dressage m ammeter ampremtre malignment, boundary alignement m ammeter, clamp type pince f de courantalignment, straight alignement m droit ammeter, recording ampremtre m enregistreuralkali alcali m ammonia ammoniac malkali resistant rsistant aux alcali(n)s ammonia solution ammoniaque falkaline alcalin adj amortization [of a loan] amortissement malkalinity alcalinit f amortize amortir vball trades tout corps m dtat/de mtier amount quantit falley (way) passage m, ruelle f amount [content, rate of application] dose fall-in [e.g. of fee, payment] forfaitaire adj amount [money] montant mallocate attribuer vb amount [total sum] chiffre mallocate [share, etc] allouer vb amount, approximate quantit f approximativeallocation adjudication f amount still owing rsidu m de compteallow [an expense, etc] allouer vb ampere ampreallow [sth] admettre vb amphitheatre amphithtre mallow someone to do sth admettre vb qn faire qch amplification amplification fallowable admissible adj, permissible adj amplifier amplificateur mallowable, maximum maximum m amplify amplifier vb admissible/permissible amplitude amplitude fallowance [play] jeu m anaerobic anaerobic adjallowance [reduction in price] remise f analogical analogique adjallowance, machining tolrance f dusinage analogue/analogous adj analogue adjallowed [allowable] admis adj analogue analogue malloy alliage m analogue indication indication f analogiquealloy, ferrous alliage m ferreux analogue transmission transmission f analogiquealloy, light alliage m lger analogy analogie falloy, wrought alliage m forg analyse analyser vballoy allier vb analyse [by calculation] calculer vball-purpose [e.g. spanner] universel adj analyse [tenders, an account] dpouiller vballuvial alluvial adj, alluvionnaire adj analyser analyseur malluvium alluvions f,pl, limon m analyser, acoustic analyseur m acoustiquealter modifier vb, remanier vb analyser, chemical flue gas analyseur m de gaz de fumealterability altrabilit f analyser, infra-red analyseur m infrarougealtration altration f modification f, remaniement m, analysis analyse f transformation f analysis [e.g. of accounts, tenders] dpouillement maltered altr adj, modifi adj, remani adj, transform analysis, check analyse f de contrle adj analysis, chemical water analyse f chimique de leaualternat(iv)e variant adj analysis, cost-benefit analyse f cots-avantagesalternative variante f analysis, dimensional analyse f dimensionnellealternative product produit m de substitution analysis, elastic calcul m lastiquealternator alternateur m analysis, fuel gas analyse f des gaz combustibles 8
  • 25. analysis, grain size anti-corrosionanalysis, grain size analyse f granulomtrique angle, right angle m droitanalysis, melt analyse f de coule angle, sharpness [of a cutting tool] angle m dafftageanalysis, network, and PERT programming planning angle, slope angle m de talus m pert angle, wall friction angle m de friction sur paroianalysis, random [on finished material] analyse f de angle between the two planes of a curb or mansard produit roof brisis manalysis, sieve analyse f granulomtrique angle between two rendered surfaces, re-entrantanalysis, slip-circle analyse f de stabilit en rupture cueillie f circulaire angle of contact [of a driving belt] angle manalysis, stability tude f de stabilit denroulementanalysis, stress dtermination f des efforts, vrification f angle of dip [geology] pendage m des contraintes angle of discharge angle m de sortieanalysis, thermal analyse f thermique angle of friction angle m de frottementanalysis, waste gas analyse f des gaz brls angle of incidence angle m dincidenceanalysis of costs analyse f des cots angle of inclination angle m dinclinationanalysis of grain or particle size analyse f angle of repose [of a slope] angle m dboulement/de granulomtrique talus naturelanalysis of networks analyse f des rseaux angle of shear angle m de cisaillementanalysis of structures calcul m de structures angle of slope angle m de talusanalytical balance/scales balance f de prcision angle of view angle m de champanchor [fixing] ancre f angle (section), bulb cornire f boudinanchor (in place) ancrer vb angle (section), equal-leg cornire f ailes galesanchor block massif m dancrage angle (section), flange cornire f de membrureanchor block [pipe bend] bute f de coude angle (section), round-edged cornire f angles arrondisanchor bolt boulon m dancrage angle (section), square-edged cornire f angles vifsanchor(age) ancrage m angle (section), unequal-leg cornire f ailes ingalesanchorage, dead ancrage m mort angled cut in stone arch springer or abutment abattageanchorage bond [in concrete, masonry, etc] scellement m m de retombeanchorage length longueur f dancrage angled cut(ting) of slates or tiles [to fit next to ridges oranchorage point point m dancrage valleys] tranchis manchorage seating recul m lancrage angledozer angledozer m, bouteur m biais, tracteur m anchored in [masonry, etc] scell adj lame orientableanchoring cone cne m dancrage angle-iron reinforcement of corner of a wall cornette fanchoring rod tirant m dancrage angular angulaire adjancient [placed after the noun in French] ancien adj angular break [e.g. in a kerb] dcrochement m anguleux [aprs le substantif] anhydrous anhydre adjandiron chenet m anisotropic anisotrope adjanemometer anmomtre m ankle boot demi-botte fanemometer, deflecting vane anmomtre m palette anklet boot brodequin manemometer, hot wire anmomtre m fil chaud anneal dtremper vb, recuire vb, stabiliser vbanemometer, recording anmomtre m enregistreur annealed dtremp adj, recuit adjanemometer, revolving vane anmomtre m moulinet annealing stabilisation faneroid barometer baromtre m anrode annex [extension] annexe fangle adj [i.e. at meeting of two planes] cornier adj annual [e.g. accounts, charges] annuel adjangle [iron bar, etc] coude m annual closure fermeture f annuelleangle, acute angle m aigu annual premium [insurance] cotisation fangle, azimuth angle m azimut annually annuellement advangle, bevel angle m de chanfrein annuity annuit m, rente fangle, clearance [of a cutting tool] angle m de dpouille annulment [of an insurance policy] rsiliation fangle, contact [of a driving belt] angle m denroulement annulus anneau mangle, cut-off angle m de coupe anode anode fangle, cutting [of a cutting tool] angle m dattaque anodized anodis adjangle, discharge angle m de diffusion answering machine, telephone rpondeur mangle, friction angle m de frottement anthracite anthracite mangle, inclination angle m dinclinaison anti-capillary layer [road construction] sous-couche fangle, inlet angle m dentre anti-capillaireangle, internal friction angle m de frottement interne anti-clockwise gauche, en sens inverse des aiguillesangle, phase angle m de phase dune montreangle, re-entrant angle m rentrant anti-corrosion antirouille adj 9
  • 26. anti-corrosive arch, distance between springs ofanti-corrosive anticorrosif adj appraisal [of value] estimation fanti-frost antigel adj appraisal, financial bilan m financieranti-glare antiblouissant adj appraise [work, materials, etc, independently] expertiseranti-rust adj antirouille adj vbanti-rust antirouille f appraiser expert manti-rust agent moyen m de protection contre la rouille appreciation [gain in sale value] plus-value fanti-scale antitartre adj appreciation [of value of property, etc] amlioration fanti-skid antidrapant adj apprentice apprenti manti-splash tap nozzle brise-jet m approach approche fanti-static device dispositif m antistatique approach [to land] abord manti-vibration antivibratile adj approachable abordable adjanti-vibration device dispositif m antivibratoire approval agrment manticline anticlinal m approval [e.g. of drawings, plans] approbation fanti freeze solution antigel m, solution/incongelable approval [of work done] rception fanvil enclume f approval, official [in accordance with standards, etc]apartment appartement m, duplex m homologation fapartment [one room] studio m approval, official [of drawings, plans, etc] approbation fapartment, duplex duplex m approval, official [of products, etc] agrment mapartment building, high rise tour f dhabitation approval, sale on vente f lessaiaperture orifice m, ouverture f approval certificate certificat m dhomologationapparatus, see also appliance, device, equipment, approve agrer vb, approuver vb machine, plant approve [e.g. quality of workmanship] sanctionner vbapparatus [collective] quipage m approved approuv adjapparatus [individual] appareil m approved control authority or body organisme m agrapparatus, breathing appareil m respiratoire de contrleapparatus, direct shear appareil m de cisaillement direct approximate approximatif adjapparatus, lifting appareil m lvateur approximately environ advapparatus, recording appareil m enregistreur appurtenance appartenance fapparatus, ring shear appareil m de cisaillement apron [airfield] aire f de stationnement, aire f denvol apse circulaire [of a cathedral, church] abside fappendix [to a document] annexe f aquaplaning aquaplanage mapple tree pommier m aquastat aquastat mappliance, see also apparatus, device, equipment aqueduct aqueduc m, canal m dadductionappliance, domestic appareil m mnager aqueous aqueux adjappliance, heating appareil m de chauffage aquifer aquifre mappliance, sanitary appareil m sanitaire arbitration arbitrage mappliance, towed engin m tract arbitrator arbitre mappliance connection [water] branchement m dappareil arbour [grindstone, etc] axe mapplication application f, cas m dutilisation arc [curve, in welding, etc] arc mapplication, area or field of domaine m dapplication/ arc, electric arc m lectrique demploi arc length [in welding] longueur f de larcapplication for demande f de arc tube [lighting] brleur mapplication for planning permission demande f de arcade arcades f,pl permis de construire arcade, decorative, on the face of a wall arcature fapplication of a load application f dune force arcade, decorative, separated from backing wallapplication point point m dapplication arcature f en claire voieapplied appliqu adj, rapport adj arcade with shops on each side passage mapply [a coat of paint] passer vb une couche arch arc m, arche fapply a thin coat of paint prior to filling a surface arch [of a tunnel] cintre m dguiser vb arch [of a vault] arceau mapply preliminary rendering renformir vb arch [vault] vote fapply stone pitching, riprap, etc enrocher vb arch, asymmetrical arc m rampant.appointment [e.g. for a meeting] rendez-vous m arch, balanced arc m quilibrappointment [nomination, selection] dsignation f arch, basket arc m anse de panier nomination f arch, built-in [rotation restrained at springs] arc mapportion [share, etc] allouer vb encastrappraisal [e.g. of a project] valuation f arch, convex arc m en doucineappraisal [independent, of work, materials, etc] arch, depressed arc m surbaiss expertise f arch, distance between springs of ouverture f dun arc 10
  • 27. arch, discharging area, openarch, discharging arc m de dcharge architect with basic qualifications [France] architecte march, flat arc m droit, plate-bande f diplmarch, flat, with rounded corners arc m dprim architect with diploma from the cole Spcialearch, gothic or pointed ogive f dArchitecture architecte DESA (Diplm de lcolearch, hinged arc m articul Spciale dArchitecture)arch, horseshoe arc m outrepass architect with state architectural school diplomaarch, inflected arc m inflchi [France] architecte DPLG (Diplm par learch, jack vot(a)in m gouvernement)arch, keel arc m en accolade architects diploma [in France] diplme m darchitectearch, lance-head or lanciolate arc m lanciol architects instruction (AI) to contractor ordre m dearch, lancet arc m en tiers-point/en lancette servicearch, multi-lobed arc m polylob architects council [in France] conseil m des architectesarch, ogee arc m en accolade, arc m gothique prolong architectural architectonique adj, architectural adjarch, ogive arc m en ogive architecturally treated ouvrag adjarch, pointed ogive f, arc m en ogive architecture architecture farch, relieving arc m de dcharge architrave architrave f, chambranle m, epistyle march, relieving [of a bridge] vote f de dcharge architrave, unmoulded champ m saillantarch, reversed [with key beneath springs] arc m renvers archives archives f,plarch, romanesque arc m roman archway arcade farch, round arc m en plein cintre archway consisting of multi-lobed arches arcade farch, segmental arc m bomb composearch, semi-circular arc m roman/plein cintre area aire f, rgion f, surface f, zone farch, semi-circular, with centre above springs arc m area [amount] superficie f plein cintre surhauss area [of a town, e.g. commercial] quartier march, semi-circular, with centre above imposts arc m area, aircraft parking aire f de stationnement exhauss area, bearing surface f portante/dappuiarch, shouldered arc m paul area, borrow zone f dempruntarch, small vot(a)in m area, built-up agglomration f, zone f btiearch, stilted arc m surhauss area, clean working zone f de travail blanchearch, tented arc m inflchi area, conservation [UK, approximate French equivalent]arch, three-centred arc m anse de panier site m classarch, three-pin arc m trois rotules area, contact surface f de contactarch, tied arc m tirant area, covered [roofed] terrain m couvertarch, transverse arc m doubleau area, cross-section(al) superficie f de section, aire f de laarch, trefoil arc m trilob section, aire f/section f transversalearch, triangular arc m angulaire, arc m bris area, danger(ous) zone f dangereusearch, truncated triangular arc m angulaire tronqu area, delivery zone f de livraisonarch, trussed arc m /en treillis area, dining coin m repasarch, tudor arc m en carne, arc m gothique surbaiss, area, drainage aire f de drainage, zone f de drainage arc m tudor area, duct surface f de conduitarch, two-hinged arc m deux articulations area, face surface f frontalearch, voussoirs and keystone of an bandage m area, floor surface f, surface f couverte/de plancher/desarch built into wall above a lintel to distribute loads tages arc m de dcharge area, glazed surface f vitrearch segment bearing horizontally on wall crossette f area, grate surface f de grillearch stone claveau m, voussoir m area, habitable surface f habitablearch [form into an arch] cintrer vb area, handling zone f de manutentionarch, assemble the voussoirs and keystone of an area, high/low pressure rgion f de haute/basse pression bander vb area, highway maintenance centre m dentretien routierarched cintr adj, en arc, vot adj area, housing priority zone f urbaniser en prioritarched brickwork between steel beams votain m area, kitchen-dining coin m mangerarching effet m de vote area, level plate-forme farching [of a ceiling, etc] voussure f area, light clair marchitect architecte m area, loading aire flzone f de chargementarchitect, consultant/consulting architecte-conseil m area, low pressure rgion f de basse pressionarchitect, landscape paysagiste m/f area, machine working emprise f au sol dun enginarchitect in charge of the works matre m duvre area, motorway maintenance centre m dentretienarchitect of higher qualifications and experience autoroutier [France] architecte m agr area, open espace m dcouvert/ouvert 11
  • 28. area, open assemble two ladders in an inverted Varea, open [uncovered] terrain m nu arris [of a beam, etc] arte farea, parking aire f de parking, aire f/parc m/zone f de arris fillet [roof] coyau m stationnement, parking m arrow flche farea, pedestrian piazza f arrow, direction of the sens m de la flchearea, prohibited zone f interdite artery [traffic] artre farea, planned development zone f damnagement artesian artsien adj concert (ZAC) articulated articul adjarea, planned development, where the public articulation [between two rigid members] genouillre f authority has compulsory purchase powers zone f asbestos amiante m, asbeste m damnagement diffr (ZAD) asbestos cord cordon m damiantearea, radiant surface f de rayonnement asbestos removal dsamiantage marea, reception aire f de rception