Developing Effective Work Procedures Training

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Everyone needs repeatable, effective preventive maintenance, corrective, lubrication, and operator care procedures are critical to any effective maintenance / reliability program. When you leave this workshop you will know how to write any on the above procedures and more.

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  • 1. Developing Effective Work Procedures Design, develop, and construct effective Work Procedures Location: 4200 Faber Place Dr. Charleston, SC 29405 Phone: 888.335.8276 Pricing: Single attendee: $1,495 Group Rates Available CEU Credits: 2.0 Credits Register Today! 888.335.8276 training Join Us! twitter: twitter.coml#!/GPAllied linkedin: Developing Effective Work Procedures Is tribal knowledge leaving your facility? Do you get the same results no matter who you send to complete a task? Are your PM inspections quantifiable and repeatable? How do your planners decide which jobs get a detailed work package? Address all of these issues and more through this hands-on, practical application learning experience. During the in-class time, you will learn: What the Work Procedure Hierarchy is and why it is important; Why work procedures are necessary and becoming imperative as our skilled workforce reaches retirement age; How to effectively map a work procedure; The difference between ranking jobs for execution and jobs for work procedure development; How to write clear and meaningful Warnings, Cautions, and Notes for work procedures; How to identify and document constraints, impediments, and resources for work procedure; How to design and construct effective work procedures for Job Plans, PM Procedures, and Lubrication; and How to write, record, document, and preserve clear and meaningful work procedures. After the class room hours are wrapped up, the afternoon is reserved for free one on one time with the instructor to personally address the needs of your organization. Previous Attendees: "The course was very helpful in helping me determine the role maintenance engineers should be playing in our company." Gerald Menle, Maintenance Engineer ICameco "I learned a valuable tool in the process of writing SOPs that has removed an obstacle in my former process of writing SOPs." Robert Hooten, Safe Production Trainer, Intrepid Potash Who Will Join You? INSPIRED . RELIABLE . GLOBAL

2. I NS PI RED . RELI ABLE . GL OBA L LEARNING IMPACT MAP - 2.5 Day Workshop inspiredTraining: Developing Effective Work Procedures Purpose of Workshop: Discuss why effective work procedures are critical for knowledge management Outline the work procedure hierarchy and its importance. List common work procedure nomenclature. Explain the basic rules for effective work procedures. Apply best practices when developing work procedures aimed at improving equipment reliability. Understand how well designed work procedures prevent human induced defects. Create aculture that embraces effective work procedures as afundamental part of the work execution management process. LEARNING Apply Warnings. Cautions. and Notes to work procedures. Assess constraints. impediments. and resources for work procedures. Create effective procedures for proactive job plans and PMs. Create effective procedures for operator checklists. start-ups. and shutdowns. Ensure the repeatable execution of critical jobs. Work prioritization and decision making. Work procedure mapping. Work procedure documentation in basic Office software. CompUance and best practices auditing of procedures. Prevent human errors and induced defects. Improve efficient use of maintenance labor. Maximize maintenance technicians' value-added time on tools. Standardize work procedures and methods across multiple sites. Develop standard operating procedures for similar equipmenttypes. Improve knowledge transfer. Increase operating margins.