Demonstrating learning using iPads and Online tools

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This is a presentation created for the EduIT 2014 conference. It explains the myriad of ways that you can have students demonstrate their understandings using iPad and various online tools.


  • 1. Demonstrating Learning using iPadsShow what you know!Jenny

2. My story 3. KeymessagesChoicesOne app isneverenough!Create notconsume 4. Give the pupilssomething to do,not something tolearn; and whenthe doing is of sucha nature as todemand thinking;learning naturallyresultsJohn Dewey 5. Consume Create 6. So how can studentspresent work todemonstrate theirlearning? 7. DemonstratingLearningCollagesAudiorecordingComicsPostersSlidepresentationsBooksMoviesAnimationsScreencasts 8. What qualities made Captain Cooksuch a good explorer?Why are the discoveries thatColumbus made soimportant to our life today?Start with open questionsWhy are people sopassionate about theshark culling in WA?How can we use the watercycle to to conserve water inour summer? 9. Understand the camera roll 10. Explain Workflows (app smashing!)AudioText+ ePubsTopic Final BookPicturesVideoalso allowAppsAppsAppsApps 11. Choose mainlyPower Apps?(That is, apps that can be used with more than one subject, class and learning area.)What is your favouritePower App? 12. The following slides have somegreat apps to use when creatingcontent some are mobile appsand some are websites. 13. Audio Recordings 14. CollagesPic Collage Pic StitchLoupe Collage Ribbet 15. ComicsComic Life Strip DesignerPixton 16. PostersPrezi app and online 17. Slide presentationsGoogle drive for collaboration (upto 12 people on one presentation)Keynote for iPad is simple and effectiveCreate beautiful simple slideshows, withmusic and text overlays.Haiku uses copyright pictures andencourages beautiful aesthetics 18. BooksBook CreatorCreative Book Builder 19. MoviesPerfect Video iMovieYouTube editor 20. AnimationsiMotion HD Puppet pals ToontasticPowtoon is now free for teachers 21. ScreencastsExplain everything Educreations ShowmeScreenr 22. What does this look like in aclassroom? 23. ChoicesIndependenceHigh order thinkingHigh levels of achievement 24. Your challengeChange the way you structure lessons to allowthe students to CREATE, HAVE CHOICES anddesign WORKFLOWS to create amazing finalproducts 25. KeymessagesRevistedChoicesOne app isneverenough!Create notconsume 26. Thank