Degrees in Graphic Design - 2014 Emerging Trends

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Have you ever considered getting a Degree in Graphic Design? This infographic, Degrees in Graphic Design - 2014 Emerging Trends, uses the latest data on Graphic Design Degrees in the United States and details the current job outlook, the outlook over the next ten years, top salaries, and top degree types for graphic design positions. - See more at:

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2. 2014 Types of Legal Assinting degrees Bachelors of Science Degrees are available in: Paralegal Studies, Legal Studies, Criminal Justice, Criminal Justice Administration with an emphasis in Human Services for Criminal Justice Management, Institutional Healthcare, and administration. A Masters of Science can be also obtained in: Legal Studies, Criminal Justice, Criminal Justice with an emphasis in Law, and Leadership and Executive Management 3. 2014 Areas of Study in Graphic Design and Multimedia are: Web Design Art History Digital Production Design and Color Drawing Painting 3D Animation Graphic Design History Advertising 4. 2014 Careers for Graphic Design and Multimedia Professionals: Graphic Designers Production Artists Art Directors Marketing Professionals Illustrators Logo Designers Web Designers Layout Artists 5. 2014 Quick facts about Graphic Design: Median average pay in 2012 was $44,150per year, Entry level education is an Bachelorsdegree, The number of jobs in 2012 was 259,500 and is predicted to increase by 7% or 17,400 jobs to 276,900 in 2022. 6. 2014 Average Salary in this Field Web Developer $70k, Instructional Design Manager $63k, Designer and Web Designer at $59K, Web Graphic Designer $53k, Graphic Designer $51k, Production Artist $41k, and Graphic Artist at $38k per year 7. 2014 Sources: 8. To find out more about Degrees in Graphic Design, please visit us at: or call us at 1 (866) 287-4338 to get the information you need! 2014