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  • 1. Dead in 60 Seconds Pitch

2. The Channel

  • We are pitching our documentary to an age group of, 16-34.
  • We have chose to show this documentary on BBC3 as they do similar documentaries like this, that interact with the younger generation.
  • BBC3s slogan is Never Afraid To Try New Stuff so this there for is handy as it shows that they are willing to produce our documentary.
  • We believe by producing a programme on this topic, we hope to send out a message to youths about the consequences of knife crime.

3. The Brief

  • Our brief is to create a documentary exploring the effects and on going causes of knife crime in England.
  • We decided to choose this brief as thought that it as an opportunity to get a message across to a younger generation that is surrounded by this violence.

4. Brief Continued

  • Our main ideas to create this documentary were, based on the exam criteria.
  • One reason why we decided to choose this brief was that the narrative of our documentary was fairly straight forward. For it was all about gathering information and people opinions on this topic.
  • A second reason was that we felt that the audience was very appealing. For many teenagers watch T.V so this documentary was a good idea to help show teenagers and young adults the dangers of knives.
  • Another reason was that we looked at other similar documentaries. We liked the way they showed peoples opinions on these topics and how they are relevant issues in today's society.

5. The Narrative Structure Introduction to program The polices point of view The parents point of view The teenagers point of view The governments and MPs point of view to conclude (the bright future) 6. The Sub-genre

  • Hybrid of an observational and expository documentary
  • Narrator
  • fly on the wall hand held
  • One camera most of the time
  • It will be mostly invisible editing

7. Target Audience

  • Our main target audience is teenagers, to young adults. This age ranges from, 16-30.
  • This is crucial for our target audience age range has to be similar or if not the same as the channel that is going to be showing our documentary.

8. Target Audience

  • We feel that our target audience will want to watch our documentary, for it is about a key issue that many teenagers and young adults face nowadays.
  • Teenagers get stereotyped these days and are perceived to carry knives.
  • So by producinga documentary that shows the key issues around knife crime and the consequences and effects that it can have, we hope to get the message across to young people in England.
  • To stop knife crime!

9. Target Audience

  • We will ensure that the audience get the message through our production by, showing interviews with people affected by knife crime and people who have tried preventing it.
  • People who we will interview include, -Teachers -Police/ Community officers -Parents affected -Youths

10. Our Project

  • For our documentary, we expect it to start by firstly introducing our interviewer. Our documentary, will be a mixture of expository style and observatory style.
  • Using the voice of god style we will introduce our interviewer and his views on knife crime. (The voice of god, will be done in the interviewers voice).
  • Whilst the interviewer is saying his thoughts, the camera will dolly towards and away from the interview at both high and low angles.

11. Our Project

  • Next a montage of weapons will appear. With a voice over, stating statistics and facts. (33% of violent crimes nationwide are being misclassified. The new Conservative Party figures indicate that in the year 2007-8there were some 277 deaths from stabbings in England & Wales.It is estimated that knife crime has increased by around 38%.)
  • We will then get a tracking shot of the interviewer going to meet one of our chosen interviewees.
  • During the interviews, the camera shots used will mainly be over the shoulder shots and cutaways.

12. Our Project

  • After the interviews we will have a close up on our interviewer revealing his thoughts.
  • Again we will have a tracking shot of the interviewer walking to the next setting for our next interview.
  • To end our production, we will look at doing a montage of clips, showing what will be on next weeks episode. During the interview there will be titles used to indicate who the interviewee is.

13. What comes next

  • 5 minute extract
  • Contact/cast interviewees.
  • Research recces.
  • Double-page listing
  • Look at feature articles on listings magazines.
  • Write an essay on methods/C&C
  • Newspaper Advert
  • Research advertisements on newspapers.