Dare To Dream Project

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Griffin's Dare to Dream Project


  • 1. Dare to Dream Project Griffin Miller

2. Academic Goals

  • Get at least a 4.0 when I graduate high school
  • Get accepted to the college of my choice
  • How I will achieve these goals:
  • Study hard for tests
  • Fix my priorities
  • So far, I think that I am doing well in school,but I think I can improve on my Englishand Biology grades.

3. Educational Goals

  • What grade do I think I can achieve in my classes?

A Rhetoric A Biology A New Testament A Health A Spanish A English A Math Grade Class 4. Educational Goals continued

  • How might I get my lowest grades up one grade?
  • I can study more for the big tests.
  • What college do I want to go to?
  • University of Michigan or Michigan State
  • What steps do I need to take to make this happen?
  • I need to do better in school and get involved in more extra-curricular activites.

5. Personal Goals

  • Personal Goals:
  • 1. Get in shape for track
  • 2. Strengthen my relationship with my friends
  • Start date: 2/11/2010
  • Extracurricular Goals
  • 1. Get Varsity Track

6. Career Goals

  • Career Goal: Veterinarian or Engineer
  • What colleges offer this program?
  • Michigan Ann Arbor (Engineer)
  • Michigan State (Veterinarian)
  • What colleges am I interested in?
  • Michigan/Michigan State
  • What do I need to do to accomplish this goal?
  • Do good in school and participate in Medical/Engineeringprograms
  • Where can I find information about this college and career?
  • I can look on the Internet, I can talk with my counselor, and Ican research it

7. High School Achievements 2 ndin the class, all As Awards ??????????? Outside School JV Soccer, Varsity XC, Track Sports Bowling Club, Spanish Club Clubs Dearborn Animal Shelter, DC Open House Community Service 12 thGrade 11 th Grade 10 thGrade 9 thGrade 8. What I Like About Me

  • What am I proud of about myself?
  • Hair
  • Grades
  • Athleticism
  • Good friends
  • Friendly person
  • What is my favorite activity?
  • Playing outside
  • What am I good at doing?
  • Ping-pong
  • What is my greatest accomplishment?
  • Completing a triathlon

9. What Do I Like About Me continued

  • What makes me laugh?
  • Funny things
  • How do I make someone else laugh?
  • By doing funny things or saying something funny
  • What is something I really enjoy doing?
  • Sports

10. If I could

  • 1. Write a book, what would it be about?
  • I would write about how to be a great parent. I would write this from my experience as a kid, and I would use my experience from being a child ofmyparents because they are great parents.
  • 2. Be rich- what would you buy yourself?
  • I would buy a big house because it would be cool and awesome.
  • 3. Be rich- what would you buy for someone that you know?
  • I would buy my parents a new house because I love them and I am glad for all they have given me.
  • 4. Be very rich-if you could give your money to someone you do not know or some organization-who would you give the money to?
  • I would give it to the Dearborn Animal Shelter. I love animals, and I hate to see them mistreated or caged. I volunteer and the shelter, so I know what it is like.

11. If I could continued

  • 5. Travel-where would you go?
  • I would go to China. I would like to see what another country is like, and China sounds very cool. I would also like to wear one of the pointy hats everywhere.
  • 6. Try something youve never done, what would it be?
  • I would like to go skydiving. I think it would be scary, but it would also be very awesome.
  • 7. Reward yourself when you accomplish a goal that does not cost much money?
  • I would get some candy, some popcorn, and some chips and I would watch a movie at my house.

12. THE END!!!