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Creating an Effective and Engaging eLearning in your LMS

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Does your organization know how best to utilize your LMS for effective and engaging eLearning? If you answered “I think so”, “not really”, or “no”—then continue reading! Co-hosted by Stephanie Jutras–with 20 years of instructional design experience—this webinar walks you through the basics for understanding the technical aspects of creating transferable eLearning courses that are SCORM compliant, in addition to insight on the specialized aspects of eLearning course development. Watch this presentation to learn more about: -SCORM compliance and its importance -Using a SCORM course and the benefits it offers -The first steps to creating SCORM compliant courses -Creating engaging and effective eLearning courses -Getting the most from the eLearning courses you create

Text of Creating an Effective and Engaging eLearning in your LMS

  • 1. EMPOWE R TA L E N TCreating Effective & EngagingeLearning in Your LMSHosted by Lambda Solutions and LimeStone Learning

2. Your HostsSean HouganMarketing CoordinatorStephanie JutrasManaging Partner &Instructional Designer 3. Agenda1. Lambda Solutions and Limestone Learning2. SCORM3. Creating an Effective and Engaging eLearning Course4. Getting the Most from your eLearning Course5. Topics to Explore Further6. Q & A 4. Our approach Clients: 5. Our Service Offerings 6. Industry leading clients 7. Poll #1What do you hope to gain from this presentation? 8. Poll #1 9. What is SCORM and Why Do We Need It?Sharable Content ObjectsReference Model Technical standards Track Integrate SCORM versions 10. Why use a SCORM Course in Your LMS? More options when you use atool designed for the job SCORM compliant output 11. How to Publish a SCORM Course Publish to SCORM throughyour course authoring tool Output is a zipped SCORMcompliant package 12. Poll #2 Do you now understand why it is important to create SCORMcomplaint courses? Yes No If No, please ask question in sidebar 13. Poll #2 14. How to Create Engaging & Effective eLearning 15. Instructional Design 16. Step 1: Define WIIFM Whats in it for me (the learner)? Describe course benefits Explain knowledge gap thatwill be filled Use storytelling and casestudies 17. Connecting Learning with Job Performance Scenario-based learning Interactive exercises Resources: 18. CCAF Context Challenge Activity Feedback 19. Step 2: Align Learning to Business Objectives Why? Easy buy-in from seniorexecutives Learning will align tomeasurable performance Resource: The Six Disciplines ofBreakthrough Learning 20. Step 3: Use Project Management Principles The ADDIE Model: Set up realistic timelines tocomplete each stage Organize tasks andexpectations for teammembers 21. Step 4: Copy Edit & QA Ensure someone copy edits andquality checks your work A fresh set of eyes will always seefrom a new perspective Hiring contract editors commonpractice 22. Getting the Most from your Course1. Sharing Your Course Publish SCORM package through courseauthoring tools Upload into your LMS In Totara: Turn editing on in course page Add activity or resource Select SCORM Package 23. Getting the Most from your Course2. The 70-20-10 Rule Based on 50+ years research 10% formal learning 20% People (i.e. coaching) 70% Informal Learning/On-the-jobexperiences 24. 10% Formal Learning Provide: Standards Expectations The Foundation Delivered online or in-class 25. 20% People On-the-job feedback from: Supervisors Managers Co-workers Experts Feedback can be provided directly in aLMS 26. 70% Informal Learning Experiences Learning by doing, on the job Using skills and knowledge learntfrom people and formallearning/training sessions Provide learners with opportunitiesto share experiences Blogs, discussion forums, wikis Set aside time for online synchronouschats 27. Poll #3 What topics do you want us to explore in greater depth forfuture webinars? 28. Questions/[email protected] JutrasManaging Partner &Instructional [email protected] HouganMarketing Coordinator 29. TOLL FREE +1.877.700.1118EMAIL [email protected] US