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DefinitionINVESTMENT*2006 Perry High Scope StudyEarly Childhood is up to age 8

WHYINVESTMENT*2006 Perry High Scope StudyThe quality of children's experiences during the early years affect how they develop physicallycognitively emotionally sociallyChildren learn best and fastest at this time. Children who get good care, are highly socialized and receive quality stimulation during their early years are: HealthierGet along better with othersLearn faster and do better in preschool, primary and high school and later in life

WHYINVESTMENT*2006 Perry High Scope StudyREDUCED dependence on social servicesIn addition to early childhood being the most important period for human development as the time of most rapid brain growthmajor benefithigher educational attainment REDUCED teen pregnancyREDUCED crime, violence and incarceration ratessome social benefits

WHYEach US$1 invested in early childhood development yieldsWith an investment in early childhood education, we will maximize the benefits and minimize the costsa cumulative economic return to society of US$17, a better return than any stock investment, with US$12 directly benefitting the public.Of the public return:88% came from crime savings4% from education7% from increased taxes paid on higher earnings1% from welfare savings

INVESTMENT*2006 Perry High Scope Study

JAMAICA TODAYSERIOUS Lack Of Learning MaterialsINVESTMENT*2006 Perry High Scope Study60 children per institution2700 institutionsNEED FOR INCREASED AWARENESS ofImportance of Early Childhood Education+Good Early Childhood PracticesJamaica is maximizing the costs and minimizing the benefits

Approximately 50% of children enter primary school unprepared for what they are expected to learn. ; RESULTJAMAICA TODAYINVESTMENTContributing to the $20 Billion annual remedial education costs Sub-optimal performance at primary and secondary and tertiary levelChildren always trying to catch up.

What Kids Learn In Basic SchoolBasics of Literacy and Numeracy: text moves from left to right, how to sound out words, how to write their names, how to read and write and understand certain texts, how to add and subtract. INVESTMENT*2006 Perry High Scope Study ; Manners: please, thank you, youre welcome Values: sharing, cooperation, caring, trustSelf-Confidence: about themselves and to value themselves; Motor Skills: for example, using a crayon which is the basis for writingAbout Jamaica: the National Pledge, the National Anthem, National Symbols.Money, The Weather, Dates, Time,Weights, Scales, Safety and much more

WHATINVESTMENTPut a LEARNING KIT in each early childhood institution across Jamaica.INCREASE AWARENESSof the importance of early childhood education + good early childhood practicesOBJECTIVE 1OBJECTIVE 260 children per institution2700 institutions

endorsed by

Learning KitsOne For Each Institution BASIC INVESTMENT 240 crayons10 books4 tubs of play dough4 pairs of kids scissors4 packs of paper4 puppets2 balls2 sets of blocks

Learning KitsOne For Each InstitutionINVESTMENT 240 crayons10 books4 tubs of play dough4 pairs of kids scissors4 packs of paper4 puppets+ 4 puzzles4 manipulatives4 packs of paint8 kids paint brushes8 glue sticksCOMPLETE2 balls2 sets of blocksBASIC

Why These Learning MaterialsINVESTMENT Books and ABC/123 blocks build literacy and numeracy skillsMastering colouring in the lines is the basis of writing Balls, blocks, puzzles, manipulatives etc. teach fine and gross motor skills, movement and coordination. Play dough and all art and craft items allow children to express themselves and be creativePuppets help children to learn life lessonsSharing crayons and play dough teaches cooperation and exchange

HOWINVESTMENT$$$Drop Off PointsStorage, Assembly & DistributionIn-KindDo Good Jamaica/Crayons CountBNS Account #Knutsford Blvd BranchJ$ 930288BNS US$ 930287Bulk / WholesaleFactory Direct

Learning + AwarenessINVESTMENTH:Home Bring Something From HomeE:Explain, Explain, ExplainL:Lend A HandP:PocketYOU CAN HELP



Learning + Awareness

Learning and AwarenessINVESTMENT

Learning + AwarenessINVESTMENTDo Good Jamaica/Kingston Book Festival

Learning + AwarenessINVESTMENTDo Good Jamaica/Kingston Book Festival

Learning + AwarenessINVESTMENTDo Good Jamaica/Kingston Book Festival

Learning + AwarenessINVESTMENTDo Good Jamaica/Kingston Book Festival

Learning + AwarenessINVESTMENTSchool Tour

Learning + AwarenessINVESTMENTBranded Vehicles

Learning + AwarenessINVESTMENTEasy Lyme March 29thDentist Day April 28th

Early Childhood Expo June 22, 23



JAMAICAs 50th ANNIVERSARYNever doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world.

Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.Margaret MeadINVESTMENTTOGETHER.we can shape a generation so farsponsors and partners@CrayonsCount

Crayons Count



Kassim Morrisonkassim@dogoodjamaica.orgKerri-Ann


Brittany Singhbrittany@dogoodjamaica.orgDo Good JamaicaThe Guango Tree House29 Munroe Road, Kingston 6T: 970.4108 I F: