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  • 1. You Will Need:1. Interactive Reader Pgs. 139- 143 Due Now- Middle Table2. Worksheet Due Now Turn in Tray3. Atoms-Building Blocks of Matter Counting Atoms Bookshelf Please Staple

2. The formula for a compound indicates the elementsthat make up the compound and the number ofatoms of each element present in that specificcompound. These numbers of atoms areindicated by the use of small numbers calledsubscripts. 3. When a subscript appears outside theparentheses, it indicates that all the elementsinside the parentheses should be multiplied bythat subscript. Fe(OH) 3 4. Calcium Carbonate = Limestone CaCO3 Ca = Calcium = 1 C = Carbon = 1 O = Oxygen = 3 5. Magnesium Hydroxide Mg(OH)2Mg = Magnesium= 1O = Oxygen= 2H = Hydrogen= 2 6. Trinitrotoluene = (TNT) explosiveC7H5(NO2)3C= Carbon = 7H = Hydrogen = 5N = Nitrogen = 3O = Oxygen = 6 7. As you look over these compounds youmay observe that many of them contain atomssimilar _________ of elements. Since carbonwe are a ______________ basedenvironment, carbon is found in all livingorganisms. The elements in the HumanBody can be broken down to include themain elements of Hydrogen, Oxygen,Nitrogen, Carbon and representativesfrom about 20 other elements. 8. SIXThe _________ main elements thatmake up most living organisms are PhosphorusCarbon, ________________, Sulfur, Hydrogen__________________, Oxygen and Nitrogen_____________. 9. gramsMass Unit Label =_______________cm 3Volume Unit Labels = ________,mL cc_______ or _______as a unit label g/cm 3Density unit label = ___________, g/mL g/cc________ or __________ 10. 5 points given: 2 points for the problem you areinputting into the calculator2 points for the answer roundedto the nearest hundreth 1 point for the unit label 11. 1. Counting Atoms Due by the end of the period tomorrow2. Anything you still owe me.


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