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Conservation In Borneo

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In the Rainforests of Borneo Malaysia

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Where is Borneo


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What is so special about a rain forest?

• Huge amount of biodiversity.• What does this mean?

Biodiversity: the range of different plants and animals living in a particular habitat .

Habitat = (Place where a plant or animal lives)

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In the canopies of the worlds oldest rainforest

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Pitcher plant

Adaptation• This plant is very unusual….

Do you know how it is different form normal plants?

• Do you know how this plant is adapated?

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Dragon Fly

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Monitor lizards

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Do you recognise these?

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Cicarda….what’s it doing?

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Conservation• What is conservation?• Can you give an example of conservation.

• Conservation is the protection and careful management of the environment and natural resources.

• (The protection, preservation, management, or restoration of wildlife and of natural resources such as forests, soil, and water.)

• My Example: Sepilock Orangutan rehabilitation centre Borneo Malaysia.

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Human Threats to the rainforest

Palm plantations for palm oil

Natural Rainforest

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Palm oil… some uses

• Bread, cakes, breakfast cereals and ready meals, as well as ice cream, margarine and crisps.

• Unlike oil seed rape and sunflower oils palm oil is valued because it is solid at room temperature. Palm oil is also cheaper than other types of oils.

• New source of fuel for our transport known as bio fuel.

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Endangered or extinct

• Endangered (endangered species)• A species is endangered when there are very

few individuals left and there is a risk that the species will become extinct.

• Extinction (extinct species)• Extinction is when there are non of a

particular species left on earth.

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Some of the endangered species at risk of extinction

• Sumatran tiger, Asian Elephant and the Orangutans of Borneo.

• 98% of the Indonesian forest is expected to be destroyed by 2022.

• At the moment there are between 55,000 and 60,000 Orangutans in Borneo but 5,000 to 10,000 orangutans are killed each year.

• Orangutans could be extinct within 15 years.

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Orangutan in the wild

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Conservation of endangered species

Orangutans in the rehabilitation centre – Sepilock

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What is a Native Species?

• Native species: A species which has been here a very long time.

• Native Plant Conservation Initiative: A native plant species is one "that occurs naturally in a particular region, state, ecosystem, and habitat without direct or indirect human actions"