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From Hero to ZeroA story about how a guy destroys his own well future by himself from his opinionated actions.

Lets enjoy

This is where the nightmare begins at early in the sunshine morning.

Hierarchy of needsA beggar is sitting beside on the street with his shabby outfit and demanding for money or foodstuffs.

A guy who shows up at scene, Bryant. The main character for this entire amazing story.

It is Bryants first day of his new job and he is in cloud nine. Out of the sudden, the beggar is asking him for assistance.

Social Cultural PerspectiveA flashback from Bryant is recalling his mind. When he was in his childhood time, his father taught him an effective lesson that will destroy his future in the upcoming scenes.

The wretched beggar is still asking for cereals because he is starving. However, a ruthless action is going to be taken at the next moment.

Then, Bryants father attack the beggar out of nowhere then the beggar is completely dizzy and laying on the floor.

Back to reality, Bryant is thinking how he should handle this kind of situation.

His mind is split into two different side, angel and devil.

They two are fighting for their beliefs in order to control Bryants actions. Finally, devil uses his stronger power to defeat angel.

Angel Rest in Peace ..

SchemaDue to his childhood lesson that learnt from his father and his devils appear, he has set his mind for his next action. Then, he kicks the beggars money box.

Bryant is taking advantage of the beggar and keep bullying him by taunting him. He even shows off his wealthness as he throws banknotes on the beggars face as a sign of insult. He walks away then and proceed to his working place.

Attitudes Influencing BehaviorOn the second day, Bryant goes to work as his daily routine. In while, the offices secretary asks Bryant to go inside to his bosss office for a meeting.

Therefore, he follows the order by entering to the office. Then, he has realized that he had made a huge mistake in his whole prime of life.

Actually, the beggar that he bullied was his boss. The boss is testing his employees attitude in order to maintain his office standard policies. He totally has disappointed on Bryant and he fires Bryant without hesitation.

Social PerceptionBryant lose his job just at the second day because of his silly action and he cannot accept this reality as he totally cry out his mind.