Combined software life cycle development model

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Combining PRINCE2 and 3 SLCDs models: Waterfall + Spiral + RAD + PPM Prince2


<ul><li> 1. Developing a commercial softwareapplication,and writing up the research on itsdevelopment,were successfully accomplished bycombining the PRINCE2 framework withthree software life cycle developmentmodels:Waterfall, Spiral andRapid Application Development(Waterfall + Spiral + RAD + PPM Prince2)Combined Software Life Cycle Development(SLCD) Models</li></ul> <p> 2. Combined 3 SLCD Models &amp; PRINCE2 3. Overlaps Evolving from the Combined PRINCE2 and SLCD ModelsTwo areas: Quality and Risk Management merged in respect to thiscombined modelQuality Management Utilising the Quality componentOf PRINCE2 and the qualityAssurance of the SLCD modelsallowed for the project and finaldeliverables to be assessedperiodically, checked and approvedby both those directing the projectand those who would finally use, oraccess, the products. For the SLCD models the qualitytesting was accomplished withusability testing techniques andtools.Risk Management Risks were effectively managed,controlled and monitored by utilisingthe Management of Risk componentof Prince2 in combination with RiskAssurance aspects of the SLCDmodels. In the initial write up and projectplanning of the project proposal andbusiness case for the sponsororganization it was necessary toundertake a risk analysis that wouldinform on the viability of undertakingthis project.</p>


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