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1. Presented By What every church leader should know Combating Urban Myths Shaun Luehring, Principal 2. 2 3. Atonement - Milwaukee Founded as outreach to birth a church in 1929 and entered the MPCP in 2001. 300 Students (scholars) About 37 FTE staff of the student body are members of Atonement Lutheran Church. Plan to grow our campus to serve 626 scholars. 92% African American 84% are below the poverty line 3 4. Background - MKE Milwaukee is a mess spiritually, socially, and educationally. of MKE dont regularly worship any god (God). MKE is rated the worst place to grow up for African Americans. 50% unemployment rate 50% graduation rate from high school Highest national incarceration rate of African Americans 4 5. Convictions . . . Assumptions Schools: Excellence spiritually and academically Our work is a matter of life and death. All children are capable and redeemed. Our enemy is powerful and active. Gods Grace through the GOSPEL is the answer. (2 Peter 3) 5 6. Urban Myths 6 Spiritual: Less WELS -- Compromise beliefs -- Not Lutheran Unruly, impossible children - they dont care Too Academically Focused Take the parents job We accept money from Educational: Exhausting, unrealistic goals/expectations for teachers less autonomy Stifling structure/procedures We coddle children and take over the parents job Too much testing/data what else? 7. Defining Question 8. Is it the academic achievement (or developmental level) that makes them worthy or unworthy? 1) Those with special needs Better served elsewhere? 2) Those expelled for low academic performance? 8 9. Is it behavior that makes you worthy or unworthy? 1) Which sins arent tolerated? 2) Most egregious? What are they theologically? 3) Will they dangerously spread? 4) Is it for repeated behaviors? 5) Lack of repentance? For how long? 9 10. Is it membership? 1) We dont require that of the BIC? Why not? 1) Is our model of for our own still relevant, Biblical? 10 11. Is it your pedigree? 1) Whats your last name? 1) Is it German? 11 12. 12 13. What it is just Agreement? 1) How would things look differently if we agreed that CE was for everyone? 2) What if we just kept serving people for as long as they wanted us to? 3) What if they accepted the ground rules? 13 14. Is this our Synods Jonah moment? 14 15. 15 16. Top 8 80/80 Schools in MKE #1 Franklin School (MPS) #2 Atonement Lutheran School (WELS) #3 St. Marcus Lutheran School (WELS) #4 Holmes Elementary School (MPS) #5 Cass Street School (MPS) #6 Siloah Lutheran School (WELS) #7 Garden Homes Lutheran School (WELS) #8 Northwest Lutheran School (LCMS) 17. My last questions 18. Your Turn Questions? 19. Timothy Keller 20. Selected verses of Psalm 83 21. 2 Peter 3:9 Gods kindness 22. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. 23. Micah 6:8