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COM 100 Entire Course Phoenix University Latest Version of Syllabus


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  • "Overview"

    This is my new University of Phoenix Classroom. It has everything I need to be a more successful student, including givingme more ways to learn and more ways to connect with my instructor and classmates.

    For example, on my homepage I can see this weeks assignments and learning activities, the latest news from myinstructor, and updates from class discussions.

    The syllabus helps me stay organized and on top of my assignments. It tracks my progress through the course. I cancheck week by week and look ahead to see whats coming.

    Its easy to check out my assignments. I can view instructions, submit files and get up-to-the-minute feedback frommy instructor. I can even locate helpful resources.

    I can pick my own way to learn, because the New Classroom has a lot of different interactive learning activities like thisvideo, which I can play right in the Classroom.

    The Class Roster helps me stay in touch with my classmates. It tells me right away who my classmates are, if they areonline, and how I can reach them.

    My chat tool lets me work with my classmates and my learning team without leaving the

    Classroom. And I can even chat with my entire class through the group chat feature.

    Since my Calendar is synced to my Syllabus, I always know when assignments or activities are due.

    The New Classroom even has a great mobile app that lets me study and stay in touch with my instructor and classmates.Heres to doing schoolwork anytime, anywhere!

    The new University of Phoenix Classroom: Its a place to discover, connect and achieve.


    My Syllabus in the New Classroom helps to keep me organized and on track. At a glance, it shows my course progress aswell as what I need to do next.

    If I want to see whats coming up, the Syllabus shows me whats on the agenda.

    I can easily view this weeks Topics & Objectives, Learning Activities and Assignments. The Tasks bar tells me abouton-going projects I have pending, and what I need to accomplish by the end of the week.

    Topics & Objectives gives me a heads up on what concepts will be covered this week and how we will explore each topic.

    Under Learning Activities, I can find both required and recommended study materials such as text, videos, podcasts anddiscussions.

    And the Assignments bar lets me know when work is due and how many participation points are possible per assignment.

    What really helps is that each assignment includes information to understand the instructions and it also lets me knowwhen its been graded.

    My SyllabusIts is my personal guide to learning in the New Classroom.

    "Submitting assignments"

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    Get now! COM 100 Entire Course Phoenix University Latest Version of SyllabusUsing help resources"Overview""Syllabus""Submitting assignments"

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