Clifford Colouring Pages and Kids Colouring Activities

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1. Free Colouring PagesFind all these colouring pages a www. colouringboohpages. co. uhnd more a 2. Pedro and Victor WORK TOGETHER to help Gifford sleep.They {ail asleep,but Clifford doesn't! The letters to the word SNORE are hidden in this picture.Can you find them? 3. W b m m w W . m W.n M n.M m M w m C m R M w N c m M 4. Jetta's best at everythin l (M least,she says it's so? ) Sometimes her bralg? ing's hard to take,But shs a loya riend,you know. Mine is Jetta's greyhound dog.He wins awards for best in show. He loves those Tummy Yummy treats.They make him get up and go! 5. Cut along the dotted line.Laminate card for extra durabiiity.Try using clear packing tape! "': "|"| :""My name Is: My phone number Is:My address Is: A.m .9. 3 on m J w.,4. M c :1 . .O : : 6. Emily Elizabeth is very proud of Clifford for HELPING to bring theferry safely back to shore. 7. BEING A GOOD FREIND is hard work!It takes trust,cooperation, and forgiveness. 8. Thanh youPlease help us keep our website free to use by sharing these pictures with you friends Why not try? Cutting the pictures out to make your own scenePrint out and leave in local doctors or dentists waiting roomMake your own colouring book for party bags etc. Find all these colouring pages and more at www. colouringboobpages. co. uh