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America as a World Power Chapter 22

Chapter 22: America as a World Power

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Text of Chapter 22: America as a World Power

America as a World Power

America as a World PowerChapter 22

Section 1: The U.S. Gains Territories OverseasBig Ideas:1. The U.S. ended its policy of isolation2. Hawaii became a U.S. territory in 18983. The United States sought trade with Japan and ChinaKey Terms to know:ImperialismIsolationismWilliam H. SewardLiliuokalaniSpheres of influenceOpen Door PolicyBoxer RebellionBackgroundIn the mid-1800s, what was the United States focused on?

The Civil War, Reconstruction, and problems at home

ImperialismDefinition: building an empire by founding colonies or conquering nationsWhy did it happen?- Need for raw materials- Want new markets for goods- Source of power and national pride

IsolationismDefinition: avoiding the involvement in the affairs of other countriesImportance:The U.S.A. had followed this policy until the late 1800sSome think its important to keep the economy strongAlfred Mahan we need a strong navy to protect our goods

Sewards Folly1867 Secretary of State, William H. Seward, arranges purchasing of Alaska from Russia

Its a frozen wasteland said naysayers

But its a steal!He paid 2 an acreNatural resources abound fur, timber, minerals and.GOLD

Seward continuesThe nation must continue to move on westward1867 annexed the Midway Islands (halfway between Japan and the U.S.)1899 splits Samoa with Germany

Pg. 693 in the textbookHawaii , a brief & sad historyQueen Liliuokalani & Hawaiian AnnexationBecomes queen and proposes a new constitution

Planters revolt150 marines come to support the revolt and end it without battle

Planters form new government, Hawaiian Island in 1898 annexed by U.S.A.

Trade with JapanEconomics draw the U.S. to trade with Japan and China

Commodore Matthew Perry persuades Japanese to open trade with the U.S. in 1854. Trade agreement signed in 1858.

Japans Rise in PowerJapan was becoming a world power because of land wars (Russia, Korea, China) and modernization.

Foreign Powers in ChinaChinas weak, so other countries take spheres of influence (areas where foreign national control resources)U.S.A. claims an Open Door Policy, that all countries have equal trading rights in China

The Boxer RebellionBoxers Chinese nationalists unhappy with foreign influenceJune 1900 laid siege to foreigners village in the capital city of Beijing.Killed 200 in the 2 month siegeForeign military forces (including the Marines) come in and put down the rebellionPay $333 million dollars in damages to foreign governments

Spanish-American War 1. 1898, U.S.A. goes to war with Spain2. The U.S. gains control of territories in the Caribbean and PacificKey Terms/Big Ideas Check InOne person will have one minute to tell their partner (who is silent!) everything they know about the term1. yellow journalism & Remember the Maine2. Teller Amendment 3. Emilio Aguinaldo Phillipines4. Anti-Imperialist League5. Platt Amendment - CubaOpen your books to Section 2 (pgs. 697-702) and skim the section. Pay special attention to the key terms.Looking Aheadday: Review/Notes Dayday: Chapter 22 Test