Chakravyuh 2016 Elims

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Chakravyuh 2016

Chakravyuh 2016Elims

Q1.The Padmavyha or Chakravyha refers to a Military formation narrated in the Hindu epic Mahabharata. It is a multi-tier defensive formation that looks like a blooming lotus (padma) or disc (chakra) when viewed from above. The formation was used in the battle of Kurukshetra by Dronacharya, who became commander-in-chief of the Kaurava army after the fall of Bhishma Pitamaha.

Which game is said to have been originated from this military formation?


Q2. DOD Directive 1315:15 "Special Separation Policies for Survivorship" aka the Sole Survivor Policy describes a set of regulations in the United States Military to protect family members from draft or active combat duty if they have already lost members of their family in military service. This directive is supposed to have been issued after the five Sullivan brothers were all killed serving aboard the SS Juneau. The most prominent case of the application of the Sole Survivor policy is the case of the Nilland brothers, where Fritz Nilland was sent back to the US from Normandy after the death of his 3 brothers. Later it was found that one of his brothers Edward Nilland, was a POW in Burma who was liberated in 1945. The story of the Nilland loosely serves as the inspiration of a very prominent war film from the 90s. Which film?

AnswerSaving Private Ryan

Q3.The X incident of 1914 is regarded as one of the most prominent examples of racial exclusion by the Canadian government against Indians in the early 20th century. The incident came about as a result of an Order in Council passed in 1908 which prohibited immigration of those people who "did not come from the country of their birth or citizenship by continuous journey and/or through tickets purchased before leaving the country of their birth or nationality." This resulted in the exclusion of primarily Indians who had to make a stop in Hawaii or Japan due to the great distance. Id X

AnswerKomagata Maru

Q4.The International Day of Charity is observed annually on 5 September. It was declared by the United Nations General Assembly in 2012. It was declared due to the efforts of a Hungarian civil society initiative supported by the Hungarian Parliament and Government in 2011, to enhance visibility, organize special events, and in this way to increase solidarity, social responsibility and public support for charity. However, September 5 was chosen in order to commemorate the anniversary of the passing away of a famous personality, who was very much in news in September 2016. Which famous personality?

AnswerMother Teresa

Q5.In _____ did Kubla KhanA stately pleasure dome decree:Where Alph, the sacred river, ranThrough caverns measureless to manDown to a sunless sea.FITB with the capital of Kublai Khan's Yuan dynasty in China and also the name of the estate of a fictional tycoon.


Q6.A popular legend about this place is that if the Barbary apes, who are residents of this place, vanish, the British will lose control over this place too. During WWII when the population of Barbary apes dwindled to just 7 individuals, Winston Churchill, in a fit of superstition, ordered troops stationed in this place to protect the monkeys at all costs and directed the Governor, Sir Alexander Godley, to bring in more females. Weirdly enough, the place still stays within the British dominion, and the Barbary apes grow bolder and bolder. Which place?


*Q7.Ralph Neville was an English nobleman of the house Neville. The Nevilles were historically playing second fiddle to the Percys, a fact that Ralph resented. He was famous for being an opportunist, changing alliances to suit his needs.However he is most infamous for breaking the chivalry code of parley, during the revolt of the Percys, who had teamed up with Archbishop Scrope and Thomas Mowbray. Ralph suggested a parley between himself, the archbishop, and Mowbray. When they met, Ralph pretended to agree with the archbishops position and persuaded him to dismiss his armed supporters. Left without protection, Ralphs men then seized the archbishop and Mowbray. Ralph later handed them over to the king, who beheaded them.What character in fantasy fiction is believed to have been inspired by Ralph Neville?

AnswerWalder Frey

Q8.Avantika Express is a Superfast express train that runs between Mumbai Central and Indore. Which historical city is it named after?

AnswerUjjain (Avantika comes from Avanti, which is the former name of Ujjain)

Q9X completed the 2016 London Marathon in space by running it in 03:35:21 hrs. In the process, he beat the previous space marathon record of Sunita Williams, who had ran the 2007 Boston Marathon in 04:24 hrs. Id X.

AnswerTim Peake

Q10.The Sofacy Group (also known as APT28, Pawn Storm, Sednit and X) is a group that is known to target government, military and security organizations. Some of the prominent attacks by the group are a six-month-long cyber-attack on the German parliament, French television network TV5Monde and on the White House and NATO. However, the attack on Y using the name X was very much in news recently. Id X and Y.(part points)

AnswerX - Fancy Bears & Y - WADA (World Anti Doping Agency)

Q11X was an Oxford blue cricketer who played 7 First-class matches. While he had a measly average of 27.75, and only one career 50 to his name (63* against Kent), he could be excused considering he was against bowlers such as Eddie Hemmings, Allan Donald and Abdul Qadir. His more illustrious father boasted a far more impressive record of a batting average of 39, 23 in Tests and 41.75 in First-class. In addition, during his 61 match Ranji career for Bombay, his team never lost a match. ID X and his father (no part points)

AnswerX- Rajdeep Sardesai and his father Dilip Sardesai

Q12Jidaigeki is a genre in Japanese film and drama. Literally translating to 'period drama', it is characterised by its depictions of the Edo period, most notably the lives of samurai, farmers and feudal lords of Japan. One of the biggest proponents of this genre was Akira Kurosawa, who made very prominent samurai movies like Seven Samurai and Hojimbo. Several years later, a very prominent filmmaker cited Kurosawa as his greatest influence in the creation of X. He claimed he was introduced to the term ""jidaigeki"" and several thematic elements of the period drama style from the works of Kurosawa, a fact he incorporated in some form in his most noted work. Which director and what work? (no part points)

AnswerGeorge Lucas and Star Wars (the term Jedi comes from Jidai-geki)

Q13According to a report, British special forces are using this music as a psychological weapon against Islamic State in Libya. It is based on the idea that it would annoy IS members as it considers music un-Islamic. The music also reportedly helps reveal IS hideouts as the members complain about it on radio and in turn reveal their location. They came up with the idea after the Pakistani-born intelligence officer with the British Army said that this music would annoy ISIS, which considers music un-Islamic. Which type of music?

AnswerBollywood music

Q14This happened at a Copa America match between Colombia and Paraguay in June 2016. According to a study by Harvard University, the probability of happening this, specifically with an American nickel, is approximately 6000:1. About what am I talking here?

AnswerTossed coin landing upright

Q15This is the list of the Governors of Reserve Bank of India, whose tenures were less than a year, B.N. Adarkar, K.G. Ambegaonkar, N.C. Sen Gupta, M. Narsimham. The only other person in the list had the tenure of 20 days, which is the shortest amongst all. Incidentally, the person shares his first name and last name with a famous Indian writer. Name the person.

AnswerAmitav Ghosh

*Q16X, aka Pocket Hercules, was the second Indian to win a Mr Universe title. Born in 1912, he studied in Jubilee School in Dhaka, before performing in shows organised by PC Sorcar, where he displayed various feats of strength. In 1942 he joined the RAF, where he was introduced to weight training. A centenarian, he passed away recently in June 2016. ID X

AnswerManohar Aich

Q17______ ___ ____ is a pop culture expression that emerged during WWII, in the form of graffiti in places where American soldiers visited, were stationed or were encamped. The origins for this expression is believed to be James X, an American shipyard inspector working at Fore River Shipyard in Massachusetts, who used this phrase to mark the ships he had inspected. However the origins for the accompanying doodle are unknown, and while it goes by several names like Chad in UK and Foo in Australia, the basic design of the doodle stays the same. FITB

AnswerKilroy was here

Q18The Hectics was band comprising of Derrick Branche, Victory Rana, Bruce Murray, Farang Irani and X. Founded in order to woo girls, The Hectics were a popular band in _________ in India in the late 1950's- early 60s, playing Elvis Presley and Cliff Richards covers at school fetes and small local establishments. It was disbanded after X moved to England with his parents to continue studying. ID X. (Blank not required)

AnswerFarrokh Bulsara aka Freddie Mercury

Q19Antonio Carlos Jobim is a Brazilian songwriter and artist. He is the pioneering force behind the creation of bossa nova style, with his "The Girl for Ipanema" being one of the most recorded songs of all time, with roughly 240 renditions being recorded, including by artists like Frank Sinatra and Amy Winehouse. However he, along with the lyricist of the song, was very much in the news in recent times.Why?

AnswerThe Paralympics 2016 mascot, Tom, is named after him

Q20In its national anthem, El Gran _________, the nation of Andorra credits X with its independence, who according to legend took the region back from the Moors between 788 and 790 AD. The Economist, the weekly news and international affairs newspaper, features a one-page article every week entitled X, focusing generally on European affairs and, more usually and specifically, on the European Union and its politics. There is a play named _________ Charitham in the Indian art-form Chavittu Nadakam which is based on the life of X. ID X.

AnswerCharlemagne OR Charles the Great OR Charles I

Q21This is an album by Mickey Hart, Sikiru Adepoju, Giovanni Hidalgo and X. The album combines music played on a variety of drums and other instruments, human voices singing and chanting, and electronic samples and digitally created sounds. It is a blend of traditional music, influenced by Mickey Hart's musicological studies of drumming from around the world, and music created using modern computer technology. This album won the 2009 Grammy Award for Best Contemporary World Music Album. Also, this is a track from the album which may help you in identifying X. Which album and identify X? (part points)

AnswerAlbum - Global Drum Project & X - Zakir Hussain

Q22.From Left to Right, Stanley Dunham, Ann Dunham, Maya Soetoro and X. Id X.

AnswerBarack Obama

*Q23In which country can you find these commemorative coins?


*Q24ID the play.

AnswerShantata! Court Chalu Ahe

*Q25What is this in reference to?

AnswerThis ad was in response to Heathrow airport administering virginity tests on Indian and Pakistani women as they landed in the country