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<ul><li> 1. ENG 102 (Fall 2010)<br />Schedule for Writing Project #1<br />TSIS = They Say, I Say<br />SB = Scratch Beginnings<br />***Keep in mind that this schedule may change so be sure to pay attention in class and/ or check our class web site (http://shankeng102.blogspot.com)<br />Class SessionIn-ClassFor the Next Class!MondayAugust 23Welcome to our Class!Review Class SyllabusBuy the books for the class (check with the bookstore I know they have used copies!)WednesdayAugust 25Diagnostic Writing (in class)Get everyones email!Be sure to check out or class web site ASAP!FridayAugust 27Discuss Writing Project #1(The Shepard Project!)Is everyone on the web site?!Talk about the DiagnosticsMake sure you get the reading done for Monday!MondayAugust 31Discuss:SB, pages 1-29Make sure you get the reading done for Wednesday!WednesdaySeptember 2Discuss:SB, pages 31-57You will need the second text, They Say, I Say, by the next classFridaySeptember 4Summaries and AnalysisExamplesDiscuss TSIS: pages 17-47(summarizing)Keep in mind there is a big chunk of reading to do for our next class meeting!MondaySeptember 6Labor day No class!WednesdaySeptember 8Discuss SB:pages 59-153Brainstorm SubjectsRead!FridaySeptember 10Discuss SB:pages 155-194Brainstorm SubjectsRead!MondaySeptember 13Discuss SB:pages 195-endBrainstorm Subjects***Do you have an idea for your paper now?!?!WednesdaySeptember 15Library Scavenger Hunt(Librarian will come to our class and talk about finding articles!)Library Scavenger Hunt sheet is due on Friday .FridaySeptember 17Due:Library Scavenger Hunt(well go over the answers in class)Discuss TSIS: pages 51-97(responding)Review the synthesis Assignment (Due on Sign up for conferences We will spend the next two class periods conferencing in my office have you found another source?Do you sort of have a direction for the overall writing project?MondaySeptember 20Conference with the class(in my office, room 205)WednesdaySeptember 22Conference with the class(in my office, room 205)Your synthesis assignment is due on Friday!FridaySeptember 24Due:Synthesis AssignmentWhat is a project proposal?MondaySeptember 27What is research writing anyway?? Example of an Annotated BibYour Project Proposal is due on Wednesday (remember this is no big deal just tell me what you are thinking)WednesdaySeptember 29Due:Project ProposalMLA Citations (handout)FridayOctober 1MLA continued Your Annotated Bib is due on Monday!MondayOctober 4Due:Annotated BibliographyWriting a research paper (format and organization)Student example of WP#1Reading assignment for Wed!WednesdayOctober 6TSIS:Pages 101-131(Connecting the Parts)FridayOctober 8Introductions and Conclusions with Research Papers!Any questions about the draft?Who is bringing a draft on Monday?Wednesday?Drafts are coming up!MondayOctober 11Draft (1/2 the class)WednesdayOctober 13Draft (1/2 the class)Your first writing project is due on Monday!!FridayOctober 15Conference Day/ Work on your paper!MondayOctober 18Due:Final Draft of Writing Project #1 Reflection Notes (in class)<br /></li></ul>